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Inner Peace

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Inner Peace

Life is full of various moments, ups and downs, highs and lows that we consider as an amazing and much needed part of human life.  The cheerful moments may be in the forms of celebrations like weddings, birthdays, promotions or any moment that brings smile on your face. These wonderful moments bring celebrations, and we feel ourselves on cloud nine with happiness all around. But, there are always two sides of everything that happen. Life also makes us suffer the hard and terrible moments which include having a serious disease, losing a job or anxiety, depression or any terrible incident. Facing such terrible moments in life are no less than a challenge for humans.

When, we start putting the spotlight of our life events just on these terrible incidents, the negative vibe of worry, anxiety and ultimately stress always surrounds us, disturbing the peace of mind.  Peace of mind is the state of being calm and composed, mentally and emotionally, in every circumstance, whether it is stress or worry. This inner peace brings happiness and joys in life.

Bringing peace of mind in our lives is not a difficult task or something to worry about. It's just like cleaning up the mess you have created in your room. Similarly, for the inner peace, you just need to throw away all negativities of life, all worry and stress. You just need to feel alive. All the ill thoughts regarding anyone, a friend or foe are a challenging hazard to attain the inner peace or peace of mind.



Some people often think that inner peace is a state of passivity and it makes your life slow and dull. On the contrary, inner peace makes you active, more conscious, alive and happy. It is a state where the strength of mind helps you live your life fully.

Human mind is just like your life, full of stuff, which might be useful or useless. There might be some positive things like books of the room or there might be many negativities similar to the junk or extra, unwanted papers lying in the room. As it is your room, so you have become used to all good and bad things and you have adjusted in it rather than cleaning it up.

Everyone prefers a peaceful mind in front of the restless and stressed mind. Worries were never a favourite emotion of human behaviour. There are many benefits and life-long positive results of keeping mind peaceful and removing all the junk and spam from the brains:


  • Peace of mind leads to a better health, mentally and physically.
  • It makes you more efficient in daily chores.
  • The decision making power becomes more effective and positive.
  • It leads to strong memory, and ability to grasp things faster.
  • It helps human to handle different situations in a better way.
  • It makes you calm and composed.


The peace of mind is not a magic spell, or can't be achieved overnight. It is a gradual process, where you learn with time and practice. It is nothing more than changing the perspective of what you think and how you think. Restraining your mind from negative vibes, and indulging it in better things of life, help you attain the state, where your mind is calm, under your control, just useful and nothing useless.


Instead of waiting for a miracle in your stressed life, one just need to do is to clean up the junk from your mind, place and set things properly, and remove its garbage. This is the only way towards the ultimate and most powerful aspect of life, i.e. inner peace.