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Ways To Prevent Heartburn During The Winter Holidays

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Ways To Prevent Heartburn During The Winter Holidays

During winter holidays, cramps, bloating and heartburn are the main health problems a person usually experiences due to excessive food consumption. Holidays usually turn into a prolonged feast, with various types of food, salads, steaks, cookies and so on. Winter holiday menus are usually composed of the main foods that cause heartburn. Here are some tips that will help you prevent these type of problems, so you can enjoy the winter holidays peacefully.

Enjoy your food but do not be greedy. The quantity of food you serve at a meal is very important. Do not fill your plate to the brim , place small portions of each dish and serve them with moderate sips and without any haste, so you can avoid nausea that usually occurs after a greedy and excessive food consumption. This way you can really enjoy the taste of each dish.

Avoid copious meals. It does not only matter how much you eat but also what you eat. Surely you know, or suspect that foods high in fat are an enemy of the body, but do not forget that sugar fits into this category too. If you have to choose between mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes would be the best choice as it can help calm the heartburn. According to studies, foods that have high amounts of sugar in their composition, are a more important issue than complex carbohydrates.

Copious Meal

Copious Meal

Pay  attention to desert! One of biggest diet enemies during holidays is desert. Chocolate cakes, cakes with plenty of cream, candy,  are usually responsible for heartburn.

Start dinner with appetizers. Before the main meal, appetizers are ideal in order to prevent heartburn. Opt for shrimp, salmon and other foods rich in protein and low in fat. Vegetable salads are also a good choice, but pay attention to the amount of dressing or mayonnaise sauce.

Opt for substitutes. Nobody expects to “jump” over dessert at Christmas dinner, but opt ??for the best dessert: instead of a chocolate cake, choose a fruit salad. Thus, you prevent heartburn and excess calories.

Do not rush yourself. If you eat in a hurry and return to previous activities, you will have the unpleasant surprise of feeling bloated and lacking energy. Schedule your work and give enough time so you can quietly enjoy your meals. Studies show that heartburn is more common when meals are served quickly.

Exercise! After a big meal, everyone is tempted to stretch and relax in front of the TV. But this attitude is wrong because for proper digestion, exercise is needed so go for a short walk outdoors or relax with some simple exercises. No matter how tired you feel it is better to stand  that lie in your bed because gravity prevents the gastroesophageal reflux.

Rest on your left side. In case you feel tired after a meal and it is absolutely required to rest,  lie on your left side. This advice is based on the anatomy of the esophagus, which relate to the stomach on the right side.

Drink a glass, but do not exaggerate. A glass of wine or champagne will not affect the stomach, but finishing the bottle will make a difference. As alcohol consumption increases, the esophagus sphincter relaxes causing reflux.

Prepare for a possible heartburn. Make sure you have at hand the necessary medication in case of heartburn.