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Positive Thinking

You are the creator and destroyer of your own destiny, the often used quote tends to be true with everyone's life. It depends on human tendency, to either take good or bad decisions for their life. A single wrong step can lead you thousands miles away from the destination one dreams of. So, it's our thinking process or the attitude that leads us to many situations. Positive Thinking is not just a good to hear, creamy term, but it possesses in itself very broader consequences and experiences. Each minute, the human brain undergoes several thought processes. But, focusing on the brighter and better side of those thoughts leads to positive thinking, which in realistic world always has greater positive results.

Positive Thinking works and helps person in his daily life chores. It comes up with a feeling of happiness, joy, love, contentment, pleasure and gratification. Taking an example of a student life, where positive thinking is the prior cause of failure and success. Supposedly, two students of same grade are appearing for the exam. One student, who doesn't thinks positively, has all those negativity before exam that the other students would definitely perform better than him. So, with such thoughts, he is unable to study for the exam. Secondly, in anxiety or some depressing situation, he wakes up late on the exam day, so rushes for exam. In such hassle, he didn't even have his breakfast. During the exam time, again surrounded by negative and pessimistic thoughts, he couldn't attempt his exam well.
Second student, preparing for the same exam approached and reacted to the situation in different way. He was sure that he would pass his exam with good marks. So, he prepared it well and visualized himself achieving his goals. On the exam day he wakes up on time and had his breakfast. In exam hall, he attempted the whole exam with a positive energy.

Finally, the first student failed but the latter scored a high rank in same exam. So, the success and failure of the person depends on his attitude towards the situation in that particular time. Positive thinking is not a miracle which would always make you get the best thing of this world, but definitely it's the only thing which won't lead you to compromise with the persisting situations. With positive thinking, you explore and effort to make things better and beautiful for yourself.

Positive thinking is an art and way of life. Instead of worrying over things, it compels you to change the situation in favorable ways. It helps you to bring a broader smile on your face, with an attitude where you believe in yourself and compels you to give a try even in situations which seem to be awkward or strange. With a positive attitude, a person gains a quality to cope with problems and hazards of life, more easily and calmly. Instead of starting to panic in such situations, they become quite resilient, and attain great ability to cope with adverse situations. Next, positive thinking definitely does good to your health and state of mind, increases the immunity because less stress and more smiles often increase the person's lifespan. The effects and impacts of positive thinking are not just limited to the good feeling of the moment you think you are optimistic, but it helps to develop skills which one possesses for lifetime.

So, positive thinking helps you see the wider possibilities in life, bringing joy and happiness. But, the excess of everything is worse, the over confidence often leads to disappointments. Stop worrying and just be happy, bring the beautiful smile on your face in every situation and believe in yourself. Rest is the work of brain, or you might say luck or destiny!