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Best foods for gut problems

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The less often boozy night is not probably to give you anything more than a short lived stomach upset. Consequently, trouble might be exacerbated when you overindulge too often. The best foods for gut problems include the following:

A variety of fibre

You should endeavor to eat more fibre or roughage as diet rich in fibre can assist in digestion while preventing constipation. People require a variety of fibre such as whole meal bread, brown rice, beans, oats, fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy bowel. However, if you find that cereals and grains bring on bloating and irritable bowel syndrome in you, you ought to instead get your fibre from fruits and vegetables.

Drink plenty of fluids

Drinking of fluids especially water encourages the passage of waste through the digestive system and assists in softening stools. In addition, consumption of fibre acts like a sponge by absorbing water so, without the fluid, fibre can never perform its intended function leading to constipation. To ensure you are getting sufficient fluids in the body, you should make a habit of drinking a glass of water with each meal. Nonetheless, steer clear of caffeinated drinks since they are more likely to cause heartburn.

Cut down on fat

You should avoid too much consumption of fatty foods if you don't want gut problems as foods like burgers and fried foods are difficult to digest thus, often lead to stomach pain and heartburn. Therefore, cut down on fried foods, greasy foods to relieve your stomach of workload. Comparatively, eat more lean meat and fish and drink plenty of skimmed milk.

Reduce the amount of spice in foods

Many people today love spicy foods but do not mind their digestive system. It is not only scorching hot foods such as chillies that cause heartburn, milder yet palatable foods such as garlic and onion can bring it on too. It is therefore prudent to reduce the amount of spice in foods you eat. If you find out that spicy foods cause you heartburn, diarrhea or stomach pain, you need to begin avoiding them; you should avoid them completely if you find out that you already have a heartburn or irritable bowel.

Beware of gut triggers

Many people find that certain foods cause them problems. Foods rich in acids such as citrus fruits, tomatoes, fizzy drinks and salad dressings may cause heartburns to individuals; irritable bowel syndrome may be triggered by wheat and onions, and in case you cannot digest lactose, you are more likely to develop wind and diarrhea immediately after eating dairy products like cheese, yoghurt, chocolate and cream; including milk itself. Therefore, you should stay away from drinks and foods that may exacerbate digestive symptoms by keeping a food diary.

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Choose the right drinks

Some drinks enhance acid in the stomach causing heartburn in many people. Such drinks include coffee, tea and some fizzy drinks which bloat the tummy, causing heartburn to people. For you to reduce digestive problems, you should choose drinks that are not fizzy and less caffeinated such as milk, plain water and herbal teas. Further, if you are unable to do without coffee or builder's tea, you should reduce the amount of cups you take in a day.

Try tummy friendly yoghurt

You should take probiotics in the form of supplements available in health food shops or as live yoghurt to assist you prevent irritable bowel syndrome and traveller's diarrhea. In addition, Probiotics are the friendly bacteria that occur naturally in the gut to help in digestive health of individuals. One therefore ought to take probiotics regularly.