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Foods that Protect The Body Against The Harmful Rays of Sunlight

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Healthy food help fight off UV rays

If you tend to spend more time outdoors such as driving, walking or doing errands out on the street you are not spared from exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. The UV rays from sunlight are known to cause cancer and other skin problems and protecting the body against its harmful effects should be a priority. There are many sunscreen products like lotion, creams and facial products in the market today that can offer some adequate protection against the harmful effects of the UV rays on our skin but sometimes this may not be enough to completely shield the body from the internal harm that exposure to sunlight can cause.

Not too many people that there are foods that can provide the body with adequate protection against the harmful effects of the UV rays from sunlight. Making them part of our diet plan can help reduce the risks to cancer and other potential illnesses that the harmful rays of the sun can cause to the body. These five foods can do wonder to the body, making it healthy inside and out despite sun exposure.



Tomato is rich in lycopene which has a cancer busting component that fights off bad radicals in the body. It helps to keep the skin healthy and fights off the harmful sun rays. The antioxidant level in lycopene is very high which is responsible for making the body more capable of fighting off cancer cells, harmful radicals and body toxins. It also reduces the skin's hypersensitivity to sunlight exposure. At least 55 grams of tomato paste in the diet for at least 12 weeks of intake can help achieve the sunlight protection that the skin needs. Three months of consistent drinking of tomato juice can also reduce the signs of sunburns.


The omega 3 fatty acid levels in fish helps to keep the body healthy and reduces the risks to skin cell damage due to UV ray exposure. The type of the omega 3 fatty acid seen in fishes is EPA which can deliver about 4,000 mg of omega 3 to the body as a powerful cell damage deterrent due to sun exposure. This can be obtained from at least 12 ounces of salmon which has the highest level of EPA which is good for skin care and cell damage protection.

Omega3 foods


Eating chocolates can also help protect the body against cellular damage due to sun exposure. Dark chocolates in particular has this characteristic of protecting the skin from sun damage but it is important to keep track of your intake because it has a high level of calories. Drinking cocoa for three months helps to reduce the redness of the skin from sunburn by at least 25%. This is believed to be due to the high level of antioxidant content found in cocoa and it is also rich in flavanol that makes the skin moist instead of dry thereby reducing the scaly appearance of the skin caused by sun damage.


Pomegranate has an antioxidant property that is capable of preventing cellular damage due to the exposure to UV rays. The pomegranate seed oil is a safe and effective food to eat in order to prevent skin tumor from developing as well. Its fruit extracts are known to inhibit the negative cellular changes in the skin cells when exposed to the UV light.

Green tea

Green tea can help reduce the visible signs of sunburn and also prevents the pre-cancerous changes in the skin due to sun exposure. 2 cups of green tea every day can help protect the skin against UV light and it also reduces the risks to cancer, according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

So, start eating these healthy foods that are our skin’s best friend against the harmful effects of sunlight, you can also learn the Pro Skin tips by clicking Here!

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