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Medscape – Probably The Best Android Medical App Of All Time

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Medscape – Probably The Best Android Medical App Of All Time

Medscape is one of the best Android apps used by over 2 million medical students, physicians and healthcare professionals in general. Medscape provides medical resources in countless areas being the leader of the market surpassing by far many other apps especially designed for doctors and android powered smartphones.

To understand better what Medscape app provides, we’ll go through the app features.

Medscape benefits from a large news database that can be accessed also with the app. The news and medical alerts cover 34 specialty fields being updated on a daily bases. All you have to do is make a list with your favorite areas of interest and you will receive daily updates and news. The app also provides you direct search access to the entire Medscape News database but also the MEDLINE database. It also has great social media integration, allowing you to email the articles that you like and also share them on Facebook. The great thing is that you don’t need an internet connection to use the app which is also usable offline.

Another feature of the app is to provide clinical references from the Medscape references. You can get information on drugs such as safety info and prescribing of over eight thousand drugs and brands and also herbal drugs and OTC drugs. You can make a list with the most searched drugs to get quick access to. Also the drugs contain information such as pill images or usage guidelines.

Another interesting feature is the drug interaction checker that allows you to check the interaction safety of up to 30 drugs and supplements.

You can also access information on diseases and medical procedures with over 4000 specialized medical articles by leading physicians. The articles are also supported by videos, especially the ones that teach you procedures with over 600 videos. You can get almost any type of information you want on these topics, whether it’s a treatment, a diagnose or epidemiology.

One of the newest features of Medscape app is the medical calculator. This tool allows you to check 129 medical formulas and other classifications. You can calculate dosage of over 600 drugs and many more.

Users are giving Medscape app very good reviews. A recent medical school graduate says that student says that the app became his main source of information on the go or during his rounds. Also other users says that it is a great resource for medical information that can help you save a lot of money that you would usually spend on handbooks and other resources. It seems that the app is well regard by people in the medical field.

How to use Medscape app?

After downloading the app from Google Play, the official Android market, you can enter the app. You will be asked to create a Medscape account that will give you access to their entire database of information and tools. After that you can do anything you want with the app, even if you don’t have an internet connection.

The app supports Android 2.0 and up. There have been some reported issues with users that have rooted their devices or users that have ad-blockers installed. It’s preferred that you uninstall the ad-blockers if you encounter loading problems with the app.