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iPhone 5 Release Date September 12, iPad Mini Still Uncertain

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iPhone 5 Release Date September 12, iPad Mini Still Uncertain

The new iPhone 5 could reach our physician hands faster than we expected, as multiple rumors emerged yesterday indicating the imminence of an Apple event on September 12. If the purpose of this event is unknown, in the best tradition Apple iPhone terminal 5 is a product that has the best chance to star in the foreground.  Apple’s first handset that will abandon the 3.5 inch diagonal, the iPhone 5 was the subject of many rumors and more or less truthful affirmations leaked in the press. According to 9to5Mac, the next generation iPhone i now passing the EVT (Engineering Verification Test) internal testing, with two variants – iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2 – selected as candidates for the finished product. Both iPhone versions are equipped with 3.95 inch screen, displays capable of  a non-standard resolution of 1136×640 pixels.

 Iphone and Ipad

Picture Of Iphone and Ipad

If rumors are true the elongated format of the display requires changes of software to adapt applications and the operating system interface, which will meanwhile reach the IOS 6 version.With the new widescreen, iPhone 5 could accommodate an expanded set of applications on home screen, represented using five rows of icons. Additionally, we have more room for applications interface elements, accommodated without restricting the space for displaying content. Given the very close aspect ratio to the 16:9 aspect ratio, wide-screen movies will finally be viewed without black bars in maximized mode.

If iPhone 5 is released on September 12, it will be available from September 21. As for the certainty of the rumors regarding the iPad Mini, the iPad version reduced in size and price, of the current iPad tablet we can not say the same thing. While some sources say it will be released in September, with  the new iPhone 5,   others claim that the new tablet it is ready yet and would benefit from a separate event sometime in October or November.  With the new product, the IOS operating system will make the jump to the 6.0version. As Beta 3 version has only two weeks, it seems that the company’s software developers will have more work to move through Release Candidate in very short time interval.