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10 foods that fight low platelet count

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1. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is high in iron content, which is evident from its rich red color. It can fight platelet reduction problem if you consume it regularly. You can eat the fruit raw or also make juice from it.

2. Folate-rich foods

To fight low platelet problem, you need folate-rich foods. If there is a deficiency of folate in your body, it can cause blood platelet reduction. Some of the folate-rich foods are orange juice, asparagus, spinach and fortified cereals.

3. Milk

Milk contains high amount of calcium, which is beneficial for you because it helps your body to regenerate platelets. It works with milk protein fibrinogen and vitamins K and increases the platelet count. It also increases the ability of blood to form clots. Cheese, yoghurt and other organic dairy products can help you to increase calcium in your body.

4. Papaya

The extract that is produced from papaya leaves is very good for you because it can increase the total blood production and the platelet count. For the extraction, you need to put water and papaya leaves in a kettle and then heat it for about 10 to 15 minutes. The extract thus produced should be boiled the late simmers down to half the volume. You need to drink the extract twice a day and that will increase your blood platelet count.

5. Lean proteins

To reverse the effect caused by thrombocytopenia or blood platelet reduction problem, you need zinc and vitamin B12. And these nutrients are highly available in lean protein foods. If you’re suffering from reduced platelets problem, you need to change your diet and include more of the lean protein foods. Such foods include turkey, fish and chicken. You can also include oysters in your diet because they are also a very good source of zinc. They will help you to increase your platelet count.

6. Foods with vitamin A

If you are suffering from low platelet count problem, you need to eat more foods with vitamin A. It helps in healthy platelet production. Vitamin A helps in protein formation in your body. When you have the necessary amounts of protein, the process of cell division and growth happens without any disturbance. Some of the foods with high amount of vitamin A are carrot, sweet potatoes, kale and pumpkin.

7. Flax seed oil and cod liver oil

When you use flaxseed oil or cod liver oil, helps your body by boosting your immune system. It is a very important blood platelet treatment. Various autoimmune disorders can result in thrombocytopenia or low platelet count. Boosting the immune system helps in reversing such disorders. These oils reduce inflammation and also increase blood circulation in your body.

8. Wheatgrass

You can get chlorophyll from wheat grass. Chlorophyll has a similar molecular structure to that of hemoglobin. It increases blood production and platelet count. Juice extracted from wheatgrass has more than 70% of chlorophyll.

9. Macrobiotic diet

Platelet Disorder Support Association recommends a specific vital anti-inflammatory diet, which helps in optimum blood production. It also helps in combating low blood platelet problem. In this diet, you need to consume whole grains, vegetables and organic beans.

10. Foods high in vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential for optimum cell growth. Your body needs to continuously keep producing platelets to maintain a healthy quantity of platelets in the body, as platelets last up to 10 days only. You need a high-calorie meal which will increase the production of blood platelets. Eat more eggs, liver and kale to increase platelet count in your blood.

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