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Foods for joint health

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Many people are looking for foods that will protect their joints for years. Most people are looking for a way to naturally supplement their joints to avoid diseases like Arthritis. Here are eight foods that will help you protect your joints health.


Flaxseed is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. There have been many studies that show that omega-3's can prevent inflammation in the body. Eating flaxseed can help you lessen the amount of inflammation cause by omega-6 fatty acids which are very common to find in our society.


Broccoli is one of those that plagued our childhood. There have been several studies which show that broccoli and the other plants in its family are known to protect the joints.


Milk is one of those that we all understand that we need in our diets. Vitamin D is necessary for you to keep your joints healthy. Milk happens to be fortified with vitamin D which makes it an excellent choice for adding to your morning routine.

Olive oil

Olive Oil has anti-inflammatory properties when make it very beneficial to people who want to keep their joints healthy. Olive oil can be easily added to many meals that you already eat. For example, you can mix olive oil, lemon, and the spices that you want to use to make your own salad dressing.


Ginger is one of those home remedy must. Ginger has been used by many people throughout the ages to treat migraines, hypertension, colds, and nausea. There is also studies that show that ginger can reduce the inflammation in the joints as well. Ginger can be added as a spice when you are cooking vegetables. Many people use it in their baked goods as well.

Sweet peppers

Sweet Peppers are a wonderful source of vitamin A. Many studies have been done in the United Kingdom on the effects that vitamin A has on diseases like arthritis. Those researchers found that the people who ate more of these vegetables that had the vitamin in it, the less likely they were to develop bone and joint diseases.


Strawberries contains a high amount of anthocyanins which is a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant is well-known for lowering inflammation in both the cardiovascular system and with the inflammation that was in their joints. Strawberries are easy to add to yogurt or ice cream.


Oranges are one of those fruits that we do not get enough of. Vitamin C, the vitamin that is found in oranges, was shown to help people reduce their risk of developing arthritis by helped protect their joints. It is much better to get your vitamin C from fruit than from a vitamin.

These are many of the foods that can help you protect your joints for years to come. It is important to remember to balance your diet as soon as you can. The healthier that you eat now, the less likely it will be that you will develop something later on in life. Many of the diseases that are common in old age can be avoided as long as you are getting the proper nutrition.