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Misconceptions about cancer

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Researchers at Houston Methodist Cancer Center have debunked some misunderstandings about the spread of cancer. There are several misconceptions related cancer such as the fact that tumor cells can migrate (and thus promote metastasis ) during a biopsy. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence that a needle biopsy may cause metastases.

Dr. Eric Bernicker, medical oncologist at Houston Methodist Cancer Center, said needle biopsy are used in lesions of the breast, thyroid and lung and helps us to diagnose cancer before it have spread. He said that a needle biopsy helps the doctor to determine whether the lesion is malignant and thus plan the best therapeutic approach. Usually surgeons can safely remove part of the tumor using a small needle. There are a few exceptions such as eye or the testicular tumors requiring additional imaging tests or removing the entire tumor. According to Bernicker, if the cancer recurs after a biopsy, the recurrence is usually determined by the biology of cancer cells. Bernicker explained that a metastasis appears because the tumor releases from local structure and gains the ability to enter the bloodstream.


Another myth that researchers are trying to combat is that massage therapy determines cancer cells to spread in the body. In fact, oncology massage does not cause an increase in blood flow more than an exercise or a normal movement. Massage therapy is done in several cancer centers because it is a way to reduce the symptoms of chemotherapy and improve the quality of life. However , Norma Reyna , massage therapist at Houston Methodist Hospital, revealed that before starting massage therapy, the patient should talk about this with his doctor to avoid bruising or soreness. One must also need to take into account several indications such as massage pressure adjustment for each patient to avoid bruising, etc. .

Regarding sugar, it should be noted that it is a substance that is contained in all foods and feeds all the cells in body. The researchers mentioned that sugar does not spread cancer. One thing worth noting is that if the diet that contains too much sugar, then surely will lead to weight gain. Instead obesity has been associated with certain cancers and therefore one should avoid excessive consumption of sugar. Natural sugars found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains are necessary for maintaining muscle and weight during cancer treatment, in addition it seems that it is helpful in the fight against cancer, according to researchers.