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Do you have a gut feeling that you are not eating right?

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You might have heard this common idiom of ˜gut feeling' in general life instances but it has been experimented as far as the gut and food relation is concerned. The causative agents for this gut feeling in response to the food are the bacteria that are present normally in the gut are known as gut flora. The changes in the number of bacteria, types of bacteria and the typical responses of gut bacteria are the reasons to develop the so-called gut feeling for a food.

Good bacteria¦ or bad?

The presence of bacteria in the gut is very useful as they aid in the digestive process of a number of foods we take. As the bacteria affect food by causing its break down and digestion, the foods have also some effect on the gut bacteria in return. This effect varies from food to food and the location of bacteria in the gut.

Foods for the gut

There are some foods that the bacteria will be happy to have and will be thanking you by maintaining your good health and at the other end, here are some foods that may not be suitable for your gut bacteria, thus resulting in adverse effects you will not look forward to.

Foods that cause negative effects in the gut

A study in the Harvard University involving eleven people has demonstrated this microbial effect of gut on the different food ingredients. They provided two opposite diets to these volunteers after a specific period of some days.

First, these were given eggs and meat and later after some days, they were put on vegetarian fiber diet. The results were collected after both the diets and the bacteria were examined in the gut. The results were very interesting as there was a variation in the number and behavior of certain bacteria according to the type of diet provided. The meat diet caused the increased in the bilophila bacteria that grow best in the bile. This has also suggested that these bile-loving bacteria can cause gut inflammation.

Hence, in the cases of eating more and more meat can result in overgrowth of these bacterial species culminating in gut inflammatory processes. The changes in gut are thought to be resulting from expression of specific bacterial genes due to a typical food that affects the bacterial genome and directs it to modify the functions.

Hence, the bacterial behavior can be used to prevent and treat certain gastrointestinal disorders. Producing the specific type of dominant bacteria of your demand or requirement through a specific diet is a great way to change the GI tract functions and disease processes naturally. This interesting discovery is however, at a preliminary stage and more data and research is required yet reaching a point where we will be able to use the natural bacterial gut flora for the modification and treatment of gut conditions.

Before we attain further evidence, the best thing to do in order to ensure a healthy gut and a healthy body is the balance in the foods we take. As suggested eating only one food type can lead to disturbed bacterial flora and may affect the health in a bad way.

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Tips for a healthy gut

The following are some simple techniques through which you can effectively improve your gut health:

  1. Enjoy your meals and chew properly

Avoid eating on the go and make sure you look forward to your meal. Any negative feelings against your food will only inhibit your saliva and digestive enzymes from kicking in. Chew properly! Make sure you chew at least 30 times before you swallow.

  1. Don't stress

When under stress, your body ˜feels' that it doesn't have to digest food simultaneously. For a healthier gut, make sure you de-stress and chill out.

  1. Consume more fiber

Fiber makes you feel fuller for longer and aids in digestion and waste removal from the body. This is important as fiber allows the adequate removal of toxins, food waste and nasty hormones such as cholesterol from being re-absorbed from the gut. Eat plenty of veggies and fruits, whole grains and legumes to help your gut.

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