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Help! I have bad breath!

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Looking forward to sell your experience and skills in a job interview. Need to whisper a secret. Yearning to receive a kiss from a loved one. Bad breath can make these special moments unbearable, both for you and the people close to you. Luckily, by now someone close to you has informed you gently of halitosis, or “even- by any chance you managed to figure it out yourself.

If you have made this realization, its time to you took a step and get rid of bad breath for good. You don't necessarily need to chew mints or down mouthwash by the liter. Taking time to ascertain the major cause of halitosis is very essential in addressing the embarrassing concern once and for all.

There is likelihood that your bad breath is related to dental issues. It might be possible that you've always had a good record with oral hygiene and over the past few days become lax with brushing, ignored flossing, and had nothing to do with tongue scrubbing and setting an appointment with a dentist twice a year. As you abstain from maintaining your dental health, particles from the food you eat will cling to your mouth and gather bacteria. It is unfortunate that the bacteria don't smell like the peppermint, and meals with garlic and onions can aggravate the situation further as you exhale.


There exist many myths about managing bad breath. Here are the most common misconceptions about bad breath, some of which you've heard about bad breadth but aren't necessarily true.

Myth #1: Mouthwash can take away bad breath

Although most manufacturers claim that mouthwash will take away bad breath, this is not always true. Mouthwash is a temporal relieve for halitosis. If you want to use mouthwash, consider an antiseptic that can alleviate germs that are the major causes of bad breath and the one that reduces plaque. Alternatively, you can ask your dentist to recommend the right mouthwash for you.

 Myth #2: If you brush your teeth daily, bad breath shouldn't be an issue

As a matter of fact, most people take between 30 to 45 seconds brushing their teeth. If you want to sufficiently reach the hidden surfaces of your mouth and clean all teeth appropriately, brush for a minimum of 2 minutes and ensure to do it at least two times a day.  Don't forget to brush your teeth as well as it forms a harbor for bacteria.  Flossing is equally helpful as it complements brushing by removing harmful plaque  and food particles that may be clinging on your teeth and gums.

 Myth #3: By breathing into your hand you can know if you have bad breath

Absolutely wrong! As you breath into your hands, your throat isn't used the same you use it while talking. While talking, you somehow to bring out the odors from the anterior part of the mouth, which is not easily achieved by simple breathing. Similarly, we are all familiar with our own smells, thus it's hard for us to know if a person is having bad breath.

Bad breath can be cured by¦

Brushing and Flossing

Since your mouth contains millions of bacteria, keeping your mouth clean can create the best defense as it helps remove food particles from your teeth

Clean your tongue

The rough surface of the upper side of your tongue is a pocket of dead cells, food particles and bacteria that form a potentially foul-smelling breath. It even contains by products of digestion that can potentially result in bad breath.


Don't rely overly on Mints

Never rely on mint to mask bad breath works as about as well as using cologne to cover up body odor. Mints may be effective for a short period, but in the long run the bad smell will break through. By all standards, chewing gum will not simply eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath in the mouth. Plus, mint contains sugar, which act a buffet for bacteria in the mouth. All in all, purchasing an oral care product will put all bacteria that cause bad breath at bay and eliminate the some embarrassing moments in your life.

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