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Type 1 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Using Stem Cell Educator Therapy, According To New Study


Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is a form of disease that is recorded in about ten percent of people suffering from diabetes. The body produces T cells that attack its own insulin secreting pancreatic islet beta cells. The disease is characterized by a lack of insulin secretion, with a relatively sudden onset, obvious symptoms (frequent urination, thirst, increased appetite, weight loss) and a tendency to ketoacidosis (ketones in the presence of high blood sugar + blood + acidosis). This form of disease can be seen in all ages, but particularly characterizes patients whose disease begins before 30 years. Below this age almost all patients are insulin dependent. Therefore patients require daily insulin injections to maintain an adequate insulin level and proper glucose levels.

Insulin Injection

A new method published in BioMed Central’s open access journal BMC Medicine , uses stem cells from cord blood in order to re-educate the patient’s faulty T cells and therefore regain the lost pancreatic function leading to a reduced need of insulin injections.

Stem Cell Educator therapy is a technique that uses immobilized cord blood stem cells (harvested from healthy patients) over which, lymphocytes  separated from a patient suffering from diabetes are passed. After this procedure, which generally lasts about three hours, the re-educated lymphocytes are injected back to the patient. Evolution of patients was then monitored and checked at four, twelve, twenty-four and forty weeks after therapy.

C peptide is produced by the pancreas as a result of proteolytic cleavage of proinsulin into insulin. This peptide is important because it is secreted in equal amounts as insulin. Unlike insulin, C peptide is not degraded in the liver. For this reason C peptide can indicate more precisely the insulin secretion of the pancreas.

By twelve weeks after the initial treatment all patients presented improved levels of C peptide. This encouraging result was also noted after twenty-four weeks and was maintained until the end of the study. This result translates into a reduced need of insulin injections of the patients included in the study. Simultaneously glycosylated hemoglobin value also decreased for study participants but not for patients in the control group.

Dr Yong Zhao, from University of Illinois at Chicago, who led the multi-centre research, explained, “We also saw an improved autoimmune control in these patients. Using this technique, the percentage of regulatory T lymphocytes raises in the patient’s blood, other immune function markers are improved like TGF-beta1, and pancreatic islet beta cells are able to recover “.


  1. This experiment was done in Canada years ago maybe over 10 years ago. The Stem cells were injected directly into the pancreas if brittle diabetics. The patients stared to produce insulin within days and stopped using insulin completely. Research is great but getting this to the market is insane. There is almost no reason to be excited by any medical breakthrough since it will not be available in our lifetime due to the flunky politics and the drug companies that have to figure out how to rip off the patients.

      • There was a study done in Canada but I think it was less than 10 years ago. It required three cadavers per patient. The beta cells were extracted from the cadavers and injected into the pancreas of the diabetic. The study was successful, indeed. Perhaps it was the same study or only similar.

    • Why do they give us false hope. My granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 when she was 3 years old…she is now 4 and get shots on the average of 4 times a day. This is so exciting, but you are right…between the politicians and drug companies who think they have the right to decide who lives and dies, we will never see this come to pass in our lifetime. Makes me want to cry all over again.

  2. I can’t completely recall all the details as I was only about twelve at the time, but I am still under the impression that the Edmonton Protocols actually amounted to an implantation of animal pancreatic analogous cells into type 1 diabetes patients. The addition of immunosuppression (much like in various other transplantation procedures) served to reduce or negate the same ongoing autoimmune response that in this instance is being trained. There is a difference, definitely. I see this as a way to help safeguard the possibility of not just having a small increase in insulin production, but to help in the event of stem cells of any sort being used to regrow and replace the damaged and dead beta cells. There are many steps, we aren’t there yet, but were going closer.

  3. THEN LETS USE IT AND QUIT FOOLING AROUND. Gah this makes me sick to think about. Why even come up with something like this if we’re not going to use it to make lives better?

  4. This would have such a profound impact on millions of lives… it should be broadcast on news stations worldwide. We shouldn’t have to watch this cure fade away like all the others.

  5. I would love to know where they are doing trials for this and get signed up. Like Vibrio said – they’ve been doing transplantation of islet cells for years as trials, and transplanting pumps in Italy and foreign countries. When are they going to actually give us the cure that we were promised years ago? I remember when I was diagnosed, they said 15 years. Okay now I’m at 27 and still waiting…
    I think that stem cell transplantation and islet cell transplantation are the ticket…

  6. While this is great info economics I don’t think it will happen. How many missions of jobs will be lost if diabetes is cured? Think about it. All the Dr’s the researchers the people who make the strips and alcohol swabs and needles and infusion sets and the research and the T-shirts and the camps and the bags and the list can go on forever. How many BILLIONS of dollars will people stop making? Economically it’s better for the people to have diabetes then to cure it. It makes me sad, but that’s the conclusion I’ve come to in the past 23 years.

    • It will happen when the FDA deems the treatment a viable one with clinical trials that prove the efficacy. It’s a long process and extremely conservative, but it prevents things like the French Breast Implant Scandal from happening on this side of the Atlantic. That’s not saying it shouldn’t be sped up tremendously, but it does require a thorough review of the treatments before it would be wise to sign up the millions of people that have T1D.

      Secondly, economically, the company that can capitalize on this type of technology has all the financial incentive in the world. Some how you think that the types of margins made on needles and infusion sets is even remotely close to the types of margins made on cell therapy treatments? As someone who works in the medical device industry, I really do not believe that it would be ECONOMICS that prevents this type of huge moneymaker from being realized.

      • Lots of financial incentive, but lots of financial DIS-incentive as well. Like when Chevron sued Panasonic because Panasonic was making electric batteries for cars (in the 1990s). They kept Panasonic in court for a long time, cost them over 30 million, and eventually Panasonic gave up and EV-4 electric cars went off the market in the US. Chevron saw a direct threat to their bottom line and went after that threat. Any biotech company would have to be ready for years and years of similar litigation to bring a diabetic cure to market. Who wants to try to develop anything new under such a threat? University researchers can make breakthroughs, but getting that research productized is a huge financial risk that I can’t see any large publicly-traded pharma company touching with a 10 foot pole.

        • That is why this country stinks, it is run by Big pharma, So I decided to research natural medicine and organic food to try to stimulate mt health. So far I have seen very good changes. In May 2012 I cured stage 4 kidney disease no surgery, dialasis, or drugs. I now have been diagnosed with 4 clotted arteries and was told to get open heart surgery, I told the doctors no way, because I will fix the arteries naturally. If we want a cure we have to look outside of the box, because these blockheads will never give us a cure. They have been spueing the message for donations for the diabetes association since at least 1968. I think they wasted all the donations on their personal welfair and left the type 1 diabeticsin the wind to blow away. I have been working on a cure since I was 5 yrs old and in 2007 I was able to get off the fast acting insulin for 2 years. It can be done, but my research is still in progress.

    • Melissa,
      My husband has been saying this for years. The economy can’t handle diabetics being cured. Painfully sad.

    • I refuse to give up hope. 5% of all diabetics are Type 1, according to the ADA website. Considering that Type 2 is growing at an alarming/epidemic pace, losing the business of a few T1’s to a cure wouldn’t impact the bottom line of these companies much.

      There is incentive in finding a cure, just like there’s incentive for Lasik corrective eye surgery to exist.

    • I am sorry, Melissa (and others who have been commenting about the “economy of Diabetes), but the number of jobs lost would not be that much of a problem, since Type 2 Diabetes is so much more prevalent anyway. Additionally, it is just plain silly to think that it wouldn’t happen. This CAN and WILL happen. If people lose their jobs, then so be it. Besides, it is NOT the responsibility of the Type One Diabetes population to be “sick” with Type One Diabetes, so that someone else can keep their job! That’s completely insane. There will be plenty of Glucose Testing Strips and Insulin Pens and Pills to sell to the Type Two population. Again, that was a ridiculous comment. Sorry, if I sound cruel, but would you wish for people to be sick, so that YOU could keep your job? Find something else to do!

      • I don’t believe anyone has suggested that it was the “responsibility of Type 1 diabetics to be sick” that is a ridiculous take on what has been said. And no one here stated that they would want for people to be sick so that they could keep their job. But it is naive to believe that economics don’t impact the development of better treatments and or a cure. I have been insulin dependent for $25 years (hopefully I have another 30+ to go if all the medicine to prevent complications works :)). A drug company to offer a cure that keeps its board of directors and shareholders happy (who can hide behind the anonymity of the corporation), would have to offer one that is more profitable than current therapies for diabetes and complications of diabetes. Its not about individuals wanting to see people sick in order to keep their jobs, but it is about anonymous boards of directors wanting to keep shareholders (and themselves) happy with profits. Cures especially or even improved treatments may come slowly but only when governments realize how much they will save in healthcare costs, once a cure is found, and dump money into university research.

        • It’s all about corporate and government greed and the government will get your social security income, before we have the chance to retire. There is no need for forgiveness of corporate or government stupidity to deny people who suffer. Years ago someone had found a cure and someone I believe the government tried to pay him to not release the info on the cure. I believe the person moved to CANADA.


  7. Diabetes in a multi-billion dollar business for drug companies and medical suppliers, hence the delay in anything promising in the US. Vibrio is right it was 10 plus years ago in Canada that they ‘cured’ some patients. This also was when stem cell research had great promises in the US but government did not/would not/does not allow much embryo stem cell research.
    Take the Type 1 insulin pump from Animas that was integrated with the Dexcom continuous blood glucose meter (or the other way around) available all over the world especially in Europe since April of last year. Here in the US we can’t get this unit (Animas Vibe) only the Ping as that comes with a BGM that needs test strips (7 to 8 times per day per patient) hence the delay by the FDA????
    Some lobbyists in Washington are doing a great job keeping this off the market.
    So don’t hold your breath with any “new” medical break through for diabetes as long as it can be “controlled” with continuous taking of medication.

    • I’m happy to see the thoughtful comments here. Just FYI, I wore the Dexcom monitor for a while; it’s interesting but not anything I would count on running an insulin pump with. I actually know a VP of engineering there that I worked with. The problem with the “artificial external pancreas” concept is that the pumps have a failure rate (clogging, batteries, etc.) that is geometrically compounded by the Dexcom failure rate, which in my experience is high. Dexcom is NOT a blood glucose monitor – it’s a BG “trend” device, which does have value. Say I measure 80. Is that 80, going UP, or DOWN?!? Dexcom might just report you at 200, or have a failed read. You don’t want that kind of stuff going into your pump. However, to be fair, the Dexcom device, complex as it was to insert (though painless), did give me valuable info. I would never hook it to a child’s (or even my) pump though.

  8. Melissa – I completely concur. Diabetes is too profitable to cure. I’m T1D for over 30 yrs; so is my brother and Dad. With potential or imminent D for my kids, that’s just dollars down the road for big pharma. What I actually despise, though, are these flaky articles that appear every 3 months or so; that “Diabetes has been cured in mice!!!” or ones like this. No company, and I mean, NOBODY walks away from billions in business. When I worked in a blood glucose monitoring startup (for reading glucose directly from fingertip sweat – no strips or pricks), One company (Johnson & Johnson? I forget) told us they were massing a legal campaign to disprove our technology – without knowing a thing about it! That would buy them years of profits while they ripped us all off. This is an ugly racket – and every time I send a mail like this, the researchers HOWL. “You have NO IDEA… blah blah”. But let’s face it: EVERY RESEARCHER HAS FAILED. EVERY ONE. Diabetes has been known for centuries. Not cured, livable now, simply to produce cash for vampiric pharma companies (who maim mice and then dance around with worthless science journal articles).

  9. @Melissa:

    People don’t hide a cure for money, and even if they did, this only effects Type 1 diabetes. Type 2, caused by obesity, is much more prevalant, and will only make more money as the US gorges itself on fat.

      • I want to believe that there is enough good in the world that a cure wouldn’t be with held due to money. As you said there are more type II diabetics and that number continues to rise. There is plenty of money to be had there. Lets remain positive.

        We can think of many diseases that have been cured or have become curable like small pox, typhoid, polio, lymphoma and many others. I truly believe my diabetes management requires a positive outlook. I was diagnosed in 1977. We’ve come a long way. It is only a matter of time. Keep focused and stay the course.

    • Hate to break it to you “Dr. Garth”, but as a TYPE 1 Diabetic, I can testify that you have no freaking clue what you are talking about. Cutting these things from the diet of a TYPE 2 diabetic might get them down to pre-diabetic blood sugar levels…but removing them from a TYPE 1’s diet wouldn’t do anything. Well not entirely true…when their blood sugar went too low from lack of sugar, they may find themselves in a seizure induced coma. Might I suggest http://www.diabetesmine.com/ as a site where people actually educated on the matter go for advice. Not my site BTW, just a good down to earth blog written by someone who knows what she is talking about.

    • Garth… i know you are trying to sell something and YOU do make a good point about what you said re: type 2 and health in general. you OBVIOUSLY, know little to nothing about type 1…it is an autoimmune disease of the beta cells that KILLS THEM ALL OFF.. you can’t cure the death of a beta cell with removing sugars/grains… go and read up on it.. it will though of course make it easier to manage the blood glucose levels, etc… TYPE 1 IS NOT THE SAME AS TYPE 2… IT IS A TOTALLY DIFFFERENT DISEASE.GO EDUCATE YOURSELF,

      also ya’ll citing the research from a decade ago… they technology is so much better now.. lets just pray it comes to fruition… as for the politics of not curing… i don’t have space to get into it

      DEB, RN, MSN, CEN, CFRN, EMT-P and most importantly the sister of a type 1 who has had it x 35 years…

    • You clearly don’t have a clue about how type one diabetes works if you think the only thing we have to do is cut out sugar and bread.

  10. @GARTH – Diet has NO affect on Type-1 diabetes. You are referring to Type-2 diabetes. Please do more research before making comments.

  11. Garth, thanks for the clueless response. This article is about Type 1 diabetes. That’s a genetic condition caused by auto-immune response. The body interprets the cells that create insulin are a threat and attacks them.

    I’m 5’6″ and weigh about 130 lbs. I could eat any “healthy diet” you could dream up, and my diabetes wouldn’t go away. If I went off of insulin I’d slowly starve to death. Diabetic ketoacidosis isn’t a terribly easy way to go out, either. Nausea, vomiting, weakness, and sore muscles. Passing whatever sugar your “healthy diet” would damage my kidneys while I’m starving to death.

  12. There is no profit in cure. And this is not a cynical viewpoint. It’s reality.

    From diabetes to cancer and muscular dystrophy, we’ve been told for all my life that this or that cure would be 20 years away. And then the 20 years passes and we’re still at square one say “we’re close.” B.S.

    Like I said, there is no profit in cure. Take it from a former marketer who’s worked with some of these greedy vampire MBA types.

  13. Type1 for 48 years.Heard it all.Did Joslin/camps and all.Just for your info in the 50’s there was an engine made thatgot 40-50 mpg at that time.DID youever hear or see it made? Some people tell me i am negative because they don’t want to see the truth!!! THERE IS TOO MUCH MONEY TO BE MADE in NOT finding a cure!! Ask anyone who has to pay for their own meds

  14. All of you who claim that a cure for diabetes is not available because of “big pharma” know nothing about how biomedical research works. Just because any treatment is successful in mice does NOT mean it will automatically be effective in humans. The FDA exists to protect Americans from shoddy medical products being peddled to us without regulation, which is what happened before its existence. T1 Diabetes is an incredibly complicated disease, as someone who works in this field and the brother of a type I diabetic I can assure you no researcher is withholding a cure because of profit, the real profit is in type 2 diabetes as others have mentioned above. Type 2 diabetes incidence will continue to rise because Americans will continue to become fatter and unhealthier, thus pharmaceutical companies will continue to invest in novel drugs that can make a killing in the market. Even so, the researchers themselves would much prefer the glory of a publication in an esteemed scholarly journal to money, that’s why they became researchers in the first place.

    • Well-said, John. It’s refreshing to hear your opinions. I believe in research and I also believe that there WILL be a cure within the next ten years; a reputable source from the research “insdustry”, whom I fully trust, tells me this. I hope the population of people who write (and or read) these silly and/or invalid comments and posts can understand the difference between those who THINK they know everything, and those who have a valid point to make and share.

  15. Wow! I’ve never heard anything to get THIS excited about. Fixing the islet cells has been possible for a while. What hasn’t been possible is fixing the T cells. THEY’RE THE PROBLEM! And quit with this “withholding a cure” crap. Do you think all of the researchers working on this would actually hide it? Many of them suffer from or have family members suffering from this disease. You REALLY think pharma could control ALL of them? Oh, and everyone here is forgetting one other aspect: INSURANCE! They would stand to save billions. Seriously, is anyone here optimistic? I’m not counting on being cured, but I still hold hope. And this news gives me reason to.

    • Wow, the corporate guys got busy tonight! Diabetes is too profitable to cure, and so they have goons writing bogus email responses. I want, ane we all should DEMAND that the big pharma each and all tell us that now they are not making billions of dollars keeping the disease alive and well. Interesting how all the odd adverserial response messages on this site came at the same time tonight…

      Anyway, I stand by my words, and thanks @Melissa. Diabetes kills slowly and expensively. And let’s face it – profit is being made to the tune of billions of dollars. Billions. A dollar a BG strip, several times a day, times millions of us.

      Do NOT listen to the shill emails. When you are a type-1 or type-2 diabetic, it is not your fault. And eating bizarre non-grain diets will not help you.

      Tell you what folks. I’m a programmer, T1D. My brother died at 40 due to a Lantus insulin “issue”, and no one of us wants to have to face such issues. Any researchers out there reading this – Can we just cure this? This sniveling “…oh, we’re way so smart, and it is incurable, so let’s buy more blood strips and more insulin, and inject forever…”, man, I hate those white-coat lab rats. They are sucking your life for cash; that is the diabetes truth in America.

      Contact me. I will work hard to solve this with you, and though I’m not a bio-chemist, I have different skills for an opportunity to bring down this great personal weight on so many of us. Clearly big pharma is not only failing, I think they are even resisting attempts in this area. Doctors, researchers, serious people that want to start up – let’s end this. And sell your Eli Lilly and Aventis stock short – they’re going to go down as an investment.


  16. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in curing people, why cure a client and loose him than just treat and keep him, this is not new research as others have already mentioned above,I was diagnosed 2002 , heard about this in 2003 again and until today am still waiting hence to e told that new research in Illinois has come up with the same thing, they can go to hell.

  17. University of Edmonton does islet cell transplants on patients. They transplant healthy islet cells into the diabetics liver. The liver then works as the pancreas, producing the insulin. The only problem with this is that within 5 years you will be considered Type 1 Diabetic again.

  18. I think we should scrap the pharma companies and go back to pre 1900 levels of medicine! Oh…wait….. the average life expectancy was around 40… Ok scrap that idea. Boo to big pharma, those damn life extenders!

    • chris im with you, there seem to be way too many gullible, ignorant sheep in here. People claiming big corporations are keeping a cure away from the public are delusional, the problem with arguing with idiots is that they will drag you down and beat you with experience!!

      • I think there are too many angry people in here! Let’s look for the solutions instead of griping and whining about how impossible everything is! Jake, I loved your closing. I’m tired of the ignorant sheep, too. They are part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. They need to be ignored; then maybe they’ll go away!!! This article is hopeful and like I’ve said before, any mother would pay out of pocket to have her child cured of Type 1 Diabetes. I am a mother of two who has Type One since the age of 25. Yes, people, Type ONE; Not Type Two. If you don’t understand the difference, please get informed, since they are completely DIFFERENT issues.

  19. It’s understandably hard for some people to accept that “Evil Big Pharma” is the best chance they have of living a long healthy disease free life.

  20. Any researcher who came up with a cure would publish it ASAP because that would mean a huge publication, probably in nature or the lancet. ANYONE who has ever worked in research knows that. PLUS it’s not just pharmaceutical companies that are investigating T1D, it’s NIH, universities and other nonprofits like the JDRF. Also, if a cure was developed pharmaceutical companies could make a lot of money with that as well because whoever discovered it would have a monopoly to distribute the cure. Cures don’t get withheld because scientists don’t want to heal people, they get withheld because they are unsafe or ineffective.

  21. is this available in great britain id do anything to give my son a better life!! this is a nightmare condition..and it does get to me people get confused with type one and type two..as type two is a choice type one cannot be prevented..more needs doing.

  22. I just don’t want to get my hopes up…so tired of hearing all the “progress” and yet nothing comes from it..

  23. Wow. I completely agree! A cure will be found but it will also have to be proven effective for it to become available. I am T1 for just over seven years now. When I was diagnosed I was told simply that noone knew the reason why. Know what I did? I researched it myself. And boy was I amazed at some of the things they have discovered in the last twenty years. Yes, pharma companies want the money and the researchers want the fame, it is the people who have T1 that want a cure. And I hold the belief that it will come. Maybe not in my day, but hopefully in my childrens days so that they do not have to suffer the way my grandmother, father, myself and my partners grandparents, uncle and aunty have. But what I hope for most is that my children never get any form of Diabetes. And that comes from a healthy lifestyle. Genetics is a big thing with Diabetes which is why I am so worried for my kids, with T1 and T2 being prevelent on my side and my partners side of the family. If I knew before I had children that genetics was so much of an issue it may have changed my mind about having children at all, knowing that it could possibly be in their genes to get it.

  24. Glad to see the discussion still happening here.

    First, let’s dismiss this article as hopeless – they cured this in MICE again, by cutting out its pancreas. That’s light years from actual human T1D. We get dripped hopeful/hokey articles like this several times a year; I think that’s what keeps diabetics compliant. This is directly from the researchers web site, for this exact study in this article:

    “Tregs can reverse overt diabetes, not only by controlling the autoimmunity but also by promoting beta cell regeneration leading to the restoration of euglycemia in an autoimmune-caused diabetic NOD mouse model.” (Dr. Yong Zhao, University of Illinois/Chicago).

    Another mouse cure; I think that’s 100 this year. So this article is useless.

    Mouse cures lead to human cures, uh, never. The research has failed, continues to fail, and usually when something occurs 100% of the time (the failure of human T1 diabetic cure), I tend to follow the money. The funding money is from business and government (“pharma”) for research which I then conclude are paying for it to not succeed. Meanwhile, the profit from insulin production, blood strips, meters, sharps, doctor and hospital visits, late-term organ failure and on and on is astounding.

    Ask yourself this dark question: If YOU, personally, had control of a business model that made 10’s of billions yearly, guaranteed in perpetuity, would you abandon that (just so that young and old diabetics could be back to normal, with insurance companies no longer giving you that money)? I guess it depends what kind of person you were.

    Thanks pharma – we KNOW who you are; I just can’t figure out how you guys get to sleep every night. (well, time to measure my blood ($1.50), take a shot ($1.50). I wish T1D on ALL of you. THERE’S an ironic punishment!)

  25. […] Type 1 Diabetes Can Be Reversed Using Stem Cell Educator Therapy, According To New Study .page-title { -pie-background: linear-gradient(left top, #0F2D4D, #2880C3 ); background: #0F2D4D; background: -moz-linear-gradient(left top, #0F2D4D, #2880C3 ); background: -webkit-linear-gradient(left top, #0F2D4D, #2880C3 ); background: linear-gradient(left top, #0F2D4D, #2880C3 ); }.page-title span{color:#fff;}body{background-image:none;} body.custom-background { background-color: #f3f3f7; } Subscribe to RSS feed Follow Diabetes Reversed Reviews on Twitter Visit Diabetes Reversed Reviews's Facebook page […]

  26. For those who think the reason a cure won’t happen is because of the money they make of diabetics I understand your frustration. I’ve been dealing with this nightmare nearly 4 decades and certainly thought this would be a thing of the past. First off the science needs to be sound and safe to get approval and second anyone researching a cure has to realize that they will have to do it in a cost effective way or it will never be realized anyway. How many people could afford transplants or other treatments costing thousands of dollars? If you have been following diabetes research it looks promising one day only to vanish into thin air. That being said I believe invasive glucose testing will be a thing of the past in the next few years. There are two companies right now that claim to have meters that will be as accurate if not more accurate then today’s invasive meters. Besides that there are no supplies needed, only the cost of the machine. It will be real interesting to see what happens with them. Obviously the testing business for diabetes is huge profit and these modern day machines would destroy that industry overnight. This isn’t a treatment its a machine. If it works there should be no excuse why it wouldn’t get commercialized. Unless….. Big Pharma and the FDA say different. As my life hangs on by a thread we’ll see what happens.

  27. Wake up people! Big pharma runs the country! No cure for type 1 will ever be made available. There is no money in cures, only in long term treatment. What’s the last disease that was cured? Polio! Anybody who believes different is a fool. Money is made in research and pharmaceuticals, not cures!

  28. Can you imagine how much money big Pharma would make if they could cure the common cold??!! They would make a killing.

    They haven’t cured it and it’s not through lack of trying.

    Some things are just plain difficult to do. Finding cures is a difficult business, it’s not something that can be done over night.

    The company that comes up with a cure for diabetes will make billions almost overnight, have no doubt.

  29. Interesting discussion going on here. I am curious about how one gets involved in studies and trials such as this?

  30. I keep looking for trials for my son, age 12. We want him cured, and getting into a trial may be the only way. I worked in two different research labs (organ transplantation and Alzheimer’s), and the reseachers do want the glory of getting on the cover of “Nature”. I distrust Big Pharma, though, as they really are just about profits. Sure, they save and prolong lives, SO LONG AS THEY CAN MAKE A BIG PROFIT FROM IT. One has to wonder what their profit margin would be on an actual cure, considering the lost business in insulin pumps, test strips, etc. Maybe it’s a stretch to say that they are impeding progress, but they aren’t looking for a cure, either. But, hey, we need to “cure” erectile dysfunction and toenail fungus, right? Look to universities for a cure for T1D.

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  32. My 12 year old has just be diagnose with T1D and I have already worked out that ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. The PCT wont even pay for a pump for a 12 year old, I am so angry.

  33. Fine, make it expensive and make huge profits, just get it into the market. Even if it costs tens of thousands of US dollars for complete treatment, people affected will manage. And even if they won’t, that’d be hope right there.

  34. I like reading through an article that can make people think.

    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  35. Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone!
    Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to
    all your posts! Keep up the great work!

  36. The Canadian cure used stem cells from the pig lining of the stomach. It did not require any cadavers only live type 1 diabetes patients it was over 10 years ago and had only 3 announcement is America, 1 in the American TV and I at a Washington Dr’s seminar. The American politicos blackballed it because it was not made in America and they could not make enough money off of it. They prefer to manage disease. It worked well on those patients they were cured.

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