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What Body Type Are You?

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The first step of getting to the kind of body you want is not exercise, not diet; it's not even hard work. It is knowledge. Specifically, knowledge on what body type you have and how you can change your body composition into what you want. I said body composition because you cannot really change your body type because that is dictated by your genes. But that does not mean that you cannot get that body that you always wanted. It is just a matter of knowing what to do, what to eat and how you can combine those two to get to where you want to be. So let's get on with it. There are three major body types. They are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. So let's start with the thinnest:

Ectomorphs are the classic skinny guy. He can eat all he wants and he seems to not get any bigger. Many say this is what they want but ectomorphs also do not normally build muscle that fast. They usually have a flat chest, narrow shoulders and have that fragile look. They have crazy fast metabolism that is why they can eat as much as they can and not get big. Their muscles also tend to be victim to catabolism which then makes them even thinner. Their lean muscle mass then cannot support their skeletal system that much so that's why they tend to get that fragile look. Ectomorphs has a hard time gaining any mass, be it fat or muscle so they need a specialized exercise program and diet plan to start gaining mass. With hard work and a lot of eating, even before sleeping, ectomorphs can start gaining that mass that they need. Perseverance is the key for this body type.

Mesomorphs are the middle ground. They generally have that he must workout look although they never lifted a dumbbell their whole life. They are generally athletic and gains mass faster than ectomorphs. This body type is ideal for muscle-building because they gain mass fairly easy. They have strong and well-defined muscles in an almost square body. Since they can gain mass better than ectomorphs, they need to watch their calorie intake since they have a relatively slower metabolism and can get fat tissues quickly as well. With mesomorphs, proper moderation is the key to get that beach body look. You can call them lucky and they mostly are as long as they don't get to lenient. Genetics can only get you so far. Without discipline, mesomorphs can get really hefty.

Endomorphs are the other end of the spectrum. They are the round and soft body type with not so well-defined muscles. They gain muscle and fat quite easily because of their low metabolism which gives them that stocky built. Endomorphs look shorter even when they are not because of their built. They have to spend a lot of time doing cardio to get close to that beach body and needs a specialized diet plan as well to keep their fat percentage low. That is easier said than done when it comes to endomorphs but not completely impossible.

So there you go, we have the first step to getting that beach worthy body. As I said earlier, knowledge is the key so now that we know our body type, we have to work on the diet and exercise programs that each body type needs to follow. Nobody is born perfect and the body types are only a blue print. How our body ill look is completely up to us. There is no magic pill to get and stay fit but it doesn't mean it can't be fun.

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