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Galaxy Note 2 To Be Released On August 29 With Semi-Flexible AMOLED Display

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Galaxy Note 2

Samsung was and probably will be one of the best gadget manufacturers, able to fully squeeze the juice from an Android operating system. The Koreans at Samsung know sure how to build a strong reputation around their device, even if it has not even seen the market shelves yet, attracting more and more customers and incorporating increasingly more market share. This is also the case of Galaxy Note 2, device which has kept us curious for months before the official release and even with a bunch rumors available all around the web, there are still known facts about it. What we currently know is that the new Galaxy Note 2 will be released in Berlin on August 29, and it will pack an Exynos 4412 processor (i hope you all know what this baby can do) along with a Super AMOLED display with a diameter of 5.5 inch. But here is where it all halts. This is pretty much all we knew  ‘for sure’ until today regarding the new Galaxy Note 2.

Galaxy note

Galaxy note

Today we may reconsider these facts as the Korea IT Times claims to have received from an anonymous tipster that the new Galaxy Note 2 will pack not a regular AMOLED display but a flexible 5.5 inch display. Yes you heard right, we are talking about flexible display technology here, technology that Samsung at least unofficially has been trying to implement for a while now. If this is the case, the Galaxy Note 2 will be the first Samsung device that will be exit the production equipped with such breathtaking technology.

The only down side will probably be that probably the new Galaxy Note 2 flexible display won’t be so flexible and you won’t get to play with it as much as you imagined. As the title says it will be semi-flexible coming out of the box with some sort of bend. This approach, along with the use of the Unbreakable Plane and of course a plastic substrate, will be the strategy behind a thickness reduction of 0,5 millimeters. On the other hand, Samsung seems not to plan a Galaxy Note 2 thinner than its predecessor as there are plans to equip the next generation of Galaxy Tab with a larger battery. We all know that the Galaxy Note features a 2,500 mAh battery that is not put to shame, and this makes us also hope for an excellent battery life for the Galaxy Note 2.