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Nose Fracture First Aid And Treatment

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Nose Fracture First Aid And Treatment

By performing the following maneuvers you can relieve the intensity of the painful symptoms in case of a nasal fracture (also known as broken nose).

First aid and home measures

  • Apply ice packs using any kind of material you can find wrapped around the ice, every 15 minutes, then remove the icepack. This process can be repeated several times during the whole day. Ice packs will be applied shortly after the injury occurs and maintained one up to two days after the incident, to reduce swelling and pain. It is recommended taking a break between applications. It is very important to know that you should not apply ice directly on your skin.
Ice bags

Ice bags

  • Acetaminophen or ibuprofen administration is the next step. These drugs should be administered only in case of pain (all types of drugs can have side effects, do not abuse them).
  • Administration of a nasal decongestant like Afrin for facilitating nasal breathing. Remember to read the side effects of these kind of drugs and the way of administration before using them.These type of drugs should not be taken more than three days.
  • Lift the head, especially during sleep, to avoid swelling of the nose. The head is fastened to the pillow or telephone books will be placed under the mattress so that the head is kept lifted during sleep.

Medical treatment

Nose fracture treatment

Nose fracture treatment

  • In case of a mild nose injury without dislocation (the bone is not bent), the doctor will only prescribe analgesics, nasal decongestants and ice packs.
  • In case of fracture with dislocation, the doctor may try reducing the fracture (bone alignment).
    The doctor may use analgesics, local anesthesia and nasal instruments. Please note that not all fractures require immediate reduction. Not all fractures can be reduced in the emergency department.Your doctor will recommend the best treatment.
  • If the bleeding does not stop, nasal tampons are required. A tampon will be inserted in the bleeding nasal fossa, which should finally stop the bleeding and will be removed within 2-3 days. Do not remove the tampon yourself, go to the physician!
    Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers after buffer insertion. In case of other associated injuries, other diagnostic tests will be performed and proper treatment will be established.