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Synthetic Biomarkers Could Reveal Tiny Ovarian Tumors

An advanced approach using synthetic biomarkers to detect ovarian cancers has been developed by MIT researchers. The approach was tested in mice and has...
Natural Onion Compound ONA Fights Cancer

Onionin A (ONA), a natural compound derived from onions, contains many anti-ovarian cancer properties. Researchers from Kumamoto University, Japan discovered the anti-ovarian cancer properties...

This guest post was contributed by Chris Zimmer of Zehl & Associates, PC. A Houston personal injury law firm. Everyone alive today is participating...
Uterine Fibroid

If you have just been diagnosed of uterine fibroid, you should not be alarmed. Myomas, as they are commonly called, are non-cancerous growths in...
Tea & Citrus

Women who are fond of drinking tea and citrus may derive some health benefits from its flavanoid contents. In a recent research conducted by...