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Can An Electronic Cigarette Harm Your Health?

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Electronic Cigratte

Electronic Cigarette vs Traditional Cigarettes and Cigars

Before the 1960s, cigarettes and cigars were so popular than even movie stars were seen with a cigarette dangling from their mouths on-screen. People used to think that smoking cigarettes made them popular and may have various health benefits, as the nicotine in them gives them a certain energy boost. However, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that experts warned the public that smoking cigarettes can bring about lung cancer and other health hazards. In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert began to invent a cigarette which contains no smoke and which was battery-operated. This battery-operated cigarette began to improve in design of the next few years and came to be known as an electronic cigarette.

An electronic cigarette now appears as a steel or plastic cylindrical thing that generates nicotine without the other harmful components of tobacco smoke. It contains a battery and an atomizer that turns liquid into vapour. It also contains flavouring and nicotine in some cases. Electronic cigarettes were created to get away from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke found in cigars and cigarettes.

However, electronic cigarettes have encountered much debate nowadays. Some experts think that smoking an electronic cigarette could still bring about nicotine addiction and would not discourage a person from smoking. They are also concerned because some of these electronic cigarettes were not manufactured according to good quality and consumer safety standards. However, the truth still holds true: the use of an electronic cigarette is better than the use of a conventional cigarette.

The Edge of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are certainly way better than traditional cigarettes. How is this possible? First of all, an electronic cigarette can somehow make a person stop smoking”and this has been proven by some studies. In one small clinical trial, it was found out that electronic cigarettes with nicotine are comparable to nicotine patch in terms of safety and efficacy in helping people quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes can even help smokers reduce the number of cigarettes they are smoking.

Aside from this, there are also some studies which say that electronic cigarettes can bring about lower nicotine levels in the blood as compared to nicotine patches. Thus they can help reduce cravings even in long-term smokers. Experts say that the most effective way of reducing cravings in people who are quitting smoking is nicotine replacement. Nicotine replacement serves to replace the nicotine normally delivered by smoking cigars and cigarettes so that withdrawal symptoms and cravings are reduced. Nicotine patches, gums and lozenges have been used in this regard. Why not electronic cigarettes? Besides, experts say that the most effective nicotine replacement is in the form of nicotine sprays. An electronic cigarette can easily release vapour with nicotine like the nicotine spray.

Another thing is that these nicotine replacement products may address nicotine addiction and lessen cravings but they cannot address the need for the smoking ritual itself. The electronic cigarette is the only one nicotine replacement product that can address this ritual. Through addressing this problem, we can say that electronic cigarettes can be a long “term solution for nicotine addiction and withdrawal.

Electronic cigarettes are much safer to use than cigarettes and cigars because they do not expose the user to second-hand smoke. Second hand smoke contains toxins and other chemicals that pose as carcinogens and poisons to the body. These chemicals make the body generate free radicals that further damage our cells and tissues.

Unknown to many people, there are indeed many health benefits that smoking an electronic cigarette may bring. Electronic cigarettes should be the first line of nicotine replacement product especially for long-term smokers who want to quit. For more healthy options, feel free to browse other articles on this site.

Written by Wayne Marler