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Power of Meditation

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Bringing peace of mind in our lives is not a difficult task or something to worry about. It's just like cleaning up the mess you have created in your room. Similarly, for the inner peace, you just need to throw away all negativities of life, all worry and stress by meditation. You just need to feel alive. All the ill thoughts regarding anyone, a friend or foe are a challenging hazard to attain the inner peace or peace of mind.

Some people often think that inner peace or meditation is a state of passivity and it makes your life slow and dull. On the contrary, meditation makes you active, more conscious, alive and happy. It is a state where the strength of mind helps you live your life fully.

The Power of Meditation

Through meditation, the picture or processes going on inside our brain becomes clear. The thoughts, ideas, perceptions we inherit personifies us. With meditation, one can filter out the things; one really needs from the unwanted junk. Here are few other effects of meditation on our body and soul:

  • Create a newer you- With the help of meditation, it has become easier to transform your personality and turn yourself into a better human being. Meditation has the power to make you realize your good and bad. So, polishing good and eliminating bad can help you to create a newer you, or a better you.


  • Better focus- Meditation is a practice in order to focus our attention and being aware of when it diverts or is distracted. It actually improves the focus when we're not meditating, as well. It has ever lasting outcomes that help us all over in chores of life. Focused attention is like a muscle, which needs to be strengthened with regular exercises.


  •  Less anxiety- When a person feels or experience pain, rather than knowing about the fact that there is something wrong with the functioning of body, people focus on the rising and dropping pain. Meditation helps. So with meditation, people heal themselves knowing what makes them stressed.
  • More creativity- It has been seen that people who meditate performed better on a task that asked them to come up with new ideas. So, it makes a person more creative.


  • More compassion- People who meditate are more considerate and sympathetic. They are calm, composed and kind that the ones who don't. They have a lot more tolerance power along with the sympathy for suffering or misfortune of others.


  • Better memory- People who mediate are able to screens out distractions and increase their productivity more quickly than those that did not meditate. This ability to ignore distractions explains their ability to rapidly remember and integrate new facts. This seems to be very similar to the power of being out in the open to new situations that will also noticeably improve our memory of things.
  • Less stress- The practice of meditation has shown that it help people to perform even under pressure or while feeling less stressed. Moreover, meditation reduces stress, making them inspired and encouraged.


  • Self-actualization “ People must be the ones who they can be. With the help of meditation, one can realize the purpose of life. It gives you the positive attitude where you think of success without a doubt. It helps you define your goals and encourages you to work for them. It enhances and empowers the hard work.



Meditation is the magical word that can provide you the whole wealth of benefits from improved health to stress reduction. In order to harness the power of meditation, it's only the practice you need to do regularly. With meditation, a person realizes the purpose of life.  The perspective of a person changes and the positivity surround him, making his life better and beautiful.