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How to Improve Memory

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Memory loss should not be taken lightly even though every human being occasionally forgets things. People will often fail to locate the position of their car keys, what is on their grocery list, the name of their personal trainer they adored at the gym among others.

Therefore, memory tricks aimed at improving memory becomes essential. There is however no guarantee when it comes to preventing memory loss. To sharpen one's memory, consider the following ways:

Regular socialization

Regular social interactions assist in keeping away depression and stress, the main contributors of memory loss. Find time and get together with people you love, friends and relatives specifically if you live alone. Attend invitations on events or sharing a meal together as such events ward off depression.

Proven Memory Improvement Techniques

Daily physical activity

Inclusion of a physical activity daily on your daily routine increases the flow of blood to the whole body and in the brain, keeping your memory sharp. Ensure at least 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic or 75 minutes a week of jogging. In case you are too committed in the course of the week that you cannot find time for jogging, squeeze in a few minute walk throughout the day as this will go a long way in improving memory loss.

Stay organized

One is likely to forget things if your home is untidy with disorganized notes. You should write down tasks, events and appointments. You are even allowed to repeat an entry loud as you jot it down in order for it to stick in your memory. Again, keep that list updated, checking off the already completed items, set aside a portion for your wallet, keys and other necessities. Stay clear of any distractions and avoid doing many things at ago.

Remain mentally energetic

Mental activities assist in keeping the brain in shape and keeps memory loss at bay just the same way as physical activity keeps the body in form. To ensure this, you ought to keep fit by doing crossword puzzles, reading a section of the newspaper that one often skip, learning to play musical instrument such as a piano, taking alternative routes when driving and doing volunteer activity in an organization.

Amazing New Memory LossBreakthroughs

Get enough sleep

Sleep helps in the consolidation of memories as one is more likely to recall things he had forgotten during peaceful sleep. Therefore, people should ensure that getting sufficient sleep becomes their priority. Adults require about seven to eight hours of good sleep per day.


Maintain a healthy diet

Eat fruits, whole grains and vegetables as healthy diet is as good to the brain as it is to the heart. In addition, avoid high fat protein foods but ensure regular low fat protein sources like lean meat, fish and skinless protein. Drink a lot of water and reduce alcohol consumption as too much alcohol intake may lead to confusion and memory loss.Improve Memory

Deal with chronic conditions

One ought to follow the instructions of a general practitioner for any chronic troubles like kidney problems and depression. Proper care of such chronic problems improves one's memory. Therefore, review the medications with the general practitioner as regular as possible as various drugs may impact on your memory.

When to seek help for memory loss

Consult your doctor if you become worried about your memory loss and if it affects your ability to tackle your day-to-day chores. The general practitioner should do a physical check and check your memory and problem solving skills. The treatment will be determined by the cause of the memory loss and at times, other tests may as well be needed.


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