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10 things to know before removing tonsil stones

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1. What is a tonsil stone and why do I get it?

Tonsil stones develop due to accumulation of food debris and mucus trapped in the tonsils. This is the mucus which is secretive from post nasal drip. A regular mouthwash can help you to remove the debris and kill bacteria in your mouth. However, it cannot clean the inner side of the throat and the tonsils.

2. Is tonsil stone contagious?

Even though tonsil stones contain bacteria and bacteria can spread from one person to another, however tonsil stones generally do not spread from one person to another. It is because the oral structure of each person is different.

3. What are the symptoms?

It is easy to find tonsil stones by simply taking a look at the tonsils. You will see white or yellow bumps on the tonsils. You may also see some pockets around the tonsils and throat. If yellowish foul smelling particles come out when you cough, you may have tonsil stones. It is also associated with bad breath or sore throat.

4. Do I need to see a doctor?

You can go to a doctor who will likely prescribe you some antibiotics. However, that does not mean a long-term solution. It is also very costly.

5. Can tonsil stones cause halitosis?

Yes, tonsil stones can result in halitosis. Tonsil stones cause bad breath. Because of the oral debris and mucus the stones are formed. These chemicals have specific odor and they can cause chronic bad breath, which may ultimately lead to halitosis.

6. Do tonsil stones come back?

Medicines cannot be a permanent cure for tonsil stones. They may come back once you stop taking the medicines. It is always better to prevent tonsil stones instead of moving them. You need to maintain good oral hygiene. You can rinse your mouth to remove tonsil related bad breath. You also need to follow a good diet. Avoid too much dairy foods and calcium rich foods. Also drink low-salt water.

7. Is it possible to remove them without surgery?

You can pull out the stones using a simple wet cotton swab. Use a flashlight to see properly and get a mirror so that you can easily remove those stones. Before removing the stones, you can rinse your mouth with salt water. You can also use an oral irrigator to clean your mouth better.

8. How to prevent tonsil stones?

You need to avoid eating dairy foods. Should also it away from alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverage and smoking. Vegetables are good for you because they are rich in fibers. Saltwater, onion and mushroom are some good elements that can help you remove tonsil stones. There are different natural remedies available which can help you to remove those stones.

9. How to remove them without expensive medication?

It is possible to remove tonsil stones without expensive medication using antibacterial mouth washes. They can quickly remove the bacteria and bad breath and as a result can restrict the growth of the stones. You need to use the mouthwash for a few days, after which the foundation of the stones will become weak. You can use a tooth brush or cotton swab to remove the stones easily. You can also try natural home treatments which may help you to remove those stones.

10. Will they come back after laser tonsillectomy?

Tonsillectomy is the most common surgery procedure for curing tonsil stones. It reshapes the tonsils by burning the caverns and filling the pockets. As a result, debris cannot get accumulated in those pockets. However, the success of the procedure will vary depending on the patient.



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