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Will iPhone 5 Feature A Quad-Core CPU?

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Will iPhone 5 Feature A Quad-Core CPU?

iPhone 5 has been lately probably the Holy Grail of rumors and more and more surface each day. The surprising fact is that there is no   rumor yet that explains or details what kind of CPU Apple will use for the iPhone 5 manufacturing process. The guys at GSMArena are rushing to state that a quad-core 1.2 GHz will be present in the terminal. In the new iPhone 5 everyone is eagerly waiting to see the new A6 chip that Apple has not implemented in the iPad 3 tablet. Personally I think that Apple keeps the quad-core CPU  “in storage” for future surprises. It has been speculated that the iPad 3 will have a quad-core CPU but eventually the tablet kept the dual-core  A5 processor, but  featured a quad-core graphics chip that supports the amazing high-resolution of the retina screen.


If iPad 3 does not have a quad-core CPU, the chances for the iPhone 5 to have it are virtually zero, because in the recent years the iPad CPU also equipped the next generation of iPhone. I think that Apple iPhone 5 will implement the same processor from the A5X iPad tablet , processor clocked at 800 MHz or 1 GHz (inclined to think it’s the first frequency) but has a quad-core graphics chip able to run the most complex games from the App Store. iPhone’s  5 CPU will most likely be manufactured using a 32nm production process or even 28nm, Apple improving both performance and energy consumption in this version of the A5 chip.

We think that the new iPhone 5 will feature an improved A5X chip, the same performance (and autonomy) that iPhone 4S has now nothing more because Apple will not offer more from this point of view. Currently there is no iPhone generation that needs a quad-core CPU and Apple knows that and will not force things now useless. The iPad 3, in turn, would do much better with a quad-core CPU and probably the iPad 4 will come with a greater processing power, but even in this case we can not be sure we’ll get our hands on the A6 chip.