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Nano-Enabled Intranasal Formulation Of Teriparatide Announced

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Nano-Enabled Intranasal Formulation Of Teriparatide Announced

The University of Nottingham and Critical Pharmaceuticals announced a partnership for developing a nasal spray based on teriparatide for treating osteoporosis using nanotechnology. Osteoporosis is a bone disorder that leads to an increased risk of fracture and is considered an important worldwide health issue as it affects over 75 million people in Europe, US and Japan each year. It is said that one in two Caucasian women suffer from a fractured bone due to osteoporosis in her lifetime.

Osteoporosis is a disease that has no specific symptoms, it is actually an asymptomatic disease. People become aware of this disorder only  after they fracture a bone. Low bone density leads to debilitating acute and chronic pain in elderly people, affecting the vertebral column, the rib, hips and wrists. Risk factors for osteoporosis are the female gender, menopause, family history of osteoporosis, a diet low in calcium, lack of exercise, low circulating levels of estrogens. The treatment includes on the one side antiresorptive agents, and on the other side, bone anabolic agents. Antiresorptive agents, such as hormone replacement therapy, biphosphates, selective estrogen receptor modulators calcitonin, reduce bone resorption, while bone anabolic agents, teriparatide, calcium salts, stimulates new bone formation.

Teriparatide acts as the parathyroid hormone and stimulates osteoblats and therefore increases bone density. It is actually the main drug that determines new bone formation. It’s main inconvenience is that it needs to be injected every day. New findings in nanotechnology enabled scientist to start designing a nasal spray formulation of teriparatide.

Nasal Sprays

Nasal Sprays

CEO, Dr. Gareth King expressed his excitement about working with internationally recognized scientists at the University of Nottingham. He added that this new formulation of teriparatide is very useful for older people suffering from osteoporosis as it is easier to administer.

Some of the members of the interdisciplinary research team include Dr. Richard Pearson (Division of Orthopaedic & Accident Surgery), Professor Alan Perkins (Division of Radiological and Imaging Sciences) and Professor Tahir Masud (Geriatric Medicine). The project will be supported by the Technology Strategy Board and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) with grant funding as part of investment in nano scale technology.

The University of Nottingham is well-known worldwide for its proficiency in the filed of bone disorders research, geriatric care, osteoporosis and medical imaging.