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Best mood lifting foods

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Sweet milk and bread is not just a childhood treat that was to be enjoyed while were kids, it was a comforting ritual that every child could indulge in to escape from the bully kid at school, from the horrifying math teacher, or from gym class.

Everyone wants the right food for the right mood, but what if someone was to say, that there is a food to make everything right by your mood?

From moody moron to a hearty horse, that too without eating any gummy bears and later seeing yourself buried under the guilt of consuming too much sugar.


Fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, wine, nuts, dark chocolate, you name it, and it's on the list of foods to uplift your mood.

Ingredients that you once overlooked as one of the many grocery items you randomly picked at the store can pack a real punch to catapult your mood up to the roof.

Going bananas over bananas would be the first and the easiest step to a better mood. Experts say that bananas increase dopamine and serotonin production in the body which help in having a positive outlook and increasing concentration.

Dark chocolate, yes, you read it right. Keeping more focus on the word dark. Dark chocolates with more than 85% cocoa can pull out an elephant from its mourning. Antioxidants and flavonoids packed in a chocolate bar provide phenolic phytochemicals that give positive health benefits.

Green tea, a little bitter to taste, but will certainly sweeten up your mood. It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, also keeps you hydrated and alert.

Almonds, considerably small in size but unusually big in the role they play in giving the body high fibre and impeccable brain health.

High protein foods, all you meat lovers out there, it's time to pack your lunch boxes with your favourite turkey sandwiches, salmon rolls and pork chops, (in decent quantities of course). Pack it for iron, dopamine, potassium, norepine frine, they help you in concentration and keeps the brain healthy.

Avocados, yes, exercise is not the only way to improve your endorphin levels. Avocados can give you all the endorphin and dopamine to keep you running all day without any lethargy or pain. The best part, such high levels of these chemicals in your system keep you happy as a penguin.

Olives, not just in your wine or martini but also in your food. That's right, olive oil contains high quantity of omega 3 fatty acids that decrease bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol, thus keeping your heart at minimum failure risk and your mood at maximum flight risk. So include this magic oil in your diet to slip right into bliss and get the best of Best mood lifting foods.

Probiotics in yogurts, cereals, cottage cheese are some tasty ways to get those bacteria bad boys in your gut, right where they belong.  These healthy bacteria not only help in digestion but also keep serotonin levels in check imbalance in which can cause sleeplessness, depression, etc.

Complex carbohydrates can really be life savers. They release insulin into the bloodstream, trigger chemicals in the brain which are important to form serotonin. It is an important regulating chemical in the nervous system, which can impact your sense of calm, appetite, and sleep patterns.

Water, is definitely not the drink of the gods, but it certainly has the power to make you feel like one. Apt amount of water, around 3 litres a day is enough to bring your drowning mood out on a mountain run.

Summing it up, manmade food is not good for the man's mood. Be natural, be healthy and be happy.