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Missed Birth Control Pill Recommendations

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Missed Birth Control Pill Recommendations

Although contraceptives like all drugs come with instructions on administration and what to do in case you miss to take a pill, sometimes they are difficult to understand and apply. Thus, the new recommendations come with a host of information much simpler and easier to understand.

Hormonal contraception, especially that uses birth control pills, is perhaps the most common method of contraception chosen by women. Unfortunately these birth control pills must be taken daily (except during the break) at fixed intervals therefore one in five women forget to take a pill every month, according to statistics.

The Pill

The Pill

So, what can be done if you missed to take the birth control pill on time? First of all methods you can use depend strongly on the type of the pill you are taking. Birth control pills may be progestin based (or microprogestative – contain only progesterone) or oestroprogestative (containing progesterone and estrogen).

If you miss a birth control pill or start the pill box a day late 

  • Take the missed birth control pill now!
  • Continue to take the remaining borth control pills normally
  • There is no need for additional emergency contraception (in case of intercourse)
  • If you check again and you notice other missed pills in the same box or from a previous box, consult your gynecologist regarding the emergency contraception method.

If you miss two or more birth control pills or start the blister pack with two or more days late:

  • Take the missed birth control pill now!
  • Continue to take the remaining pills normally
  • Dispose the rest of the forgotten pills
  • Use an extra contraception method for 7 days in case of intercourse (condom)
  • If you had unprotected intercourse in the last 7 days you may need emergency contraception. In this case, consult your gynecologist!

How do I take my pills depending on how many pills are were left in the pack, after i missed a birth control pill?

  • If there areseven or more pills remaining in the pack, continue normal administration and take a 7-day break. If the blister also contains placebo pills take them, then start a new pack.
  • If there are less than seven pills left, continue the administration and start a new pack without taking a 7 day break. If the blister contains placebo pills, they should not be used, and a new pack of birth control pills should be started.