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The 10 fattiest foods you must never eat while dieting

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10 fattiest foods you

As we greet the New Year, many people will be embarking on a journey to better themselves. For many, this means that they will be starting a completely new diet plan to lose the extra weight from the previous year.

Let us get on with the list! Here are the top ten fatty foods that you must never eat while dieting.

1. Theatre popcorn

Movie theater popcorn is one of the staple foods when we are watching a movie. Slathered in butter and salt, this snack is a major diet breaker for many people. If you are going to the movies, it is a good idea to make sure that you eat something healthy so that you can avoid this tempting delight. If you do give in, do not get the butter and salt.

Note that homemade popcorn, that is popcorn minus the salt, butter, cheese or caramel is actually healthy. Some studies also show that it has just as many antioxidants as fruits or vegetables. Therefore, ditch the theatre popcorn and take some homemade ones with you instead. You can also opt for healthier snacks such as nuts and fruits “ anything that keeps you away from the coke and candy bars!

2. Pork sausages

Pork sausage is one of those too good to avoid. Along with bacon, pork sausage is not the healthiest food in the market and you are much better off not having it. If you have a craving, opt for turkey instead of pork. Lean cuts are much healthier than processed varieties. Skip the sausages, bacon and canned meat and go for organic chicken or turkey. Seafood is also an excellent choice as it is rich in good fats and omega 3 fatty acids

3. Potato chips

Potato chips are salty, fried snacks that are ooh, so easy to get into trouble with. Instead of giving into complete temptation, consider baked chips”if you cannot avoid chips. They are much better than packet chips because they do not contain the salt, oil, butter and preservatives that make them so fatty. Worst of all, you can never have enough of them! If possible, keep your pantry stocked with fruits, vegetables, and say goodbye to nasty cravings.

4. French fries

Potatoes again! French fries are another fried potato snack that can be utterly deceptive. Instead of frying the potatoes, bake them. If you can, substitute the white potato for a sweet potato for better nutrition. Use vegetable oil or olive oil for frying. It is best to drizzle some olive oil over baked sweet potato!

5. Ice cream

Don't scream for ice cream. Ice cream is something that should be avoided. There are many different flavors, but pay particular attention to the amount of fat in the size of serving that you eat. Avoid the expensive brands since they tend to have the largest fat content overall.

6. Milk shakes

Milk Shakes are a great way to cool down in the summer but the ingredients can be very fattening. Adding milk along with ice cream is a mixture for diet failure. Smoothies made with fruit or green vegetables are healthier alternatives.

7. Cheese crackers

Cheese and crackers is every child's dream snack. As adults, we try to cling to those favorites, even though our bodies have physically changed. Substituting vegetables or fruit for a cheese plate will give you a chance to get in the precious vitamins without having to think about it.

8. Chicken potpie( frozen)

Chicken potpie is great, as long as it is not frozen. Frozen food as a whole has been giving us the ability to have food fast without needing to prepare it. Instead of buying the frozen, make the potpie fresh.

9. Fatty condiments

Caesar salad with crunchy croutons seems healthy enough. Adding the salad dressing, chicken, cheese, and croutons together makes a diet helping myth. Salads can be healthy but, they can also be deceiving since we automatically think healthy when they really are not.

10.  Cheese pizza

That deep-dish cheesy pizza is one of the hardest to avoid on this list. Full of calories and bad fats, pizza is an easy way to kill your diet. If made at home, you can avoid most of the fat by substituting for low-fat cheese.

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