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Head lice are most common in school-aged children and millions of children ages 3 to 11 contract lice each year.

Lice are not only common but also difficult to get rid of. A recent study published in the Pediatric Dermatology journal found that common over-the-counter (OTC) lice treatments and not effective anymore. They included products containing pyrethroids and insecticides.

So, what to do? Let's find out what you can do to get rid of head lice.

What are lice?

The head lice is a small parasite inside there is found on the head, eyelashes, and eyebrows. They can crawl but cannot fly jump. They feed on human blood. They stay close to the scalp. Besides kids, they can also infect adults.

You will find them in 3 forms-lice eggs or nits, baby lice or nymphs, and adult lice. The eggs are tiny yellow, tan or brown speckles that look similar to dandruff. The white or clear shell becomes easier to spot after the eggs hatch.

Head to head contact

the head lice latch onto the head. Preschool and elementary-aged children are more likely to get them. Young children are more at risk because they spend a lot of time in contact with other children who may have a head lice infestation. Your kids may also get them from sharing clothing or other belongings like brushes and hats.


If your kids have had lice, you will see a few symptoms, which include

  • itchy scalp
  • tickling or a feeling of something crawling on the scalp
  • Head sores from scratching
  • irritability and trouble sleeping

Effective medical treatment

Effective medical treatment for head lice is present. The doctor may prescribe a medicated shampoo, lotion, or cream for killing the insects. After starting the medication, you may still have an itch for a few days. Sometimes, oral medication is also used if the topical treatments do not work.

With children aged 2 months and under, removing the head lice by hand is necessary. There are some home remedies that are used by many people. Such home remedies include using petroleum jelly, essential oils and mayonnaise may work but most of the time they are not effective. They are also not good for you because they can irritate the skin and may make symptoms worse.

Wet combing or repeated hair combing using a rinse, olive oil, or vinegar is used with younger children. It is an effective method of removing head lice. However, you will need to repeat this every 3 to 4 days for up to 2 weeks.

Preventing infestation

You can take a few steps to prevent infestation of head lice-

  • Wash is all the clothing and bed linens in hot water. Also used the hottest setting of the machine to dry them.
  • If there are some stuffed animal toys and other items that cannot be washed, you can take them to the dry cleaner. You can also store them in airtight bags for 2 weeks.
  • You can vacuum all carpets in your home and cars. You can also vacuum any upholstered furniture.
  • Take combs, hair ties, and brushes and soak them in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes


Smoking is a known factor in causing lung cancer. However, lung cancer in non-smokers is also going up. What causes that?

A different lung cancer

Scientific studies found that up to 20% of people who die from lung cancer are non-smokers. Researchers also found that lung cancer in non-smokers is an uncommon disease altogether. There are some other environmental factors that can be the causes of lung cancer in people.

What causes cancer in non-smokers?

There are some risk factors that can lead to lung cancer in people who do not smoke. These factors may include

  • family history
  • secondhand Smoke
  • previous cancer diagnoses
  • air pollution or other environmental dangers

Lower the risk of lung cancer

How can you lower the risk of lung cancer? Lung cancer is unexpected in non-smokers and that is why it is usually found in later stages. That makes it harder to treat. Prevention is always better in this case. If you do a few things, they can lower the risk of getting lung cancer.

Radon test your home

Radon is a naturally occurring carcinogen and it can be present in home basements or even in crawl spaces. You can easily buy a radon test kit at your local hardware store and use it to confirm your home is safe. However, do not stress about radon testing as it may not be so dreaded. You will need to spend a pretty high proportion of hours in the day in an enclosed environment to get exposure levels that can cause lung cancer.

Avoid secondhand smoke

Do not become a secondhand smoke out. If a loved one is a smoker, you can always encourage them to quit. Or you can at least stay away from them while they smoke. You can avoid colleagues and unknown people who smoke so that you can avoid secondhand smoke going into your body.

Avoid carcinogens

Sometimes some people are exposed to asbestos, and other harsh pollutants while performing their jobs. If your job needs you to work in such an environment, you can make sure that your employer is following OSHA and other guidelines. You also need to wear gear like face masks and suits to limit inhalation.

Get screened for lung cancer

If you're really worried about your lungs, you can get screened for lung cancer. Most insurance companies cover these tests only for people with a history of smoking. However, your doctor may help you get screened for lung cancer to ensure that you do not have it.

Talk to your doctor

If anyone in your family has had lung cancer, you should regularly visit your doctor. The doctor can help you become extra vigilant in spotting early signs of lung cancer.

If you find any odd and not so odd symptoms, talk to your doctor about it. A persistent cough that doesn't go away should not be ignored. Many symptoms of lung cancer may be very common symptoms that people get in their lifetimes. A cough, little pain in the chest, and feeling a little bit short of breath maybe some of the common symptoms of this problem. In that case, talking to your doctor will definitely help.

Having good health and a positive attitude can really help you improve your marriage and live a happy life.


Many scientific studies were done about the impact of marriage on your total health. This time researchers from the University of Chicago wanted to see if health and personality can affect marriages.

The study analyzed data from 953 senior heterosexual couples and looked at important clues such as health status and personality traits. They found something interesting. If a husband is in poor health and lacks a positive mindset, his significant other is likely to report higher levels of conflict in the marriage.

What does it happen?

In men's health may affect his wife's quality of life. If the man has poor health, the wife may need to become a caretaker and that can affect heart physical, and mental health. If the person is negative or too stressed by the demands of life, his wife may find dark disposition unpleasant and hard to live with. If the person is too much of an extrovert or too much focused on socializing, the wife may have trouble dealing with the high energy levels and impulsive nature. That nature can make her wary of his behavior.

Men's reaction

Men do not react the same way. According to the researchers, the results don't work the other way around. Men who had wives in poor health, negative mindset, and grumpy did not report a conflict in their marriage. There may be many reasons for this behavior. The man may shrug off the cantankerous attitude or behavior of the wife or may seek the help and support of another family member when the wife is ill.

How to ensure love and harmony?

If there are so many potential discords in relationships, how do long-term unions find harmony?

According to researchers, it can be as simple as both husband and wife taking a step back and really assessing their response to conflict. Once they see their response to different conflicts, they can take intentional steps to preserve the happiness of their marriage. This can save a lot of marriages.

Rekindling love and romance

If there are health issues, difficult personality traits, and negative mindsets, your marriage may take a hit. These variables can negatively affect your marriage and the relationship. However, even when you suffered from such issues, it is possible to rekindle the love and romance in the relationship. If you change, it can help you light up that old spark again.

Ensure better health for yourself and your partner

Ensuring better health for yourself and your partner will not only help you improve your relationship but it will also improve your overall life. When you are healthy, it will be easier for you to achieve happiness and peace. Simple steps like regular exercise and a healthy diet can help you improve your help tremendously within a relatively short time.

Reduce the vanity

Reducing vanity will also help you reduce the stress in your life and improve the relationship. Narcissism can not only destroy your relationship but can also cause health problems.

Improve your love

When you and your spouse get hitched, it happens because of the love and attraction you felt. It is possible to reclaim that. There are many ways to do that and you can choose a simple few that suit you and your personality.


If you know about the benefits of meditation, probably you have tried to mitigate it regularly. However, sometimes it can be difficult not just because you need to force yourself to concentrate and sit down but also because there are several varieties of meditation available. Among the different varieties of meditation, finding the right medication for yourself can be difficult.

Not every meditation technique is the right one for everybody. Depending on your predispositions and lifestyle habits, different meditation techniques may work for you.

Meditation using a candle flame or image

In this type of meditation, you learned to focus on an external object like a candle flame, a beautiful image of a flower. You need to connect your mind with this external object and focus your attention on a until you feel the need to close your eyes and drop the image into your heart or mind. When the image fades, you can gently open your eyes again and rest on the external object you have chosen.

Walking meditation

You can combine the healthy habit of walking with meditation. When you perform walking meditation, your focus is on the slow movement of your footsteps. Your footsteps connect to the earth each time you take a step. You keep your eyes open and the attention rests with each step you take. Your mind and breath slow down and coming to a rhythm.


In this type of medication, you bring your full attention to what you are doing. You try to focus completely on what you are doing while you're doing it. If you are eating food or completing your daily chores, you try to bring one-pointed awareness to these actions. You can try to focus your mind on even small and mundane things.

Breath Centred meditation

In this type of medication, you try to focus on your breath. Breath flows into directions. You try to focus your attention on the rhythmic flow of breath as it goes in and comes out. You can gather and focus your attention on the process. You can also try to slow your breath because that may soothe and calm the nervous system. In some meditations, the focus is concentrated on the breath but no efforts are done to control the breath. The meditator simply focuses on how the press is moving in and out.

Meditation using a word, prayer, or mantra

In some cases, the meditator may quietly repeat the same word repeatedly. People practice meditation using a word or mantra. Some people use prayer to medicate. The word or mantra may be a special word used by everyone or it’s specific to the person. This technique is used in connection with mindfulness. When the thoughts and feelings arise they are held and observed without judgment. This allows you to let the thoughts and feelings go easily so that your mind can return to its focus.

Meditation on a feeling

In some meditation techniques, the focus is centered on a good feeling. It can also be memories of the good feeling. By using the feeling, you try to anchor the attention also if you have a happy or positive feeling, it can uplift and it can create a sense of deep joy or peace. You need to hold that feeling in the heart and rest in it.  

Dementia is a scary health issue. It scares people over age 55 because they have a higher risk of having this problem. People who suffer from dementia often experience brain drain from fuzzy thinking and memory lags. Some causes of memory loss are genetic but it is possible to prevent and delay memory loss. Let's find out how it works.

According to scientists, the brain is plastic. It means that the brain is flexible and capable of growing new cells. It can also make strong new connections between these cells at any age. If you follow a brain-friendly lifestyle and make some necessary changes, it will be possible for you to protect yourself from developing memory problems.

Enjoyed a healthy diet

A healthy diet is not only good for your overall health, but it can also help you prevent memory issues. It can protect your brain from difficulties. You need more fresh produce, lean protein, good fats, whole grains, and some fat-free dairy for a better and healthy diet. Always avoid added sugars, trends, and saturated fats, syrups, grain that is not 100% whole.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise will help you improve your brain condition and functions. If you want to build an improved brain, it can be possible by exercising regularly. You need 30 minutes of regular exercise every day. How does exercise help you? It enlarges the hippocampus, which is the region of your brain that handles memory. Exercise will also and large the anterior cingulate cortex of your brain that helps regulate emotional intelligence.

Learn something new

When you learn something new, you are using your brain and that can help you keep it safe. You can learn a new skill, hobby, or game. There are millions of skills that you can try to learn depending on your age and interest. When you try to learn something new, it will create more connections in your brain and that will enlarge your hippocampus. That will reduce the risk of memory loss.

Control blood sugar levels

By controlling your blood sugar levels, you'll be able to stay away from memory problems. Slightly raised sugar levels can affect your memory. It can affect your memory even when you do not have diabetes or prediabetes. Excess blood glucose can cause inflammation and that can damage brain cells. Scientific studies found that people who have high levels of blood sugar can remember less. Lower blood sugar is like regular exercise for your brain as it can cause a hippocampus. That will offer you more room for long-term memory storage.

Manage your stress

Stress is not only bad for your physical and mental health, but it can also cause memory issues. It is the biggest cause of memory loss. Stress can reduce the size of your hippocampus and that can cause different memories. Using meditation and behavioral modifications can help you to control your reaction to different stressful conditions and triggers.

Consume magnesium

Magnesium is the mineral that causes strong links between your brain cells. Will help you create an extensive network of brain cells connected to each other. That will help you solve problems and remember things you need to remember. Brown rice, almonds, hazelnuts, spinach, shredded wheat, bananas, and lima beans contain magnesium.

As men age, they often see different symptoms that talk about the changes that happen with age. Increased muscle mass, reduce energy levels, weight or body fat fluctuations are some of the common symptoms of this problem. However, the same symptoms can be signs of aging or they can also be signs of some serious health conditions like low testosterone.

We can see low testosterone problems in men of different ages. 10% of men between ages 40 and 60 and 20 to 30% over 60 suffer from low testosterone levels.

When do the levels drop?

Treatment for low testosterone may be necessary if the level of testosterone fall below 350 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml). However, there is no specific age range when low levels of testosterone. The age may vary for different men. It will depend on the person's base level of testosterone.

Causes and onset

Besides age, there may be several other factors that can contribute to low testosterone levels. Injuries to the testicles or testicle removal can cause low testosterone levels. Using drugs like opioids, marijuana, and alcohol can cause low levels of testosterone or hypogonadism. Some prescription medicines like steroids and antidepressants can also cause it.

There are some medical issues that can also lower testosterone levels. Diabetes, depression, and systemic illnesses like HIV can reduce testosterone levels. Obesity is a well-known risk factor for low levels of testosterone.

Telltale signs of low testosterone

The most common sign of low testosterone is a change in libido. Other sexual symptoms of low testosterone levels may include fever reactions, lower sperm count, and reduction in testicle size.

However, not all the signs will show up at the same time.

How would you know?

You'll be able to find out you have noticed several levels by focusing on your body. When you pay close attention to your body, it will tell you about the signs and you will see them better. If you have gained a little flab last year even though you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, then it may be a sign of concern. If you find objects in the house or weights in the gym a little heavier than before, then you should take notice. If you are gaining fat and losing muscle and strength, it can be a sign of a low necessary level. Besides that, osteopenia and bone pain may also be signs of low testosterone levels.

Options for treatment

After finding out the symptoms that your body is showing and the lab test results, the doctors may prescribe certain treatment options for low testosterone levels. Sometimes you may not need any treatment when your testosterone level is at 305 ng/ml but you are finding your energy and libido great. It may be normal for you.

In case of treatment options, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can be good for you if you do not want any or any more children. When you take an outside source of testosterone to increase your testosterone levels, it can increase your levels but may reduce sperm production. If you want to increase your testosterone levels but also want to have children, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) may be a better alternative for you.

Eating right and exercising regularly will help you. You need to keep your weight and fat levels down. Fact is your enemy because this can burn through testosterone.