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8 Signs of Emotionally Strong People

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Our emotions have a great influence on our mind and body. They are a part of our psyche and have a direct impact on our thoughts and habits, and affect the way we react to the various situations in our lives. Emotions are huge deciding factors in our success and failures. They are our greatest motivators, without them we would not have a reason to act or do anything in life. In order to succeed in life, one of the traits a person should have is ˜emotional strength'.

There can be countless situations where emotionally strong people would react to things differently. Wondering what the signs of emotionally strong people are? Here are the top 8 signs that we consider crucial:

They are introspective:

Emotionally strong people are introspective. They always evaluate their actions from the point of view of a third person. They don't sit around feeling sorry for the circumstances they are in and always try to make the best of each situation. When things are not favorable in their life, they take the responsibility of their actions. They learn their lessons from trying situations and moving on in life with a new perspective.

They are resilient:

Emotionally strong people are resilient. They understand that they themselves are in charge of their life and that others cannot make them feel low if they don't let them to. They do not let other people control their emotions “ they are aware of their strengths and know how to manage their own affairs.

They embrace change:

Emotionally strong people understand that in life only ˜change is permanent' and therefore they are ready to take any changes in their life positively. In fact, change and uncertainty in life energizes them and brings out the best in them.

No grudges:

Holding grudges against anyone is emotionally draining. Emotionally strong people know better than doing that, as it can cause more harm than good. When people do wrong to them, they take the lessons and move on in life.

They do not lose their cool easily:

You will not find an emotionally strong person getting angry over petty, small things like bad traffic, long queues and other similar situations, because they know that these things are not in their control. Anger is a sign of weakness. People who get angry easily are always in an emotional turmoil that saps their energy. Emotionally strong people understand that the only things that they are always in control of are their attitude and their own response.

They apologize:

Genuine apologies are hard to come by. Even though it may seem like a simple thing, it is not really so. People often have ego issues “ they are of the belief that if they apologize their stature is ridiculed. An emotionally strong person will always be honest if he commits a mistake and will offer his heart-felt apologies when needed.

They know and believe in themselves:

Emotionally strong people know their own strengths and weaknesses; they accept themselves for who they are. They do not strive to seek people's attention and make them feel worthy. Those who seek recognition from others to raise their self-esteem are not actually sure about their own worth. The strength of emotionally strong people comes from their own feeling of self-worth.

They are open to criticism:

Emotionally strong people take criticism in a positive way. They are open to feedback and know to use it to their best advantage.

Emotionally strong people practice healthy habits. They are in charge of their own emotions and thoughts and know how to channelize their energies in constructive work that sets them for a successful life.

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