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Worst 5 fad diets

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Every day, we see a new fad diet commercial that promises us to end all our worries and make us slim and smart. These fad diets are said to give great results overnight and are known to help people lose tons of calories.

Yes! These fad diets DO help people, but the long-term results are neither healthy nor effective. These fad diets neither focus on the human body nor on what is healthy or beneficial for it, rather they focus on the ways through which they can offer quick fixes. And obviously! These quick fixes are unlikely to be maintainable in the long run.

So, which of these fad diets are worse among all the fad diets out there? Read on and find out more!

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The Acid Alkaline Diet:

The Acid Alkaline Diet supports the theory that if a person avoids acidic foods, the body will become more alkaline and thus, this would increase the weight loss. This idea is completely absurd because there is no scientific evidence that supports this idea. Furth

 fad diets

fad diets

Furthermore, studies suggest that the body is capable of regulating its own alkaline and acid balance. This means, that it doesn't matter what you eat or drink, the body will take care of the acid “ alkaline balance on its own.

Breatharian Diet:

I have NO idea how people can actually call this thing a diet. Breatharian diet suggests that people don't need food to eat or water to drink, they can easily survive on air and sunshine.

In other words, the followers of Breatharian diet actually go on a hunger strike. Of course, you will lose plenty of calories this way since your body would not be consuming anything, but there are chances of dehydration, malnutrition and in some severe cases even death.

The cabbage soup diet:

In this diet, the followers are only allowed to eat cabbage soup. You can imagine what this diet would do to you. This diet barely provides enough energy to carry out every day's chores. Not only that, since this diet eliminates a large number of food groups, therefore, this diet puts the essential nutrient intake at risk.

And that is not it, there are chances that people who follow this diet will experience symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, dehydration and gas.

 fad diets

fad diets

The blood group diet

This may sound intellectual but it is actually an illogical means of losing weight. It involves identifying your perfect diet using your blood group. For example, people with type A blood are supposed to be vegetarian, balanced omnivore for type B, high protein for type O or a combination of all groups for type AB. There is no evidence which proves that your blood type plays a role in how much you lose weight.

The lemon detox diet:

This is a very popular diet and there is a huge number of people who follow this diet yet dieticians have rated this diet as the worst fad diet for two years consecutively. So, what this fad diet is all about? This fad diet suggests that the person should not eat ANYTHING for ten to fourteen days and exist purely on lemon flavored drinks. This way this diet eliminates all other food groups and thus the person can develop nutrient deficiencies. Not only that, this diet provides the person with minimum amount of energy that is not sufficient to carry out their daily tasks.

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If you follow this diet regularly, then there are chances that you would lose a huge number of calories. However, as soon as you would fall back to your normal eating habits, you would gain weight fairly quickly.



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