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Causes Of Stomach Pain After Meals

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Stomach Pain After Meals

Stomach pain after meals is a common condition in case of large food intakes, in overweight persons or kids. The comsuntion of large quantities of food, a larger ones than the stomach capability to handle and digest, causes the fatigue sensation and the need to sleep. This particular habit – sleeping after eating is in many cases responsible for the stomach pain. Huge meals, unhealthy diets and the habit of sleeping after meals are responsible for altering the digestive process and can lead to many health problems.

Causes Of Stomach Pain After Meals

  • Severe pain in the lower right area of the abdomen may be the cause of an inflamed appendix (appendicitis). Pain can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or fever and demands the medical consult. Gallstones is another cause that can cause pain in this area, the pain can be diffuse towards the right portion of the back, right shoulder or chest.
  • Severe pain in the superior region of the abdomen that occurs immediately after serving a big meal or pain that persists 6-12 hours after a big meal, can be the cause of pancreatitis. The pain sensation starts from the superior part of the abdomen and extends laterally in the back area, and can be followed by nausea, palpitations, or high fever. Sharp pain is a common symptom of a large number of diseases like: the pelvic inflammatory disease, the cardiac crisis, perforated ulcer, food poisoning or diabetes.
Stomach Pain

Stomach Pain

  • Stomach cramps moderate or short and sharp that follow after eating are the probable result of an intestinal obstruction and can be followed by vomiting with a very nasty smell. Severe cramps accompanied by pain in the inferior left portion of the abdomen can be the cause of diverticulitis.
  • Stomach pain accompanied by bloating is caused by intolerance to lactose. Short and sharp pain accompanied by bloating and less than 3 stools per week are signs of constipation. If the the daily menu does not include enough fibers or the liquid intake is not enough, serving meals can be accompanied by constipation and stomach pain.
  • Fatigue sensation after meals, accompanied obviously by stomach pain and bloating can be a symptom of irritable bowl syndrome.
  • Stomach problems can be caused also by abundant liquids consumption after meals, that dilutes the gastric acid. An adequate quantity of gastric acid helps kill “unhealthy” bacteria and fungus from food and maintains the health of the digestive system. By diluting the gastric acid, the digestion process slows down and bacteria survive, creating in many situation diarrhea.
  • Infection with viruses and bacteria can be the cause of stomach pain after meal serving. When bacteria reach into your body, the organism reacts and tries to get rid of the infection through diarrhea and vomiting . Nausea after meals is also very common in these cases.