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Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

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Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit is as surprising as any fruit can get. It is a fruit of the cactus plant that grows in tropical and subtropical areas like Asia and Latin America. It has a yellow or red outer covering with green scales on it, which are usually spiny, inside is a white, magenta or pink flesh which has tiny black seeds “ the overall shape resembles a dragon, that’s why the name Dragon fruit. Dragon fruit has a lot of essential nutrients to offer and has potential health benefits as well. Dragon fruit is also known as pitaya.



How to Eat Dragon Fruit


The best way to enjoy this exotic fruit is to chill it in the refrigerator, cut it into two halves and eat its creamy pulp like ice-cream by scooping it out with a spoon. You may find it to be a real tasty and refreshing treat.


How to Choose Dragon Fruit


Over ripe dragon fruits have too many blotches on them and should be avoided at all costs as they would not taste good. Avoid buying dry dragon fruits.

Dragon Sized Benefits


The two risk factors that lead to heart diseases are high levels of oxidative stress and stiff arteries. Consuming dragon fruit helps us improve these conditions.


  • Cholesterol

Dragon Fruit is very low cholesterol and has no unhealthy cholesterol fats that harm your body.


  • Fats

Dragon Fruit consists of small amounts of healthy monounsaturated fats because of the many seeds in its edible part. These seeds and the nuts in the dragon fruit contain essential fats and proteins.


  • Fiber

Dragon fruit is also best known for its high fiber content that has amazing cleansing properties of the digestive system. The fibers in the fruit help with bowel movements. It is an ideal solution for constipation.


  •  Antioxidants

Dragon fruit is a delicious and a natural source of antioxidants. Antioxidants combat free radicals that cause cancer as well as other health problems.


  • Arthritis

Dragon fruit drastically decreases the irritation of joints, so it is also known as an anti inflammatory fruit, which alleviates the symptoms of arthritis and further reduces the swelling of the joints.


  • Good for the Heart

Dragon fruit decreases bad cholesterol levels from the body, while increasing good cholesterol levels. This fruit is a great source of mono unsaturated fats which keep your heart in good condition.


  • Regulates Diabetes

Dragon fruit contains a high amount of fiber that helps you stabilize your blood glucose level as it avoids sugar spikes. High sugar levels are often observed as a cause for diabetes which is triggered by high glycolic index foods. Therefore, dragon fruit is good for diabetics but you should consult your doctor before consumption.


  • Fights Aging

As said earlier too that this fruit is a very rich source of antioxidants. It gives us the power to fight free radicals in our body. Free radicals cause skin aging, therefore, eliminating them is a surefire way to improve your skin and make it tighter and suppler.


  • Helps In Weight Management

Dragon fruit is very low in calories and is also a rich source of fiber. Therefore, people who aspire to lose weight can include this fruit into their lifestyle. Dragon fruit keeps us full after a meal without adding any extra pounds. It cleans and improves our metabolic system by burning fat and keeping us active, thereby helping us to maintain a healthy weight.


  • Great for hair


Dragon fruit juice works wonders on chemically treated or colored hair. Just apply some dragon fruit juice on your scalp. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes and wash hair with shampoo.