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Is a fat-free diet really a good idea?

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fat-free dietMany of us believe that eating a fat-free diet would make us look skinny and smart and also healthy and fit. The common notion is that people look chubby and overweight because they consume extra calories. Those extra calories then take the shape of fats and reside in our body making us look heavy and plump. So, people think that they should not only avoid that extra fat, but also try to avoid fatty food items too.

While this notion is true to some point, but this doesn't mean that we should avoid eating fats entirely. Read on and you'll find whether eating an entirely fat-free diet would be the wisest decision of your life or not!

Fats and Their Importance

Instead of focusing on the negative effects of a fat free diet, let's tell you about the importance of fats, so you can know what perks of life you're missing!

Fats, together with protein and carbohydrates, is an important source of energy. You can think of fats as a reserve that your body uses when it has utilized all of its energy. Nobody can deny the fact that a human body needs Omega 6 or Omega 3, linolenic acid and other fatty acids in order to carry out their daily chores. If you're not consuming fats, you're in fact going down the road to becoming weak, instead of becoming healthy. And that's not it, here are some of the essential functions that fats carry out:

Fats keep our cell walls strong and healthy

Fats make sure that our hormones are functioning properly, especially for women

Fats keep us warm, especially at the time of winters. As the fats break down, they release heat and that is why the human body feels warmth. Eskimos are said to consume 60% of their calories from fats. And NO! They don't have heart diseases.

Fats help in absorbing and storing fat soluble vitamins, especially vitamin D. These fat soluble vitamins are very important because they absorb calcium from the intestines. That is why, women who don't consume enough fatty acids, end up with low amount of Vitamin D that further results in bone thinning.

Fat Free Diet and Weight Loss

For those people who think that cutting fats down would help them lose weight are in for a big surprise! Fat free diet does exactly the opposite. You don't believe us? We have some compelling evidence that would make you believe us.

When we eat food that has a fat component in it, we get a feeling of having eaten enough. This is the feeling that stops us from eating more. Now, imagine what would happen if you don't include fats in your diet? You would keep on eating more and more to the point that you would be truly stuffed. In this way, you would consume A LOT MORE calories than what is required by your body. So, all your efforts of losing weight would simply go down the drain.

Some examples of foods rich in good fats that curb your cravings and stabilize your blood sugar levels include, fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, fish oils, olive oil, flaxseed oil, canola oil, avocado, eggs and nuts and seeds.

Always remember, that eliminating one major food group will only lead to short-term weight loss. Eventually, you will gain the weight back because your diet was not sustainable enough. If you want to make your diet a lifestyle choice, have healthy portions of all food groups, whether they are carbs or fats because consumption of all types of foods prevent cravings for food that may be more harmful than the healthier counterpart.