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How to get rid of ugly stretch marks

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There are different treatments available to help you get rid of stretch marks. The effectiveness of the treatment will depend on several factors like the age of the stress marks, the treatment used, age of the patient and others. Some of the treatments that you can use to eliminate stretch marks are-

1.    Cream containing collagen and elastin.

Some studies have found that such claims can help you by reducing the appearance of the stretch marks. However, you need to apply those creams when the stretch marks are still pink or purple. The effectiveness of such creams is debated.

2. Tretinoin cream

These creams contain Retin-A and other drugs and are derived from Vitamin A. They are generally used for treatment of acne bath can also be used for treatment of stretch marks. They increase the production of collagen. Your doctor can prescribe you such powerful creams.

3. Hyaluronic acid

It is a naturally occurring acid. It creates the plump and perfect skin of an infant. When you apply a cream containing hyaluronic acid on the stretch marks, it can help the area to become plump and moisturize it. Even though it is not Tumble of removing existing stretch marks, it can however minimize their appearance by filling in the stretch marks.

4. Derma Roller

It is a cosmetic tool that will cause little damage to the top layer of skin. When that happens, your body will start its own natural healing process causing cell regeneration. That will reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

5. Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a natural fruit acid or alphahydroxy acid (AHA). It slowly removes the top layer of skin which will help in revealing healthier skin beneath. There are creams and lotions available in pharmacies that contain this natural ingredient. You may need several repeat treatments to eliminate the stretch mark appearance.

6. Micro-dermabrasion

This is a deep exfoliating treatment option. It removes the top layer of your skin and allows the newer, healthier looking skin underneath. The effectiveness of this treatment will depend on the depth of the stretch marks. It is more effective in case of new stretch marks which are still purple or pink.

7. Laser treatments

These treatments can help you to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. They stimulate the development of collagen and elastin. There are different cosmetic laser treatments available for stress mark removal. Fraxel laser therapy is one such therapy which is considered as the best among them.

8. Maintain weight

The most effective way to prevent such stretch marks from appearing is to avoid losing or gaining weight rapidly. If you repeatedly lose weight or gain some, there will be stretch marks because the body fat present in your body will be stretched and they will show stretch marks in your body. You can eat a healthy diet to avoid such possibilities. Your diet should be rich in whole grains, dark leafy greens, fruits and lean meats. Such a diet will increase collagen production and will also enhance the elasticity of your skin. Totally avoid unhealthy diets and starvation strategies because they can result in hormonal imbalances which will, on the other hand, will increase the risk of stretch marks.

9. Home remedies

There are different home remedies available for treatment of stretch marks but the effectiveness of such methods may be different for different people. If you are pregnant, under a growth spurt or gaining weight, you need to talk to your doctor before trying any medicines or home remedies.


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