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PE Program Review – A new online treatment for premature ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation has been a major source of sexual dysfunction experienced by men. It has a worldwide prevalence of about 30% (According to the Global Study of Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors) and not all men with this condition are able to get help. Many of them have been too embarrassed to see a doctor or come out in the open to obtain treatment. Because of this barrier, many were not able to successfully deal with their condition simply because they were shy to see a doctor in person, or they were not able to access a treatment facility to help them overcome their condition. That is why the PE Program that offers the concept of providing an online exercise program for the treatment of premature ejaculation is considered to offer an innovative means of obtaining help without feeling embarrassed in doing so. This PE program review will give you better insights on why an online treatment for premature ejaculation can be an effective means of treatment and seems to be a more viable approach for sexual therapy.

What the PE Program can deliver

Premature ejaculation is a serious health condition affecting men. If it is not treated, a myriad range of symptoms extending not only to the physiological condition of the individual but also to his emotional and psychological state are observed. The common treatment for premature ejaculation is sexual therapy exercises. It is known to be the only long term solution for premature ejaculation, although some may use the lidocaine based desensitizing sprays and oral medications which are merely temporary solutions to the condition. The sexual therapy exercises are available at a sex clinic or through the PE Program. Many patients find more convenience in using the PE Program because it is accessible online to all men suffering from premature ejaculation worldwide.

This concept of treating premature ejaculation through an online exercise program was conceptualized by the Between Us Clinic with the aim of providing a long-term solution to the condition that is more accessible and less costly to patients. An online system is utilized for providing treatment with an experience similar to seeing a sex therapist at a sex clinic. However, within the virtual environment, you will feel more comfortable and open, and you will only spend a fraction of the cost as you would spend when visiting a sex clinic. The exercises on which the PE program is based have been used by sex therapists for the past 45 years and are known to be an effective form of treatment. The treatment has been found to be successful in treating premature ejaculation in healthy men regardless of age, type, frequency of premature ejaculation, and relationship status.

The PE program advantage

One of the best things about the PE program is that the client answers a feedback questionnaire to help the system adjust to the appropriate exercise program according to the patient's progress and condition until he completes the final exercise and obtains results in overcoming premature ejaculation. The PE program has its own sophisticated algorithm that adjusts every client's exercise plan for optimal treatment outcomes. The program is not strictly for individual clients but is also suitable for couples. This seems to be a practical solution for couples whose relationship may be strained due to this condition. While the treatment is provided online, each patient receives an individualized treatment plan that is suited to their own distinct condition. Considering the self-esteem issues that come with premature ejaculation, offering a sexual therapy treatment for the condition through the PE program provides a more comfortable treatment venue to patients.

The person behind the PE Program

The innovation of providing online treatment for premature ejaculation through the PE program was conceptualized by Dr. Zuckerman (M.D.), a certified sex therapist. He has served as a supervisor of sex therapy at the AASECT. Using more than 35 years of experience in the field of sexual therapy, Dr. Zuckerman offers a more promising solution to premature ejaculation using an effective online program of sexual therapy. Understanding how difficult it is to deal with premature ejaculation, availing the PE program's online sexual therapy at the Between Us Clinic makes treatment possible and accessible to most men and couples who are suffering from premature ejaculation issues.