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How to get your body back after pregnancy

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body back after pregnancy

Now that all of your baby books have been read, you might be wondering how you are going to get your body back into shape after the baby. For many new moms, the idea of being stuck at their post pregnancy weight is just too much to bear. This normally happen between the day that your child has been born and your six-week checkup. But how do you get your body back when you are just getting to the point that you are sleeping at night?

Watch What You Eat

For many women, pregnancy normally brought restrictions to what they were able to eat and drink. With the baby out of their bodies, they are free to eat and drink. Instead of reverting back to an unhealthy diet, remain on the healthy one. If you avoid the calories and fat, you can actually lose weight without really having to try. Eating fruits and vegetables as your snacks will also help you stay up with the baby.

Get more Sleep

You probably don't need an excuse to convince yourself to sleep. It is very common for women to eat more sugary foods to stay awake. If your body is constantly running on sugar, it will actually cause your body to gain weight. This happens because of the huge decrease in your metabolism due to the baby. We all know that the metabolism slows so that enough nutrients get to the baby. Taking naps has been shown to help your body lose those extra pounds by allowing the body to reset the metabolism.

Get with Your Friends Who Have Kids

Social support is key to helping your remain on your exercise schedule. You will want to tone all those areas that the baby has pushed out-of-place. Getting a stroller or a baby seat for your bike are great ways to exercise with your baby in tow. Meeting up with your friends on a daily basis will help you lose the extra weight and allowing you to recharge your social batteries as well.

Give Your Body Enough Time to Heal

Your body has just pulled off a feat that has left it tired and out of shape. You need to let yourself heal before you start any exercise plan. Many women will wait until their six-week checkup to start working out. It is important not to feel pressured by your friends or family. You will know when the right time is for you.

Take a Break from the Media

The media loves to show celebrities that have gone on restrictive diets just to lose the weight fast. They do this so women who have just given birth feel fat and insecure. Your body has just ran an enormous marathon so it is important to give it time to rest. You will lose the weight in your own time so don't fall into the trap of thinking that you won't. Just be patient and enjoy you're the new addition to your family.