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Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes


You wake up in the morning looking more tired than before getting into bed? Your coworkers tell you that you look like it’s high time to take some days off but you just came from holiday ? If the answer to these questions is Yes, there are high chances that you have bags under your eyes, swollen eyes or dark circles. These can make you look more tiered that you actually are.

Eye Bags

Dermatology experts say that it is not uncommon for a 20-30 year old person to have these sort of problems, and the fact is they can get worse with the passage of time. Even plastic surgery specialists seek medical help to remove this aspect, sometimes very early, and consider the improvement will be major. They say that the change is so obvious, that people do not ask anymore why they lost a night , or why they look so tired even though the reality says otherwise.

Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Even though plastic surgery is a real option (i will detail that in a future article), it is not the single alternative.

Before we talk about the actual ways to get rid of bags under your eyes let’s see why these problems tend to appear so we can prevent them from happening in the first place.

The onset of the bags under eyes is insidious, little by little. Initially you can notice a small “cushion” right under your inferior eyelid. In case of lack of treatment, it can grow, and with time will become a swelling of the skin.

But why do these “bumps” appear in the first place?

One cause is the natural process of ageing . In normal conditions a small quantity of fat is stored right under the eye area, and it is held in place by a series of ligaments. With ageing , these ligaments loosen and become less supportive, allowing the fat to forward to the surface of the skin, forming the bags under your eyes. In the same time the skin elasticity diminishes and the bag increases in size. Genetic factors obviously are also involved in these processes, but it is not all just about heredity. Life style is a decisive factor.

You go to bed late?

You eat lots of see food?

Very little physical activity?

All these can determine a very early onset of the bags under the eyes.

The folklore refers to many remedies for swollen eyes. Among the most popular method is to cover the swollen area with ice, slices of cucumber, or a spoon. These methods have a certain level of efficiency, but in most cases we can only talk about the effect of reducing the edema or the simple effect of local low temperature.

eye covered tea bags

eye covered tea bags

Dermatologists say that you can obtain a better effect by applying green tea bags. This effect seems to be caused by a natural anti-inflammatory found in the green tea, called EGCG, that seems to reduce the accumulation of fluid in the swollen zone.

Preparation H, a treatment used in hemorrhoids, can also help you get rid of bags under your eyes. Seems like Preparation H helps stretching the skin for small periods of time, but only used as a creme. In oily form it can do you more harm than good. The solution should not get in contact with the eyes.

Another temporary solution, but a longer lasting one is the injection with Restylane or Juvederm. The filler is injected right under the bag for smoothing the skin and diminish the swelling margins. Botox can be used also after this step. The result is very good one, but in most cases the process must be repeated at 8-9 months in interval resulting in high costs in time.



For results that last more than 20 years surgery is recommended. Blepharoplasty ( the eyelid lifting) implies the insertion of an electronic cannula of reduced dimensions that melts the fat. At young persons the simple procedure of melting  the fat is enough for a good result, but for older persons the removal of the excess skin is mandatory. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that does not require hospitalization and takes about an hour, only local anesthesia is required and a mild sedation.