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For people who suffer from various psychiatric and neurological conditions, brain stimulation has become an increasingly important treatment option in the recent decades.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation

Brain simulation techniques can be divided into two broad categories, invasive and noninvasive. Both of them work by targeting specific sites in the brain to adjust the overall brain activity. Among the most well-known invasive techniques is the deep brain stimulation (DBS) which requires a brain surgery and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This process is typically used for treated Parkinson's disease and this process requires an electrode to be inserted in the brain. Among the noninvasive techniques is the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which can be administered from outside the head. This treatment is currently approved for treating depression.

Brain stimulation has resulted in dramatic benefits to patients with such disorders, which has motivated researchers to test if it can be useful in treated patients suffering from other diseases. The problem is that doctors have been unable to pinpoint which are the ideal sites to administer simulation in a given patient for a given condition.

A new study led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) suggest that brain networks which consists of the interconnected pathways that link brain circuits to one another can assist in selection of ideal spot for brain stimulation therapies.

Michael D. Fox, MD, PhD, First author of the study, an investigator in the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation and in the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center at BIDMC remarked that although different types of brain stimulation are currently applied in different locations, it has been found that the targets used to treat the same disease are nodes in the same connected brain network. This can have a direct implication on how brain stimulations are administered to treat diseases.

For example, in order use brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s disease or tremor an electrode need to be inserted deep in the brain. Getting the same effect with noninvasive stimulation is difficult, as the spot is deep in the brain. However, by looking at the brain’s network connectivity, sites can be identified on the surface of the brain that is connected with the deep spot site. Hence, that deep spot can also be stimulated noninvasively.

For this study Fox's team conducted a large-scale literature search to find out all neurological and psychiatric diseases where brain stimulation via both invasive and non-invasive techniques had shown improvement. The search found 14 such conditions namely addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia, depression, dystonia, epilepsy, essential tremor, gait dysfunction, Huntington’s disease, minimally conscious state, obsessive compulsive disorder, pain, Parkinson disease and Tourette syndrome. In the next step, they listed the stimulation sites, both deep in the brain or on the surface of the brain that was found to have been effective for the treatment of each of the 14 diseases.

In order to test the hypothesis that the various stimulation sites in the brain are different spots within the same brain network, Fox's team used a data base of functional MRI images and a technique that enabled them to see correlations in spontaneous brain activity. These correlations helped the investigators in creating a map of connections from deep brain stimulation sites to the surface of the brain. When this map was compared to sites for noninvasive brain stimulation on the brain surface, the two matched.

The study suggest that understanding the brain networks can help in understanding why brain stimulation works and how these therapies can be improved by identifying the best place to stimulate the brain for a given patient suffering from a given disease. These findings also suggest that resting-state functional connectivity can be useful for translating therapy between treatment modalities, optimizing treatment and identifying new stimulation targets.




When you lose weight and the extra fat in your body, your life will completely change. You will regain the energy and your life back by losing those extra weight and fat. Your overall health will improve dramatically and you will have a better life. Let's find out what are the benefits you will achieve by losing weight.

Food will not rule your life

Once you successfully lose weight and get back to the healthy range of BMI for you, your life will not be ruled by food anymore. When you are obese, your life is about food. Once you find a healthy nutrition pattern to follow to bring you back to normal condition, you will no longer be focused on your next snack or meal. You will realise that food isn't everything or your best friend. It is just a tool to keep you alive and provide the necessary fuel to function properly.

You will feel so much better

Once you lose weight, you will feel much better physically and mentally. To lose weight, you need to make preparations and it includes completely eliminating the junk food, sugary products, empty carbs and other processed foods which are making you fat. After a week or two, you will find out that you will no longer crave for the sugary foods or processed foods. Your body will feel better without these toxins going in your body. Your mind will also feel renewed and refreshed when it doesn't have to fight so many different health problems.

You will inspire other people

Other people will be inspired by looking at you. Your transformation from a fat and obese person to someone who look and feel better and livelier will inspire other people by proving to them that such transformation is practically possible. Having the courage and fortitude to lose weight will not only empower you but will also inspire other people around you. People will be impressed and they will want to know how you achieve that. This is one kind of positive attention and it will help you to feel better and as a result of that you will be able to push yourself harder to achieve more.

You will start enjoying exercise

Exercise is very important for losing the extra fat and weight you have. Without exercise, you will not be able to achieve weight loss. You also need to completely involve in exercise if you want to maintain that weight that you have achieved with so much of work. You will need at least 30 minutes of regular exercise every day and break a sweat by the time you are finished. Gradually, you will start liking exercise because it has made so much positive changes in your life.

The social circle will expand

Once you start losing weight, you will feel better and look better, you will feel confident and that will help you to feel more inclined to go out and socialise with other people. It will greatly help you to make more friends and go out more often. To become much easier for you to expand your social circle and doing different things with your new friends. Whether you go to a support group's meeting, weight watchers meetings, meat a neighbour, meet someone walking in the park, gradually your social circle will start to expand. It will make you feel richer by having a life full of so many other people.


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If you have a dog that is old, or middle-aged, you may have noticed that their health begins to deteriorate and they may face physical and mental health disorders. CBD spray help dogs feel calm and also provide relief from pain.

How does the CBD spray work?

CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis species, and this includes hemp and marijuana. However, CBD does cause any high or intoxication as this feeling is generated by another component in the cannabis plant known as THC. Therefore, you can give this product to your pets without any fear of adverse effects that may cause them harm. Dogs, just like humans, react the same way to CBD; it affects the pain receptors in the brain. Therefore, providing relief to various areas in your body like the immune system, central nervous system, and affected organs.

cbd for dog

Benefits of CBD spray for dogs:

CBD sprays and other products have many benefits for dogs that will help with their physical and mental well-being. These benefits are pretty great as well, and you would want nothing but the best for your furry babies. Many pet parents prefer to go for natural remedies as they have little to no side effects; at least nothing that will make the pet's condition worse. CBD products have managed to create a whole new landscape of pet care products, especially for people who want to invest in organic products.

Treating epilepsy and seizures:

Pet parents usually opt for CBD oils and sprays if their canine gets epileptic fits. High doses of CBD medication will help reduce the intensity and frequency of the episodes. As time goes by, it's known that the frequency of the episodes tend to reduce and, in some cases, the seizures disappear altogether.

Pain relief:

Many dogs over the age of 12 tend to have brittle bones and weak joints. Some even get diagnosed with arthritis but CBD can help with this condition. Dogs suffer from chronic pain too, and it mostly comes with age. CBD acts as a good pain reliever because it affects the inflamed joints and provides your pet with some much-needed relief. It also soothes the relentless pain that comes with chronic inflammation, thereby helping the healing process and keeping your pet pain-free.

Increase in Appetite:

It's quite difficult to know the reason behind a dog's loss of appetite. Most times, it can be a digestive issue; either they are experiencing nausea, or they have a stomach bug. When you look at it from a human's perspective, we will not eat something because of digestive diseases and that can be the case for your dog as well. CBD sprays are helpful in providing relief to any digestive issues your dog may have.

Anxiety is reduced:

Suffering from anxiety is horrid, and if you have ever gone through an anxiety episode, you will know how badly it affects your physical and mental state. It's equally bad for your pet as well. Dogs suffer from anxiety episodes as well; if left untreated, they go through depression too. Usually, a dog's anxiety hits its peak when the owner is not with it. Due to this, a dog can act out in various ways, like chewing on footwear, ripping apart furniture items like cushions, and causing themselves self-harm by excessively chewing on their paws till they bleed; in extreme situations, they can even urinate all over the house. CBD sprays are good for anxiety-ridden pets because it helps calm them down by acting as a relaxing stimulant.

Reduces the spread of cancer:

Watching your pet get diagnosed with cancer is heartbreaking, they go through similar symptoms like humans; signs are inclusive of nausea, no appetite, and recurring pain. By providing your pet with CBD, they will feel comfortable and sense some relief from the recurring pain that comes with the disease.

Pet parents are also giving their healthy pets a small dose of CBD as a routine because it's known to prevent the onset of cancer in the future.

Other diseases that are CBD can help with are-

  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Heart diseases


Many pet parents are unsure whether CBD will really help their pets, but you can rest assured that CBD sprays have had a positive impact on dogs with its wonderful benefits, thereby providing them with a pain-free, relaxing lifestyle.

If you want to get in shape and do that at a faster speed, the following tips will help you to do so.

Start a high protein diet

If you consume more brown and grey family of foods, like breads, chips and other items, you will need to change to a high protein diet if you want to get fit faster. Changing the fuel source will help you to get in to shape within a short duration. Your diet is important because it is about 80% of the fitness equation and so if you want to achieve a great shape eating poorly, that is not going to happen. Protein is necessary because it will help you to build muscle mass and it will boost your metabolism to burn more fat already present in your body. It will also keep you full for a longer duration and that means you will consume less food.

You will need about 30 g of protein per meal or one gram protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

Drink more water

To get in shape faster, you will also need to drink more water along with lots of protein. Staying hydrated is very important for weight loss and better health. When you drink a full glass of water before meals, it will reduce your appetite and will help you to force your body to use the stored fat as an energy source. That alone will help you to lose the extra fat and bring back your body into shape. Water will also ensure that everything inside your body is running as they should. If you want to speed up the process and get more benefit, you should add a bit of ice to your glass. Cold water will boost your metabolism and will help you to burn more calories thereby bringing you back into shape.

Focus on compound movements

Regular exercise is a must for you and while performing regular exercise, you should focus on compound movements. In strength training, you should use those moments which will give you the most benefit for your time and effort. Compound movements are those exercises which will engage more than one different muscle groups. Some of the common compound movements include squats, deadlifts and bench presses. When you perform compound movements, they will recruit more muscle fibres in every rep. These moments are also beneficial for you because they mimic real-life movement patterns. As a result of that you will be able to move more efficiently in daily life.

Perform full body exercises which will help you to target more muscles in less time, burn more fat and get in shape faster.

Include HIIT workouts

By including HIIT workouts, you'll be able to get in shape faster than other people. You can speed up results by increasing intensity. Go for high intensity interval training (HIIT) and get all the benefits for your time. Alternate between bursts of all out activity and periods of rest to burn more calories at a faster rate. Since it takes less amount of time, you can easily insert it in your workout. HIIT is also the most efficient way to stimulate post exercise oxygen consumption and as a result of that your body will keep burning more calories even after completion of the work out. So, along with your strength training workouts, squeeze some time out to put in one or two rounds of HIIT workouts.


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Chemotherapy can create different types of cancer effectively. However, like other types of treatments, it also has some side effects. The side effects that show after chemotherapy may be different for different people and it will also depend on the type of cancer, drugs and dose, location and your overall health.

Why do the side effects happen?

Chemotherapy is used on active cells, which are growing and dividing into same type of cells. Cancer cells are active and the healthy cells surrounding them are also active cells. Side effects show up when chemotherapy damages the other healthy cells. Such other healthy cells may include cells present in blood, mouth, digestive system and hair follicles.

Treatment of side effects

The side effects of chemotherapy can be treated. Besides treatment, they can also be prevented from happening. Different types of medications are now available for the side effects resulting from chemotherapy. Treating and preventing side effects of chemotherapy is known as palliative care and it is an important part of cancer treatment. More and more works are going on to find better drugs, drug combinations and ways of chemotherapy with fewer side effects.

Common side effects of chemotherapy

Even though different medicines can cause different side effects and different types of chemotherapy often have different and specific side-effects, its person's experience may be different. You will be able to better notice the side effects. Some of the most common side effects of chemotherapy include-

  • You may feel tired or exhausted almost all the time. It is the most common side effect of chemotherapy.
  • Chemotherapy sometimes causes pain. Such pains can include headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain and pain from nerve damage. If you suffer from pain from nerve damage, you may experience burning, numbness or shooting pain. Such pains generally happen in the fingers and toes.
  • Mouth and throat sores. If chemotherapy damages the cells inside the mouth and throat, it can cause painful sores in such areas. Such sores easily happen 5 to 14 days after treatment. They can also get infected.
  • Sometimes, chemotherapy can cause lose or watery bowel movements.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Constipation
  • blood disorders
  • sexual and reproductive issues
  • nervous system problem

Treatment options for the side effects

Most types of pain resulting from chemotherapy get better all go away between treatments. However, in case of nerve damage instead of getting better, it can get worse. If that happens, the drugs causing nerve damage have to be stopped. It may take a longer duration for the pain resulting from nerve damage to go away. Treatment of pain is generally done depending on what is causing it. If the pain is related to chemotherapy, your doctors can give you pain relieving medicines. They can also block pain signals from the nerves to the brain by using spinal treatments or nerve blocks. Your doctors may also adjust doses of chemotherapy to make the pain go away.

The possibility of mouth and throat sores can be reduced by eating a healthy diet and keeping your mouth and teeth clean. They may generally go away when the treatment ends.

You need to prevent diarrhoea or treated early to keep yourself from getting dehydrated by losing too much body fluid.

Nausea and vomiting can be prevented with the right medications before and after each dose of chemotherapy.

To get rid of constipation you need to make habits of drinking enough fluids, eating balanced meals and getting necessary exercise.


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If you want to reset your metabolism and thereby improve it, that can be done and it can be done within your daily life. You'll need to create some new habits, avoid some old habits and do some things which you have been doing. Let's find out what you can do to reset your metabolism.

Each protein at every meal

When you eat protein at every meal, your body calories to digests that protein in comparison to other macronutrients. And that is why he should include some form of protein at every meal. It may be chicken, mutton, Salmon, eggs and vegan protein like nuts or nut butter. Eating protein will also help you to build lean muscle, which will help you to increase the body's resting metabolic rate.

Get a good night's sleep

Sleep not only reasonableness your body and mind it also has other benefits including helping you to improve your metabolism. If you to reset your metabolism, sleeping can help you to do so. Even though it sounds obvious, it is important and it is effective. If you have poor sleeping habits, it will disrupt your metabolism. Scientific studies found that women who slept five hours unless each night had twice the risk of obesity than women who slept 7 to 8 hours each night. If it is possible try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day and if it is not possible you can still get the maximum benefit by tweaking your sleeping habits.

Drink water

Even though it may seem something very ordinary, it has great importance for your body and if you want to reset your metabolism, this will help you to do so. Increase your daily water intake and that will help you to increase your metabolic rate. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that by increasing 500 ml of water, you can increase your metabolism by whooping 30%. So it means if you simply drink two more cups of water, it will increase your metabolism and a big way. All you need to do is make it a habit for a few days and then it will stick with you and you'll be able to reset your metabolism while going through your daily life.

High-intensity workouts

If you want to reset your metabolism and improve it, high-intensity workouts can help you to do so. Working out is good and regular exercise is very good for your body and mind. But when you're trying to reset your metabolism, it can be difficult to understand what will help you. High-intensity interval training or HIIT will help you with the quickest results. If you know about HIIT, then it's very good but if you do not know about it, then you can simply find out more about it. It is a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity or complete rest. If you do not have too much time for exercising regularly, HIIT will help you to get the results faster. You can go to a gym or to a studio for HIIT or you can create your own HIIT workout. It can do wonders for you when you're trying to you reset your metabolism and that too quickly.


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If you want to stay away from harmful chemicals in your vegetables, you can do so by creating an organic vegetable garden for yourself. Even in small places, it is possible to grow organic vegetables. The following tips will help you to create your own organic vegetable garden.

Prepare the soil before planting

This is something which is very basic. Before you start planting your vegetables, you will need to prepare the soil. Even if some vegetables may be able to survive in poor soil, your plants will grow better and produce more if you provide them with rich garden soil that contain lots of organic matter. That is why, take some time to prepare the garden soil with lots of composed and other organic materials before a planned anything at all. This will pay you in the long run.

Choose the right plants

Even though you may like different plants, not all of them may grow in your area. You will need to choose the right plants for your region and condition. Otherwise, they may not survive or may not produce the right amount of vegetables. You need to find out the types of vegetables and varieties which will do well in your growing conditions. Your region, some light, rainfall and growing zones will decide what type of vegetables are best suited for your garden. Simply talking to other gardeners, going to the local farmer's market and visiting the local garden centres will help you to get more information about it.

Buy seeds or starter plants from reputable sources

If the seeds or starter plants are not good, how can you expect to have a good produce? It is very essential to have the right and good seeds and starter plants to get the desired results. It is as essential as preparing the soil before planting. You should purchase certified organic seeds or starter plants which were raised without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Go for only reputed nurseries who have certified organic seeds and the local farmers markets.

Make your own organic compost and mulch

Your vegetable garden will do better if you supply it with lots of organic matter. Composed will help your soil by improving its structure and your soil will be porous, will be able to retain moisture, and provide more nutrients to the plants. It will also provide with the worms and microbes that will improve the health of the soil. You can easily make your own garden compost by piling up a mixture of leaves and garden clippings, grass clippings and other organic household waste or burying them in a pit.

Rotate crops from year to year

Rotating crops or crop rotation is a common technique among farmers and this will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your organic vegetable garden. It will also help you by reducing pest and disease problems and depletion of nutrients in your soil.

Plant flowers in or near the garden

You should plant flowers in or near the garden to attract bees and other pollinators. Pollination is a key factor in the success of your vegetable garden and so you need to encourage bees and other pollinators to visit your vegetable garden by planting flowers.

Use companion planting principles

Certain plant combinations work better together. You can plant compatible flowers, herbs or other vegetables which will help you to increase yield, avoid insects, reduce disease problems and improve the quality of your vegetable produce.


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