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Raising Your Dream Child – A Guide in Caring for A Baby

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Care your Baby

Care your Baby

For first time parents, it is normal to become apprehensive whether they are fit in caring for their baby. Even as early prior to getting pregnant, a woman is already dreaming of having the opportunity to carry her dream child inside her womb and to raise it properly. Now that you are closer in making your dream a reality, it is essential to learn some important baby care tips in order to help you care for your child properly and learn how to overcome the challenge of entering the world of parenthood.

For breastfeeding mothers

Doctors always recommend breastfeeding babies in the first 6 months. A mother's milk helps in strengthening the baby's immune system and breastfeeding seems to be a more responsible option that a mother can choose when raising her child. Should you opt to breastfeed, you will need to be emotionally and physically prepared. Nursing mothers tend to experience post partum depression and breastfeeding often adds up to the problem. It is important to ask for the help of a pediatrician and schedule a visit regularly for lactation support. You can also join a nursing support group which is helpful in bonding with your child and with other nursing mothers.

It is also important to prepare at home some tools that will make breastfeeding easier for you. There are nursing pumps that you can use as an alternative means of extracting the milk which is helpful especially when you have a sore nipple. You will also need a garment that will support your breast. Using a warm compress will help improve the milk flow, making it for your baby to easily extract them out. You may also opt to introduce your baby in using a feeding bottle at 8 weeks at least 1 bottle a day.

Care for your baby

Care for your baby

Caring for your child at night

The worse part of taking care a baby is at night especially when your child's sleep cycle is not the same as yours. Many times your baby will be up awake at night and this can take a toll on you. Instead of getting frustrated about the situation, try to take shift with your partner in taking care of the baby at night to lessen the burden of sleep deprivation. Stop to feel sorry about yourself and the best thing to do is to sleep while your baby sleeps. Your ultimate goal is to keep yourself healthy and fit in order to take care of your baby better. Learn the positive ways of soothing your child to sleep instead of letting your frustration get to you. Try to lull and rock the baby gently in order to calm it down. Playing soothing music can also help the child relax.

Get help when you need to

Getting your partner involved will help you overcome the difficulty of taking care of your child. When you and your partner are working, it is important to recognize the fact that you will need the help of others. However, don't let others do small things like changing the diaper as it is one of the bonding moments that you can spend time with your child and it only takes a few minutes to do. Make sure that when help is around let them do the house chores while you take care about taking care of the baby activities. But most of get enough rest. Your baby needs you more than anyone else and you should make sure that you are fit and ready for your baby anytime.

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