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Top 5 Free Medical Apps For The iPad Mini

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Top 5 Free Medical Apps For The iPad Mini

As a technology enthusiast and medical professional that spends most of his time either holding a gadget in his hand or caring for patients I have witnessed first hand the major role that nowadays the iPad has in current medical practice. If we give it a little thought we may discover that not the iPad itself transformed the way physicians access medical information but in fact, the Medical Section in the App Store.

As you well know,  last month Apple revealed the new member of the iPad family – the iPad Mini. In this article I will focus on the iPad mini mainly due to its smaller size and therefore greater portability. The compact size and beautiful display of the iPad mini will probably make it the number one choice for any physician with a full white coat pocket. If you are not sure what to buy and you are considering buying an Android powered device and you are wondering which one is better from technical point of view, the iPad Mini or Google Nexus 7, you asked a wrong question. The quality of the medical applications is the main factor that contributes to better informed physicians and therefore superior patient caring and this is why medical professionals prefer an iPad Mini rather than a Google nexus 7.



Classification methods

  • The Doctor Tipster team analyzed more than 500 medical apps that are available for free in the iTunes store. The applications that got selected were then analyzed based on their medical usability.
  • A number of 50 physicians and medical professionals were interviewed regarding their medical app choices.

What we excluded from our list

  • iPad Mini apps that are free but require purchases afterwards.
  • iPad Mini apps that were Lite versions.
  • iPad Mini apps that need a subscription for using.

Top 5 Free Medical Apps for the iPad Mini


There is no question about it, Medscape is the number one free medical app for the iPad Mini. If you don’t believe us, you can ask the 500.000 people who already downloaded Medscape using the App Store, and there is a reason for that!

The Drug reference section of the Medscape app is one of the best of its kind, and many users have reported replacing their former drug reference apps like Epocrates with Medscape.  The drug reference section can also be used to check for drug interactions, read news and continuing medical education. As a bonus,  herbal drugs are also included.

The main difference between other iPad Mini medical apps, that are just somehow improved versions of their iPhone counterparts and Medscape – it directly targets iPad users and adapts to their needs.

The availability to access the contents of Medscape without using a network is another huge plus. This feature proves very useful when physicians don’t have a 3G network or Wi-Fi connection to rely on.

2. MicroMedex

MicroMedex for the iPad Mini despite its huge usability in the current practice, it is one of the most under rated apps of its kind. And sincerely, we do not understand why. The MicroMedex app is a great aid tool for prescribing drugs, you do not have to register, the interface is fast and responsive, very well designed and user friendly. It is becoming more and more popular among pharmacists ( is it because the app is somehow overwhelming you with toxicology and clinical teaching sections? )

3. Calculate by QxMD

Whether you’re anesthesiologist or pediatrician you must agree that a powerful medical calculator is a must have on your iPad mini. Are you nephrologist? Calculate by QxMd has this covered and offers medical care providers the feature of searching calculators for each specialty!

4. Draw MD series / Cancer.net / inMotion 3D

The use of the iPad mini in clinical practice can be also considered a powerful tool that can help physician communicate with patients and make them better understand their disease. As the years have gone by, more and more medical apps that aim to help improving the communication between physicians and patients surface. The most  representative example in this case would be the Draw MD series. These applications do exactly what you read they do. They aid doctors drawing different kinds of procedures and surgical interventions. I am sure once you give it a try and install the draw MD series on your iPad Mini, you will ditch your colored pencils that always needed sharpening.

5. Radiology 2.0: One Night in the ED

When we showed this app installed on a iPad Mini to different MDs , the first reaction we got was “it must cost a  small fortune”. I always liked the look on their faces when we told them it is actually free of charge. The reason behind this first impression is the huge amount of info stuffed in this amazing app. It contains 65 Radiology clinical cases that refer to E.M. The good part is the info can be used virtually for any other specialty not just Emergency Medicine.