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Prevent Urinary Tract Infection with these 12 tips

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It is possible to prevent urinary tract infection or UTI. The following tips will help you to stay away from this medical condition which causes tremendous discomfort.


1. Keep yourself hydrated

When you drink more water, it will ensure regular urination. Regular urination will flush out the bacteria from your urinary tract. That is why, urinary tract infection less prevalent in the case of people who drink enough water.

2. Keep your back healthy

Improper posture, strain or injury can damage the nerves present in the area that regulates proper urination and flow of the urine. It may result in urinary tract infection.

3. Nature’s call

It is important to urinate as and when you feel the need. You should never hold it because that may cause an infection. When you hold it, it may cause damage to the lining of the bladder, which may make the bacteria attack easier.

4. Strengthen the core

If you have a lazy bladder (a bladder that cannot empty urine properly), can be a big problem for you. It may happen because of lower back problems. You can keep it away by regularly exercising to strengthen the muscles on your back and stomach. The fitness expert can help you with some exercises which are good for your back and abs. You should also avoid injury by following the proper form while exercising.

5. Vitamin C supplement

Taking a vitamin C supplement can help you to reduce the growth of some bacteria. Such supplements acidifies the urine, thereby making it unfavorable for the bacteria.

6. Drink cranberry juice

Cranberries are good for you in preventing urinary tract infection (UTI). They contain hippuronic acid. This acid works as a natural antiseptic and it helps you by preventing the possible adherence of bacteria to your bladder lining. You need to drink 100 percent pure cranberry juice for prevention of urinary tract infection. However, if the infection is already present, cranberry juice will not help you. It cannot destroy the huge number of bacteria present. In such cases, it may instead result in discomfort and pain while peeing.

7. Avoid irritating products

You should avoid deodorant or other products that cause irritations. In case of women, douches and powders used in the genital can cause urinary tract infection and so they should be avoided if they cause any irritation.

8. Learn proper bathroom hygiene

You need proper bathroom hygiene to keep away the bacteria from your urethral opening. Proper wiping techniques can help you to keep away the bacteria from the openings.

9. Empty the bladder after intercourse

Empty your bladder immediately after intercourse. You should also drink some liquid, preferably water to flush the bacteria.

10. Check out your pee

The colour of your urine may change for different reasons and the colour can help you to monitor your overall health. If the urine is dark yellow, it may mean your body is dehydrated. In that case, you need to increase your water consumption. In the same way, other colours may mean different things.

11. Remove tampons before urinating

You should always remove tampons before urinating. You should also change it often. Tampons can cause problem with the stream of urine and so it should be removed.

12. Choose showers over baths

If you want to prevent bacteria from reaching the urethra, you need to choose shower over baths. It is also better to avoid bath oils during baths to prevent bacteria from going into the urethra.


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