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Common Cardio Workout Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Cardio Workout

Common Cardio Workout Mistakes And How To Fix Them

We know that cardio is essential to any workout program. It has many advantages and many time, is all we need to improve our health. But as with any exercise, cardio workout have a certain form and not following it will not only yield not results but can cause problems. Whenever we go in to any gym, we mostly see the same kind of cardio workout equipment and we often use them without knowing the proper way to maximize its effect. Without such knowledge, we are bound to make mistakes and that will derail the purpose of using such machines. Here are the most common cardio equipment in a gym, the common mistakes people do when using them and how to fix them.

Elliptical Trainer

People like using elliptical trainers because it does not put stress on the knees and has variable settings for speed, incline and resistance. Most also has the capability to work not just the lower but upper body as well. But too often, people set the resistance too low and eventually, the speed will be such that momentum is the one that is taking over and doing all the work. The user ends up just cruising with the elliptical movements and think that they are getting stronger because they are hardly putting an effort on every step but since they are not exerting any effort, they are not doing any work thus minimal to no result.

To fix this, the user simply needs to gradually set the resistance level higher to adjust with their body's improving resistance and eliminate the possibility of momentum taking over. Make sure that you exert an effort on every step. The point of cardio exercises in continuous exertion so make sure that you have a sustainable speed that requires you to push on every step and stride.

Stationary Bike

This equipment looks really familiar that we all assume that we know how to use it properly but too often, I see people using it improperly and wonder why they are not making any progress. Many set the resistance too low that it has the same effect as the one mentioned in elliptical trainers. Also, people often do not adjust the seat and if it does not match your own stride, the seat setting will either fatigue your knees and legs quickly (when the seat is too low) or your hips moves side to side (seat is too high) which is not really an efficient way to use the bike.

With the stationary bike, it is easy to get the proper workout by adjusting the seat height to suit your own stride and make sure that the resistance is in such a way that you will also exert effort, but not too much, in every stride.


This machine is the most well-known and most used cardio equipment in a gym. It mimics the motion that you get when you are jogging but even here, people make a lot of mistakes when it comes to posture. The head often bobs up and down because of too much bounce in the steps. This can be minimized by just taking normal length stride. Also, do not lean forward because that throws off your center of gravity and balance. One of the biggest mistakes that people make on the treadmill is that they take too much long flat runs. The key to cardio is variation so mix it up a bit by adding some incline or interval training in your treadmill routine. This should make your otherwise boring cardio into something that you can challenge yourself with.


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