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Best Exercises for Better Mood

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Exercising is a great way to improve your mood and it is a proven stress management technique. If you are feeling sad, stressed, depressed or lonely, various types of exercise can come to your rescue. When we are stressed or are not in a great mood, a lot of things happens in the body “ the cholesterol levels of the body increases, the cortisol levels are negatively affected and our body becomes a mess.

When we exercise our brain releases hormones and chemicals like adrenaline, endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. All these work together giving you feelings of pleasure thus, abating stress effectively.

Exercise gives our body a way to give vent to our bottled up negative energy. If you are looking for exercises that are best to uplift your mood then this article will definitely be of help. Do take note that exercise is not on its own, a way to treat depression or stress, but it can definitely improve your mood temporarily. It is important that you confront your problems instead of running away from them. Dealing with problems or forgetting situations that cause grief is a great way to treat and manage stress. Unfortunately, stress is not an issue which dies out on its own. Prolonged stress or depression can get chronic and result in a myriad of physical and emotional problems. However, exercise can give you the “high” to come up with positive solutions.

To find out which exercises are perfect for better mood, read on:

Running: Have you wondered if you can ever run away from your problems? The answer is you can run your problems away. Running enhances our mood and helps us get a better perspective of things thus enabling us to handle the affairs of our life better. The good thing is you can run alone or with a group of runners, whichever suits you best. Therefore, the next time you are feeling low, you know better than cribbing about it “ just put on your running shoes, get your iPod and get running.

Aerobics/Dance/Zumba/Swimming: These are some super effective exercises that will help you inbeating the blues. Cardiovascular exercises like dancing, swimming, and aerobics are intense and increase the release of the mood uplifting hormones – endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine in the body. When your body gets in sync with the moves, your spirits can rise within minutes.

– Yoga:A soul searching and stress relieving yoga session can do wonders to uplift your mood. This form of exercise makes use of a variety of techniques like stretching, breathing and motion that create a vent to get rid of the negative emotions in the body.

– Kick Boxing:If you are feeling angry and restless, kick boxing can be the most effective way to calm you down. You will not only kick your bad mood away but will also be able to burn as much as 8.3 calories per minute.

These were some great exercise options that you could choose to enhance your mood. It doesn't matter which one you choose or at what intensity you exercise, every time you do it you will be able to feel the difference. In order to get the maximum benefit, try to stick to a schedule and make exercising a regular affair. Join a group or exercise with a friend “ it will go a long way to keep your motivated. To make exercising fun, try to mix it up “ go for a brisk walk, go cycling, take a swim or go for a dance class but don’t just stick to one routine.