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Hypertension And Ways To Manage It

If you suffer from hypertension, and there is an unknown cause of its appearance, like in 95% of the patients that have this diagnostic, you need to get used to the fact that you will have it for the rest of your life. There is no cure for hypertension, that is obvious, because the exact trigger hasn’t been discovered yet.

Chances of a cure are less than 5% at patients who suffer form secondary hypertension that has a known trigger. In other words from the moment your blood pressure exceeded 140/90 mm Hg , and decides to stay there after repeated determinations, you have to accept the idea that it isn’t going to abandon you. The only solution you have is trying to control day by day.

The easiest way is to swallow pills. It gets harder when you have to take a hand full of them or several times times every day. If you are lucky enough you will find a good cardiologist that will establish a good treatment scheme for you and all your problems are solved. Not quite…All pails have side effects, I bet you knew that.



The hard way is to try, but mostly to succeed in changing your lifestyle , and it’s a must, regardless you suffer or not from high blood pressure. Firstly many patients do not know that losing weight , regular physical exercise, quitting smoking, and low salt diets, will determine a reduction in their blood pressure values. Secondly, foods that contain large quantities of salt, or fats, continue to be a mystery for the majority of patients. Even though they know that a low salt diet is essential for controlling their blood pressure, and even what they should and should not eat, many do not even try to adopt such a diet. By principle. I am not talking here about hypertensive patients that also suffer from diabetes and dyslipidemias. Instead of asking for advice at the nutritionist they eat what they think is good and safe, what they heard from others or seen on TV ,resulting in poorly controlled blood pressure (prolific killer here).

healthy balanced diet

healthy balanced diet

Now here is what you can really do:

Stop Smoking! Cigarettes are harmful. Everywhere.This is not a new thing right? Smoking raises blood pressure, not to mention faster evolving atherosclerosis. The conclusion is simple: if you do not smoke, the blood pressures does not grow and you will end up taking fewer pills. I know it is very hard to achieve but it is worth it. Don’t drink as much as you used to, and when i say do not drink I am not referring to lemonade. Heavy drinking raises the risk of stroke, not to mention the fact that alcohol reduces the efficiency of antihypertensive drugs. 20-30 g of alcohol per day for men and 10-20g of alcohol for women, represents a slightly increased consumption. On the other part a component found in the red wine (Resveratrol) has cardiovascular protective properties only if consumed in civilized amounts.

Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking

Lose weight. The idea is to reach a body mass index (BMI) of under 25. Regardless the initial stage of high blood pressure , a decrease in weight of about 5kg lowers the systolic and diastolic blood pressure with 4,4 mm Hg respectively 3,6 mm Hg.

Eat without salt. Between salt consumption and high blood pressure  a direct relationship can be established. A normal adult who eats normaly consumes daily 10-12 g of salt. The ideal target for hypertension is under 2,5 g of salt per day, for the rest of your life . 2,5 g of salt per day is very hard to achieve, and that is why the European Guide For Hypertension embraces as a good result, a consumption under 5 g.

Aliments with low fat, no sugar and salt can be found everywhere and if you are interested, surely you can find solutions. Controlling your hypertension will give you many headaches but it is worth it.

Heart Infarction

Heart Infarction

The really bad thing is that hypertension does not cause pain, and many hypertensive patients don’t find motivation for controlling it. One day “out from the blue” they may wake up with angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, or strokes and a question is borned : Why did this had to happen? And why haven’t I prevented it?


You wake up in the morning looking more tired than before getting into bed? Your coworkers tell you that you look like it’s high time to take some days off but you just came from holiday ? If the answer to these questions is Yes, there are high chances that you have bags under your eyes, swollen eyes or dark circles. These can make you look more tiered that you actually are.

Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Dermatology experts say that it is not uncommon for a 20-30 year old person to have these sort of problems, and the fact is they can get worse with the passage of time. Even plastic surgery specialists seek medical help to remove this aspect, sometimes very early, and consider the improvement will be major. They say that the change is so obvious, that people do not ask anymore why they lost a night , or why they look so tired even though the reality says otherwise.

Eye Bags

Eye Bags

Even though plastic surgery is a real option (i will detail that in a future article), it is not the single alternative.

Before we talk about the actual ways to get rid of bags under your eyes let’s see why these problems tend to appear so we can prevent them from happening in the first place.

The onset of the bags under eyes is insidious, little by little. Initially you can notice a small “cushion” right under your inferior eyelid. In case of lack of treatment, it can grow, and with time will become a swelling of the skin.

But why do these “bumps” appear in the first place?

One cause is the natural process of ageing . In normal conditions a small quantity of fat is stored right under the eye area, and it is held in place by a series of ligaments. With ageing , these ligaments loosen and become less supportive, allowing the fat to forward to the surface of the skin, forming the bags under your eyes. In the same time the skin elasticity diminishes and the bag increases in size. Genetic factors obviously are also involved in these processes, but it is not all just about heredity. Life style is a decisive factor.

You go to bed late?

You eat lots of see food?

Very little physical activity?

All these can determine a very early onset of the bags under the eyes.

The folklore refers to many remedies for swollen eyes. Among the most popular method is to cover the swollen area with ice, slices of cucumber, or a spoon. These methods have a certain level of efficiency, but in most cases we can only talk about the effect of reducing the edema or the simple effect of local low temperature.

eye covered tea bags

eye covered tea bags

Dermatologists say that you can obtain a better effect by applying green tea bags. This effect seems to be caused by a natural anti-inflammatory found in the green tea, called EGCG, that seems to reduce the accumulation of fluid in the swollen zone.

Preparation H, a treatment used in hemorrhoids, can also help you get rid of bags under your eyes. Seems like Preparation H helps stretching the skin for small periods of time, but only used as a creme. In oily form it can do you more harm than good. The solution should not get in contact with the eyes.

Another temporary solution, but a longer lasting one is the injection with Restylane or Juvederm. The filler is injected right under the bag for smoothing the skin and diminish the swelling margins. Botox can be used also after this step. The result is very good one, but in most cases the process must be repeated at 8-9 months in interval resulting in high costs in time.



For results that last more than 20 years surgery is recommended. Blepharoplasty ( the eyelid lifting) implies the insertion of an electronic cannula of reduced dimensions that melts the fat. At young persons the simple procedure of melting  the fat is enough for a good result, but for older persons the removal of the excess skin is mandatory. Blepharoplasty is a procedure that does not require hospitalization and takes about an hour, only local anesthesia is required and a mild sedation.


Food Allergy

Food allergies represent exaggerated reactions of the immune system due to the ingestion of a aliment or food additive. Unlike the food intolerance or food poisoning , allergies involve a immune system reaction. In this case the body reacts to a food intake that is called in this case allergen, unleashing a series of defence mechanisms. A food allergy occurs as a reaction to a protein that can be present in peanuts, milk, fish and so on. Therefore allergy to lipids or carbohydrates cannot exist or have not been described in medical books yet, although intolerance to lactose ( a type of carbohydrate that is present in milk) can occur.

This way in a food allergy case , even a small quantity of milk for example can cause symptoms. There is no cure fo food allergies , the only solution is to avoid the type of aliment that contains the allergen.



Food allergy symptoms can be from mild ones to sever and potentially fatal ones : difficulty in breathing, loss of conscience , or heart arrhythmia in the case of anaphylactic shock( a very fast and severe hypersensitivity reaction to a substance which the organism has came in contact with). Symptoms can include:

  • Itchy and swollen lips
  • Swollen tongue
  • Swollen throat
  • Dermatological reactions (rash, hives ,eczema , swelling and itching)
  • Vomiting , bloating the sick sensation
  • A runny nose
  • Red , sore eyes that itch


Please note that these symptoms are not specific only to food allergy and can occur in many other health problems.

Food allergies can be present at any age , but generally appear before 4 .At that early age the digestive system and immune system are not fully evolved and therefore more sensitive to allergens. Some allergies diminish and vanish with the pass of time.

The incidence ( the relative frequency chance of occurrence of an event or something) of food allergys and other disturbances assume the existence of a atopic background like eczema, runny nose, asthma, hives and so on.


Hair Loss Facts

What works for men can work very well also for women. You can dress up, do some styling , brush your hair do everything you want and need  to do for you to look as good as possible but if your hair is falling, all styling products are in vain. The problem is if you haven’t figured this one yet by now is the hair loss and nowadays women have the same risk as men do.

The good news is that new alternatives of treatment can make a major difference. Meanwhile the first logical step is diagnosing the cause of you hair loss by a specialist ( a dermatologist can be a good starting point) . Once this cause has been discovered , a very large diversity of drugs are available on the market to help you – some especially created just for women.



Hair Loss Treatments

Minoxidil (Rogaine, Regaine, Loniten, Avacor) – very useful.

Among the most popular drugs prescibed is the Minoxidil compound which was initially created for men alopecia (hair loss), works very well for women also ,helping the growth and thickening of the hair.

The Minoxidil comes under two forms:

A 2% solution created for women use

A 5% solution created for men use

Scientists say that women can achieve even better results with the stronger form of Minoxidil. The 2% solution is way too weak for “women type” of hair loss and you actually have to use the 5% solution to obtain good results. A recent study published in the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology compared the 2% and 5% Minoxidil treatment for the women hair loss for 48 weeks. A placebo lot was also included  (without any drug given lot), in the end the 5 % Minoxidil had superior results in hair growth and hairs number.

Secondly many women were helped by using oral contraceptives (estrogen based ones) that overwhelm the high levels of testosterone and supplies the hair follicle with enough feminine hormones that stops the hair loss determined by testosterone.

Dutasteride (brand name Avodart) is also very useful against hair loss, a cousin of the well known Finasteride which was initially created for prostate disorders. The main difference is that Finasteride helps blocking one enzyme that converts testosterone while Avodart seems to bock two enzymes that convert testosterone in dihydrotestosterone, and therefore can be a real advantage for women suffering from hair loss.

The future hopes are relying on a hair growth process that uses new hair follicles. It is also known as follicular neurogenesis and is a kind of cloning that tyres to generate “hair seeds” that can help the growth of new follicles.


Urinary Tract Infection Tips

First and most important you must maintain a high level of hygiene, clean your genital area very well from anterior to posterior (front to back) after you urinate or after the stool (in women cases) . This way you limit the spread of the bacteria from the rectum area to the vagina. Avoid the usage of colored toilet paper (usually contains chemicals) , the bubble bath soaps, the scented soaps , the intravaginal showers, the use of feminine deodorants and the scented wet napkins. Avoid also using very powerful bleach agents when washing your clothes and underwear. Avoid prolonged activities that can aggravate the urinary infection like bicycle rides, horse riding, riding motorcycles and so on.

urinary tract infection

urinary tract infection

Drink 6 to 8 large glasses of liquids, preferably water every day. Rose hip juice can be also useful in urinary infections but you must ask your medic first to to so (it can not be consumed combined with certain drugs)

Urinate as many times as you need to to so. Do not refrain yourself for long periods of time.

During the menstrual cycle change your tampons al least two times each day.

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection

If you have an urinary infection here is what you can do:

  • Maintain a adequate liquid intake for assuring a good diuresis – at least one or two liters of liquids per day. Tea consumption can be also very useful.
  • Urinate as frequent as you can even though you may not feel your bladder is full.
  • Avoid aliments that can irritate the bladder like spicy, food. Stay away from alcohol and drinks that may contain caffeine and can worsen your urinary infection
  • Follow very precisely what your doctor told you to do and the treatment scheme.
  • If the urinary infection symptoms do not diminish or disappear pay another visit to your doctor. Be sure to call your doctor and ask for an appointment if you notice one or more of these following urinary tract infection symptoms:
  1. Diuresis alters in frequency, quantity, pain or burn sensation when urinating (overall symptoms of urinary infection)
  2. The urine has dim or unsettled aspect, uncommon smell, or contains blood.
  3. You are always in need of urinating.
  4. You have high fever (over 38 degrees C) or  experience chills
  5. You feel pain or discomfort in the lower abdominal region
  6. You feel pain or discomfort in the lumbar region


Angina Pectoris

The Pectoris angina or commonly known as angina is a sever pain in the chest area caused by ischemia (the lack of blood supply therefore the lack of oxygen needed by tissues). The angina is the way in which the heart tells you that it does not have enough oxygen for doing what it is asked to do. This happens when the coronary arteries ( the arteries that supply blood to the heart) are obstructed by atherosclerosis. Due to this process on the artery walls fatty deposits precipitate, that will diminish the blood flow.



Another cause of angina is represented by the fact that the effort which the heart is made to sustain is overwhelming, or the oxygen supply to the heart is too small for it to sustain a certain activity in normal conditions. Angina occurs also in other conditions like anemia , aortic valvular disorders, cardiac rhythm disorders or hyper function of the thyroid gland.



The coronary disease is the main cause of death world wide and every year over 1,5 million people suffer from myocardial infarction and one third of those people die from it. Overall the cardiovascular diseases kill more people than all the other diseases combined.

Angina is more often seen at people who have over 30 years and it is more frequent at males, and if we consider the fact that almost one third of over 30 population suffers from arterial hypertension , we can easly imagine how severe is the situation from this point of view.

What is Angina Pectoris?

The medical term of angina pectoris refers to a specific pain situated on the thorax. There are many types of angina , but the classic one is named stable angina. It is determined by a certain difficulty level effort and disappears when resting. If you have stable angina there is no doubt that you can foresee what activities will trigger the pain.



Another type is the unstable angina. It is a more severe type of angina , that can occur even when you aren’t engadget in any physical activity, and can even occur during sleep without any notice before the crisis.

The Pectoris Angina must be interpreted as a sign that shows a severe cardiac disfunction , that generally preceeds an infaction.


Life Style Impact On Women With Breast Cancer

Regular physical exercises and a healthy diet extend the life expectancy in the case of breast cancer patients to be more precise in those cases that were early diagnosed. The women who participated in the study ate at least five portions of vegetables and fruits daily , performed moderated physical activity and therefore reduced the death risk to half, according to the study authors. The effects were seen in normal weight persons and  also in obese ones.

Moderate physical activity is considered to be the equivalent of a 30 minutes walk a day , six days per week. John Pierce from the University of California San Diego, one of the scientists performing this study said that in the case of overweight women the diet based on vegetables and fruits  combined with physical exercises has dropped the death risk to half.

Older researches have shown that physical exercise without any diet association does not have good results on patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

The diet and physical exercise impact on each person was studied and the key to all good results is the actual combining of those two aspects.



The research included 1490 women with early stage breast cancer , women who weren’t actually told what to eat of how much physical exercise they should do every day, but in the end they were asked detailed questions about their life style in the past 6 to 7 years.

The women who had the healthiest diet based on vegetables and performed regular physical activity , had in the end, the longest life expectancy.


What Is The Hepatic Hydatid Cyst?

Infestation occurs frequently in people who get in contact with dogs. The etiological agent is Taenia Echinococus which is a small parasite. The eggs accidently reach into the human small intestine aided by infested unwashed aliments, or by unwashed infested hands. The duodenal juice dissolves the eggs coating and releases the echinococus embryos that pass through the intestinal wall and enter the blood stream in the portal vein and finally reach the liver.

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst?

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst?

The majority (85%) are retained by the liver and establish here resulting the Hepatic Hydatid Cyst. The most frequent localization of the Hydatid Cyst is in the right hepatic lobe. The rest of 15% embryos get into the main blood stream and determine pulmonary hydatid cysts, spleen  hydatid cysts and in some cases even brain hydatid cysts.

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst

Hepatic Hydatid Cyst

Symptoms of the Hydatid Hepatic Cyst

The Hydatid Hepatic Cyst symptoms are the loss of appetite, anorexia for fat aliments, nausea, vomiting, sensation of weight in the liver area, pain which radiates in the back or right shoulder. Rash may also occur so as anemia.

If the Cyst is situated in the superior hepatic regions the patient may experience dry cough, sensation of lack of air, pain that radiates in the right shoulder.

In evolution we note a progressive enlargement of the cyst, the patient feels sicker each day, total cachexia settles. The dimensions of the cyst may cause compression on the liver with sever latent hepatic insufficiency. The Hydatid Cyst can also rupture and determine an anaphylactic shock that is life threatening.

The only treatment is the surgical one and involves removal of the cyst.