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Nutrition And Hepatitis C

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Nutrition And Hepatitis C

Take your time to eat properly, slowly and chew your food well. For many reasons these exercises may make you feel better. They can increase your appetite and also it is not required to repeat them constantly. If you feel tired then rest. If you exaggerate with alcohol and drugs, they can affect your food habits, which could have a negative impact on your health.

How to eat healthy

Having a healthy diet involves choosing a variety of nutritious foods. If you include foods in such a manner that your menu is created  keeping in mind balance, you will ensure enaugh energy the body need fors growth and recovery. To ensure your daily dose of vitamins and minerals you should consume foods from all groups, alternating them daily. Here are some examples: vegetables cooked by steaming, vegetable juice, whole grains, vegetables, soups, fish, chicken, organic turkey. It is essential to hydrate your body, you achieve this by drinking water or lemonade.
Eat fresh fruits during their season. Depending on the season and climate, add to the menu every day, about three fruits.

Hepatitis Diet

Hepatitis Diet

As you probably know, besides a healthy diet and you should take supplements. Antioxidants are highly recommended. Antioxidants are found in milk or supplements based on vitamin E (400-800IU/pe day), C (1-3 grams per day), grape seed extract (150-200 mg / day). Be sure to include to your menu enough essential fatty acids, (you can find them in fatty ocean fish). Other vitamins that are beneficial for liver health are part of the B vitamins complex.

Dairy products are an excellent source of nutrients beneficial to health. It may be the rather difficult to ensure your body’s calcium needs if you exclude milk-based products from your diet. Some dairy products contain high quantities of saturated fat. If you want to reduce the amount of saturated fat from your diet (fat from animals) then opt for low-fat dairy products or soy milk with calcium.

Foods that you should avoid

It is best to avoid alcohol, spicy foods (chili, onions) that could upset your stomach. You can use garlic in food but with moderation. Ginger is considered the best flavor and this is due to the protective effect that it has on the liver. Avoid the bad habit of taking drugs without medical approval, especially aspirin, as they act as toxins and the liver will suffer. Also on the list of drugs that you should avoid antibiotics and anti inflammatory drugs are also present.