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10 best foods for you when you have sarcoidosis

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Antioxidant rich foods

Sell inflammation causes the problem and so antioxidants may help you to protect your healthy cells from such damage. Antioxidants are good for you because they neutralize free radicals. These free radicals occur during your digestion process, tobacco smoke inhalation and exposure to radiation. These radicals can damage your cells. Protect your cells with antioxidant rich foods like tomatoes, berries, sweet peepers and other fruits and vegetables.


Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. And so it is good for patients suffering from sarcoidosis. You can use it as a spice after drying and grounding. It is a common spice in Asian countries. You can also take turmeric as a dietary supplement. It will reduce cell inflammations.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a very good element for your diet if you are suffering from sarcoidosis. It strengthens your immune system and as a result you suffer from less number of diseases. If your immune system is malfunctioning, it may damage your cells. And that is what happens in case of sarcoidosis. Olive oil contains fatty acids which may be able to help you to balance your immune system. You can use olive oil for cooking or can also use it as dressing for salads.


If you eat foods that contain magnesium in them, they can help you in fighting sarcoidosis. Magnesium supports cell function, which may work against sarcoidosis. The foods that are rich in magnesium are avocados, oats, corn, soy, potatoes, brown rice and others. Magnesium is also essential for your body because it helps in about 300 body functions. It is very essential for the right cell performance.


Many researchers believe that inhaled toxins may result in cell damage and later cause sarcoidosis. If you keep yourself hydrated with lots of water, the negative effects of such toxins may be reduced. That will help you to flush out the toxins from the body and thereby help you to get rid of the inhaled toxins.


If you are experiencing bone loss, calcium may help you to fight that. In treatment of sarcoidosis, corticosteroids such as methotrexate or glucocorticoid are used. Such steroids can create issues with calcium metabolism. As a result, people suffering from sarcoidosis have higher risk of bone thinning problem. Problem with calcium metabolism have been associated for a long time with sarcoidosis. About 40 to 55% of cases have reported such problems. The solution for the problem is to increase your intake of calcium, because you need calcium for building bones. However, you need to consult your doctor before you take calcium if you are suffering from sarcoidosis.


Bromelain is an enzyme which is available in pineapple. It can reduce inflammation. It is good for you because it can also reduce the inflammation that causes sarcoidosis development.


Strontium is also a sarcoidosis friendly diet. It is also effective against osteoporosis and so it is good for sarcoidosis patients who suffer from the possibility of lower bone mass.


Soy is a very good for people suffering from sarcoidosis. It contains isoflavones and as a result it helps in prevention of bone loss. Soy isoflavones can help you to increase the bone mass. Even though the effectiveness is not yet proved in the research, but there is no harm in doing it.

Vitamin C

Vitamins C or citric acid can help you to have a better health when you’re suffering from sarcoidosis. It is also beneficial for you because it prevents kidney stones, which is often associated with sarcoidosis. Citric acid is available in high amount in citrus fruit.


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