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New Treatment Shows Promise For Acne Scars

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New Treatment Shows Promise For Acne Scars

A new treatment, with good results , AZFICEL-T technique ( first used to treat wrinkles),  was used in a study conducted by Dr Munavalli G, for moderate to severe depressed acne scars. AZFICEL-T technique is using doner's own fibroblast cells ( that produce collagen I and II) extracted from a small portion of skin and afterwords multiplied and injected in the skin lesions (scars). Some adverse reactions were present like erythema ( 11,1 % of cases), swelling( 10,1 % cases), irritation, rash, bruising, pain, headaches but not severe enough to abandon trials

Dr. Munavalli G. said “This is an off-label use of AZFICEL-T. It can provide a very viable alternative to more invasive, risky methods, such as fractional ablative or traditional ablative laser resurfacing, for the improvement of acne scarring with potentially long-lasting results. Further studies are being considered for a larger-scale trial to obtain a formal US Food and Drug Administration indication for the treatment of acne scarring” .

Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne is the most frequent skin problem,  being a result of hypersecretion of sebaceous glands, worsened sometimes by bacterial infection and inflammation and causing different skin lesions like pimples ( small  protrusions appeared on the skin, which sometimes contain pus), blackheads (small formations, black, arising from the accumulation of a mixture of seborrhea and dead cells that block pores) , whiteheads (small white formations arising resulting the blocking of pores)  or cysts (deeper lesions).

The most exposed areas of skin are those areas are the face, chest, shoulders and back. Acne can also be found on the arms or thighs, but cases are extremely rare.

It affects mostly teens, due to constant changes in the hormonal balance during puberty, but it can be seen in all ages as well. Other factors worsening acne problems are malnutrition (eating too much chocolate, snacks, fast-foods), heredity, sweating, the use of cosmetic products that can irritate pores, etc. Acne not only causes physical discomfort, but can have a major emotional and social impact on life.

The emotional impact can be greater, especially in adolescents and can cause embarrassment,  mood swings, depression, self-isolation or low popularity. Girls and boys are equally affected by acne, but males tend to presend more severe forms. A long-term problem is scar healing, that can affect that can affect a person’s entire life.

So this new treatment gives new hopes to people affected by severe acne scars and can improve both appearance and self-esteem.