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The process of correction of sagging and deformities in the female external genital organs due to giving birth or aging is called Vaginoplasty.

Why does the vagina sag?

   Vaginal sagging occurs because of two important reasons.

The first is pregnancy. During pregnancy, hormones cause a high level of blood supply and growth in the external genital organs. The muscles around the vagina relax and prepare for childbirth. After childbirth, growth and relaxation in these tissues return to their original form but sometimes not entirely. At birth, due to ruptures and enlargements in the mucous membranes and muscle tissue, a partial sagging occurs both in the inner part of the vagina and in the labia minora and Majora.

   Secondly, with aging, a loss of elasticity of the tissues and a loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue causes relaxation and sagging in the vaginal tissues. At the same time, the relaxation of the connective tissues surrounding the vagina can not get back to its original form as in pregnancy and after birth. Elongation in the collagen and mucosa causes sagging with age.

Vagina Anatomy

    The vagina is a tube system that connects the internal genital system to the outside. It has 3 important functions. The first one is being a canal that transmits the sperm to the uterus by taking the penis inside. It also acts as a channel for the child to exit from the uterus during childbirth. It is also a tubular organ in which the intrauterine blood and tissues during the menstrual cycle are cast out. The inside of the vagina is covered with mucous wrapped with glands. This structure secretes fluid during sexual intercourse and provides the formation of slipperiness. Under the mucosa is a structure that we call fibromuscular. This structure has a certain tone and tension. It can expand during intercourse and childbirth. The vagina has a rich structure both from veins and arteries. As with hormonal effects, the blood supply increases; with the age, blood drainage decreases and causes dryness in the vagina. Also, the vagina and the surrounding tissues are surrounded by rich sensory nerves.

What are the results achieved with vaginoplasty?

The surgery process depends on the condition of the deformity in the vagina. It varies from patient to patient.

Firstly, if there is an enlargement due to the tearing of the mucosa and muscles in the inner tissue of the vagina, which happens mostly with births, the procedure will be to narrow the mucosa and muscle and connective tissue in the vagina. Thus the tube in the enlarged vagina is narrowed and tried to be normalized.

The vaginoplasty is also performed to treat the Labia minora, which is at the outward opening mouth of the vagina, and the labia majora. These usually have sagging in the labia minora and the skin tissue surrounding the clitoris, which we call the clitoral hood. These sags are normalized by shortening both the labia minora and the skin tissue around the clitoris.

Thirdly, by using vaginoplasty, the labia majora is intervened, and if there is excess skin tissue, it is removed and if it is missing fat tissue some fat injections can be made.

Finally, a color change in the vagina, a darker color, may occur. This usually occurs in overhanging labia minora. More natural color is obtained by removing this area and fat injections.

How is vaginoplasty performed?

Although the vaginoplasty process varies from patient to patient, it is examined under three main headings. The first is the tubular part of the vagina tissue from the entrance to the cervix. The stretch here can cause two problems. The first is an excess of the mucosa. This excess tissue is caused by giving birth and age. This excess mucous tissue needs to be removed and sutured. Secondly, and more importantly, ruptures due to tearing and stretching occur in the muscles surrounding the vagina after giving birth. Due to this slack, the vagina loses its old tone. After we remove the excess of the mucosa, we tighten the muscles here, just like in the abdomen, with the help of stitches.

The second procedure we do in vaginoplasty is a procedure called labioplasty.

Labioplasty is the process of reshaping the small lips and the clitoris and its surrounding tissues. The process we do is to shorten the excessive tissue in the labia minora. It is also the process of shaping the area with the help of sutures after the mucosa on the labia minora is stripped and removed, leaving the tissue inside. When we move to the upper region, excess skin tissue around the clitoris can Cover the clitoris. After leaving both the excessive and sagging skin tissue to cover the clitoris with a sufficient amount, the remaining excess is removed. If necessary, this process is completed by lifting the clitorial region that hangs downwards.

The region where we last intervene in vaginoplasty is the labia majora region. There may rarely be excess skin in the labia majora. Excess skin is removed to preserve the usual shape of this region. However, more tonus loss occurs. So there is a decrease in fat and ligament tissue. This occurs with weight loss and aging. By filling these areas with fat grafts, we can achieve a certain tone and plumpness.

The vagina that has been darkened, by intervention in both the labia minora and the labia majora, is returned to its normal color.

The postoperative recovery period after vaginoplasty

If three processes are performed together in the vaginoplasty, the total healing period is one week if we have created a narrowing in the vagina tissue. However, if we have performed only the Labiaplasty, recovery is completed in 3-4 days. After vaginoplasty, you can return to daily life on the third or fourth day. After Labiaplasty, the patient can easily return to daily life 1 day after the surgery.

What are the risks of the surgery?

A large complication in vaginoplasty usually does not happen. There are risks of anesthesia that can occur in every surgery. Labioplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Infection and bleeding are other complications. These complications can be seen from time to time, but these are complications that can eventually be controlled.

Is the result of the surgery permanent?

Vaginoplasty and labiaplasty procedures are permanent procedures. There is no short-term deterioration and deformation. However, with aging and giving more birth, the vagina mucosa gradually begins to deform over time.

What is the difference between vaginoplasty and labioplasty?

In vaginoplasty, both the inside of the vagina and the external genital organs are intervened as a whole. In labiaplasty, only the external genital organs and the clitoral area are intervened.

The surgery is performed on the same day as the patient arrives at the hospital. The preoperative tests are made and the patients get ready for the anesthesia before the surgery. After the surgery, it is necessary to stay for one day in the hospital. It is recommended to stay in Turkey for 2 days for labioplasty patients and 3 days for vaginoplasty patients. However, for patients that work could be allowed to travel after 1 day in labioplasty and 2 days in vaginoplasty.

Patients are very easy to take care of after surgery. It is enough just to pay attention to the rules of hygiene and apply an ointment with antibiotics on the wound once a day.

The stitches used in both applications are stitches that can be absorbed. These are absorbed or fall off spontaneously within 1-2 weeks. Recovery is completed within 1 week. Sexual intercourse should be avoided until 6 weeks after labioplasty and 3 weeks in vaginoplasty.

back pain

Back pain can stop even the most devoted employee from doing their job. It is the number one reason that people miss work and that they have to file for disability. Pain in your back can affect your entire body and the way it moves. When you experience back pain in Austin, TX it can disrupt your entire life, including enjoying time with your family and friends.

Common Reasons for Back Pain

The pain you are experiencing in your back could be caused by several conditions, each of which will require its own form of treatment. The pain could originate in your spine, nerves, muscles, or connective tissue. Certain conditions can add to your back pain, including:


While it is very common, arthritis is not understood very well. People use the term to refer to basically any joint pain or disease, but there are over a hundred types of arthritis. It can affect any age, sex, or race, and is the main reason for disability in our country.

Spinal Stenosis:

In this condition, the spaces in your spine begin to narrow. When this happens, pressure can be put on the nerves in the spine. This tends to cause mostly lower back pain and neck pain. It can be caused by several things, like bone overgrowth, and can cause symptoms like pain, weakness, or numbness of the legs or arms.

Herniated Discs:

This condition occurs when there is a problem with one of the rubber-like discs that are between each of the bones of the spine. The soft, gelatinous center, or nucleus, of one of these spinal discs, gets pushed through an opening in the stronger exterior, or annulus.


This is a condition where the spine curves sideways instead of in a straight line. It most often occurs just before puberty, during an adolescent’s growth spurt.


This is a very painful form of nerve pain. Typically, it happens when the nerves get damaged after an injury or fall. It can cause a hypersensitivity to pain. Even after the injury is healed, the nerves continue to send false pain signals.

When Should You See a Doctor About Your Back Pain?

Everyone suffers from back pain from time to time. A muscle can get pulled or torn, leaving you in terrible pain. Or your back could be hurting from poor posture. So, when should you see a doctor about your pain?

If you have back pain that starts suddenly and hurts so much that it restricts your movements or you are injured, you should see your interventional pain specialist in Austin immediately. Also, if you have pain that gets increasingly worse, it is time for professional help.

Treatment of Back Pain

After you have been examined by a physician to determine what is causing your back pain, you will begin to hear about pain management and treatment options. The purpose of pain management is to relieve your pain and improve your quality of life. Your pain program could include epidural injections, radiofrequency nerve ablation, nerve blocks, disc decompression, physical therapy, or one of many other treatment plans.

What Is Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation?

Radiofrequency nerve ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that can reduce pain. A radio wave produces an electrical current, which heats up a tiny area of nerve tissue. This is useful in lowering the pain signals that are coming from that area. This process destroys the nerve fibers that are sending pain signals to your brain.

medical spa

Total cosmetix medical Spa and cosmetic surgery, located in Irvine, performs both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures for its clients. The treatments available at Total cosmetix reduce any signs of aging to its clients, enhance their immunity against diseases, and also their wellness. The medical Spa provides its clients with the best services, boosting their confidence. The goal of this Irvine Cosmetics surgery Spa is to help its patients achieve youthful beauty.

How does the medical Spa offer treatments?

Dr. Towhidian, the founder of Total Cosmetix, has over three-decade experience in cosmetic surgeries and other aesthetic treatments. Together with his well-trained team and vast experience, he performs very quality procedures to his patients. The team uses fat from its patients to shape their bodies, helping them achieve the best contours. Dr. Towhidian's experience through travels and interactions with international leaders in Cosmetic treatments provides Total Cosmetix with the best knowledge and skills on how to incorporate various innovations into their treatments. These enable the medical Spa to offer a variety of services to its clients.

Which services does Total Cosmetix offer?

This medical Spa offers a wide variety of cosmetic services that involve both surgical and non-surgical procedures in their treatments. Some of these services include non-surgical fat reduction, butt lifts, double chin treatment, micro-needling, PDO thread lift, fillers, Botox, laser hair removal, stem cell therapy, chemical peels, and acne treatment. Performing procedures such as laser hair removals and lifts require high-level technology equipment and expertise to give their clients quality services.

Moreover, Dr. Towhidian writes various blog articles on cosmetic services offered at his Spa. These blogs provide information to potential clients about the services he provides. The description of how he conducts various treatments and the benefits of such procedures are well highlighted in these blogs. These blogs are posted on online platforms ensuring that any person in the world has easy access to this information. Some blogs also include a progress gallery of patients that serves as an advertisement platform for services offered at his center.

Reviews by patients on the services offered

Total Cosmetix medical Spa and surgery appreciate patients’ reviews on how they offer their services. To date, the medical Spa boasts two reviews with a rating of five out of five. These enhance the fact that they are working towards achieving their goal of treating their patients well and offering the best quality treatments. Testimonials made by various patients also add on to boost the image of the medical Spa attracting customers from different regions in the world.

How to contact Total Cosmetix?

Total Cosmetix attracts clients from all over the world, necessitating them to make it easy to contact them at any time. A patient can contact them by calling them directly through the telephone lines they provide on their online platform. To request an appointment, one can also fill in the online application form and wait for a response to secure you an appointment at the Medical Spa.

All the services offered at this medical facility, located in Irvine and Laguna Beach, aim at enhancing the natural beauty in individuals. The center makes this possible by providing services aimed at giving clients their desired looks. Dr. Towhidian, the founder of the facility, applies his knowledge in cosmetic procedures to offer these services efficiently.

female infertility

When you fail to get pregnant after regular intercourse for about a year without using any birth control measures, it may be due to infertility. Luckily, women in Arlington, VA, with difficulties in conceiving can consult the specialists at Ballston, OBGYN, to help them work out their troubles.

At Capital Women’s Care Division 67, a team of three OBGYNs offers services like pregnancy care needs, contraceptive counseling, pre-pregnancy counseling, diagnosis, and treatment of infertility.

Here are essential facts you should know about infertility in women.

What are the Causes of Female Infertility

Several factors can cause infertility in women. When your fallopian tubes are damaged, the sperms can fail to reach the egg to fertilize it. The fallopian tube can develop problems after you suffer pelvic infection, or after pelvic surgery. With a damaged oviduct, fertilized eggs can fail to reach the womb, where the baby is supposed to develop.

When the cervix develops complications, it prevents the sperms from passing the cervical canal to the oviduct. Other factors that increase your inability to conceive include too much athletic training, poor diet, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, diabetes, poor diet, and reaching menopause.

The Signs and Symptoms of Infertility

Some different signs and symptoms show potential infertility. When these signs occur, a majority of couples opt for over the counter or traditional medication procedures, but it’s not always the best route to follow. You should contact your healthcare provider as soon as you notice symptoms like:

  • Fever
  • Experiencing pain and discomfort during intercourse
  • Abdominal bleeding
  • Feeling itchy or soreness in the vaginal area
  • Experiencing abdominal pains
  • Menstrual cycles are shorter than twenty-one days or longer than thirty-five days or completely absence.

Diagnosis of Female Infertility

Female infertility can be diagnosed by your doctor using fertility tests like;

  • Imaging tests- These tests help to detect disease development in the fallopian tubes and uterus. There are different imaging tests, including laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and genetic testing. Depending on your signs and symptoms, the doctor can choose the appropriate imaging test for you.
  • Ovulation test- This can be done at home using an ovulation prediction kit. The kit helps to detect the presence of luteinizing hormone, which is produced before the actual ovulation. Blood tests looking for the hormone progesterone, which is produced after ovulation, can be used to determine whether you are still ovulating or not. You can also check for the levels of the hormone prolactin, which have significant effects on ovulation and other reproductive processes.
  • Ovarian reverse testing- After the doctor completes this test, they will tell you about the quality and the quantity of the eggs available for ovulation. Women age 30 years and above are the most vulnerable to the risk of egg depletion.
  • Hormone test- Hormone tests can be used to check the levels of the ovulatory, pituitary, and thyroid hormones. These hormones help in controlling all the reproductive processes.

Treatment Options for Women Infertility

Depending on the diagnosed cause of your infertility, you may require only one or two therapies that will help improve your fertility. For women with more complicated conditions, a combination of these therapies and other treatments can help. The different types of treatments include:

  • Intrauterine insemination treatment procedure, which involves placing healthy sperms in the uterus when the ovary is releasing eggs for fertilization
  • Use of fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation
  • Fertility restoration surgery

Not all CBD is created equally and some products are far superior to others even though they bear the same name. Here are some tips to help you differentiate.

person holding dropper

Are the lab reports of the company public, easy to understand and accessible?

You should visit the website of the company and search, or you can directly reach out to the customer service team of the company so they can tell you what to do. The things you will be looking at from the reports include cannabinoids listed, evidence of absent pesticides and chemicals, and terpenes.

Checking the Method of Extraction Used for the CBD Products

The process used when extracting CBD oil from hemp plants is going to impact the genetic makeup of the final product. Pressure has to be applied to the hemp plant when extracting CBD oil. When this is done, the trichomes burst and the oils are excreted. This is what is captured by the CBD oil companies, then bottled before being sold. The method used in applying pressure is what results in low-quality CBD products and high-quality CBD products.

According to CBD website Organic Nugs if heat is used when extracting, then butane is going to be used. Butane has chemicals that come in contact with the cannabinoids. There is a chemical reaction when aromatic chemicals come into contact.

The genetic profile of all compounds is going to be altered by chemical reactions. Butane is hazardous. It is usually distilled from the final product, but it would have still lowered the quality of the CBD products produced.

It is a good idea to choose a company employing extraction methods like food-grade ethanol or CO2. When such natural solvents are used, the cannabinoids remain intact because there are no foreign substances introduced.

woman holds plants

Are they organic and whole plant?

There will be a logo on the website if the products have been certified organic. Some have been grown organically but do not have the certification, which is not ideal but even if they have no certification, having a look at the lab reports is going to let you know the test for and the negative levels of chemicals and toxins.

Research out there and the many anecdotal reports are claiming that whole-plant extract tends to be more therapeutically potent when compared to isolated CBD extracts alone. When looking at the lab reports, make sure there is information on terpene and other cannabinoid levels, so you don't end up buying an isolated CBD product. What this means is you might end up with a product from a company only using CBD molecule in a carrier oil and doesn't have any other plant molecules of benefit.

Where are The CBD Products Being Sourced From?

If you are not sure about this, then you should consider buying from the US. In the US, hemp is heavily regulated, and this is why it is easier for the CBD products in the US to be Farm Bill Compliant.

Some other factors that can have an impact on the quality of the products include the climate and soil pH. Before buying a CBD product, make sure you have a closer look at where the company is sourcing its product. This is why it is a good idea to go with something you know. If the company is sourcing its CBD oil from the US, you will be able to rest easy knowing that it is going to be quality.

Is the CBD amount verifiable and clearly labeled?

The CBD industry has not been standardized, which explains why the CBD levels and bottle sizes depend on what the company decides, which makes it hard to know whether you are getting value for your money or not. There is a CBD calculator can help in working out the amount per milligram of CBD. This will become important when you are trying to choose from more than one product.

Do they have clear quality standards in place?

There is no guarantee of safety when there are no clear quality standards in the products you are buying. You should make sure that you are buying products from companies with proof of the quality standards. Find out whether the CBD products you want to buy are Good Manufacturing Practice certified (GMP). This will show if the products are of pharmaceutical quality, and other certifications are showing that the products are safe.

Checking Out the Customer Support of the CBD Company

One of the best ways of knowing whether a given product is right for you is by looking at whether the company is right for you. If you talk to the customer support and they are not able to answer the questions you might be having, then consider looking at other options.

With the current interest and growth of the cannabis industry, the company should be ready to explain the benefits you can expect to get when you use their CBD products. If a company has good customer support, it shows they are ready to help their customer. This will give you peace of mind dealing with them.

Is the content of the website clear and informative, and how are their reviews?

CBD is a new industry, and this has led to a lot of misinformation, and this includes information posted on company websites. The unfortunate thing is a person can easily buy CBD in bulk then rebrand as their own. If you visit the website of the company and they are not providing enough information, or if they are not clear about important information needed to decide on whether to buy or not, stay away. There are websites dedicated to reviews, which is a good idea since it will let you know what customers are saying about the CBD products.

eating disorder

At least 30 million Americans of all ages and gender have an eating disorder.

When you think about binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia, you probably picture an adolescent girl. That is because eating disorders tend to appear in adolescence and are more common in females.

A 2012 study established that around 13 percent of American women over 50 years have an eating disorder. A 2017 study found that about 4 percent of women over 40 years have a diagnosable eating disorder, yet they are not on treatment. Another study established that even though incidences of anorexia plateau around 26 years, rates of bulimia do not plateau until around 47 years.

The crisis of eating disorders among middle-aged women might be bigger than we realize because older women might not recognize the symptoms or are reluctant to admit.

Triggering Factors

According to Jennifer Gaudiani, the author of “Sick Enough” and the medical director of Denver’s Gaudiani Clinic, most older women with eating disorders have experienced some disordered eating earlier in life. It is highly likely that those seeds were planted earlier on. Major life transitions such as divorce, illness, health struggles, or a child’s death are common triggers for a surge in eating disorders.

Research suggests that hormonal changes associated with perimenopause may trigger eating disorders. Ageism is often overlooked as a trigger because of its subtlety.

Medical Complications

Eating disorders don’t look much different in midlife than during adolescence. However, the consequences and effects can be different. Older bodies are older and eating disorders take a toll on the body. Aging bodies are more vulnerable to the medical complications of eating disorders.

Eating disorders cause nutritional deficiencies that can lead to digestive issues such as slow stomach emptying, GERD, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. These can cause further complications such as hormonal imbalances, gum disease, strain on the heart, and brittle bones. Some of these conditions can cause sudden death.

A person with an eating disorder is highly likely to have other mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

How a Recovery Center Can Help You Recover From An Eating Disorder

At Harmony Place Monterey, around 20% of women treated are over 35 years. There are several eating disorder recovery centers. They include:

  • Harmony Place Mark Schwartz
  • Renfrew Center of Philadelphia
  • Carolina House Eating Disorder Treatment Center
  • Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Center

These recovery centers have an experienced team of therapists who work both individually and in group therapy to help their clients to unmask the root cause of the problem. They coach their clients to practice new life skills while in treatment. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place takes a holistic approach towards treating this problem.

Eating disorder counseling addresses the psychological component of the problem. This component plays a key role in the development and maintenance of the disorder over time. If the psychological element is not properly addressed, relapse is highly likely.

Treatment centers help women with eating disorders develop better-coping skills. Certain stressors or life situations can make relapse more likely. Coping skills will reduce the risk of relapse.

During group counseling, clients get a chance to learn from others. Therefore, one will gain support and encouragement from other people. Dr. Mark Schwartz Harmony Place usually supports his clients in every manner possible.

There is Hope for Eating Disorders

Having an eating disorder is not the end of life. It is not a death sentence. Millions of women have successfully conquered eating disorders. Treatment centers offer hope to those struggling with disordered eating. Harmony Place Dr. Schwartz is one of the places where one can find help.

It's natural for men to be concerned about premature ejaculation (PE), and nonetheless avoid talking about it. While it is, for the most part, genetically, there are predisposing factors to the condition that can be treated naturally. Before men opt for enhancement pills, there are natural alternatives to these treatments that may not provide immediate results, but are generally more reliable and safer compared to chemical-packed treatments that pose adverse effects on your health in the long run.



When you think of exercises for penile health, your mind likely wanders to Jelqing and other viral methods that enhance size and performance. However, you don't have to perform a range of uncomfortable exercises to improve virility and sexual health; kegels for premature ejaculation are becoming a widely used treatment, primarily because of how quickly men are usually able to see results. In just twelve weeks of consistently doing kegels, men are usually able to see a drastic difference in their latency time.

 These exercises work on strengthening the urinary sphincter, which is responsible for controlling ejaculation. On the other hand, doing kegels also works to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which can help improve your overall performance.

Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine

With plenty of anecdotal evidence and recent studies on the effectiveness of traditional medicine in PE, ayurvedic medicine is becoming more popular to treat everything from inflammation and diabetes, to premature ejaculation. And contrary to popular belief, these herbs are not consumed through teas, but are best taken in capsule form, especially herbs such as kaunch beej and yauvanamrit vati. Because it's natural medicine, it can be taken on the daily one to two times with warm water.

On the other hand, Chinese herbal medicine is also gaining widespread popularity, with studies recently proving that men with PE can see a slight improvement in their latency time just a couple of weeks after consistently consuming the medicine. However, Chinese medicine such as Qilin pills and Yimsusake tablets work differently, seeing as they treat PE by strengthening the reproductive system as a whole, rather than targeting the urinary sphincter. Of course, because herbs give a slight difference, they're best used with exercises.


Although it may not seem like a natural treatment because you'll have to head to a drug store to purchase it, Lidocaine spray is a natural topical treatment that has little to no known side effects. It works by desensitizing the penis, and thus drastically improving the time it takes for men to ejaculate. It's best used by applying it ten to fifteen minutes before you expect to initiate sex with your partner. However, this treatment has a couple of known undesirable side effects, primarily lower libido and decreased pleasure during sex due to sensitivity loss. The trick is usually knowing how much you need. A couple of spritzes are usually all it takes; more is not better with Lidocaine spray.


Following a healthy diet can go a long way in naturally treating PE, primarily because this condition can be exacerbated by low testosterone levels. Although zinc is known to promote cell growth, it can also balance your hormonal levels and thus give your sex drive a needed boost. Recent studies have found that a deficiency in zinc and sex drive, as well as sex dysfunction in men, are strongly linked. With that said, you should make sure to consume your needed dietary intake, which is around eleven milligrams of zinc daily. You can also opt for supplements, which are also used in male enhancement pills. However, just like Lidocaine, more is not better. Zinc overdose can cause a myriad of undesirable side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, as well as kidney and stomach damage.


Edging is probably the most draining exercise you can do to improve your latency time, but it's also the most effective. This stop-start exercise works by adapting your body to control your orgasm. It's as simple as stroking or massaging your penis until it's erect and stopping before you can climax. You need to stop until you feel much less aroused before you repeat the process. This will help you strengthen your urinary sphincter, and have you gain much more control over ejaculation. With time, you'll notice an improved ability to hold an erection and controlling ejaculation.

Instead of opting for male enhancement pills, it's better to invest in exercises that can help improve your latency time and virility more effectively. When you pair these exercises with the right diet, you'll begin to see a major improvement in both virility and ejaculation control. Give yourself a few weeks before you decide on the efficacy of these treatments. If you don't see your desired results in twelve weeks, consult your physician for supplements and natural enhancements.

relapse prevention

Relapses are one of a recovering addict’s worst fears, all the more so without the right type of support in their lives. More than just counselors, family and friends can make the difference as someone goes through addiction treatment and Newport Beach relapse prevention. If someone you know is currently going through the process or about to enter treatment, consider these tips to help them in the all-important relapse prevention phase.

Provide A Reliable Means Of Communication

A key aspect of being a part of someone’s life is to let them know someone cares and is on hand to get them through the difficult moments in life. Having a reliable way to communicate with those important people can mean the difference between relapse and a journey towards beating addiction where it stands. Family and friends are not advised to be a sponsor or a similar person in the life of an addict, instead, they should act as a lifeline that provides kindness, caring, and compassion when needed. Whether a part of in-patient or outpatient treatment, the person in question should always have a way to reach those select family members and friends. Any facility should also have the information down along with emergency contact details. Keep in mind that there could be times when facilities may dictate that there be no communication between the outside world and patients as the hardest parts of the treatment process occur.

Keep An Eye Out For The Signs

While some addicts think they are experts at hiding the details of relapse or thoughts of relapse, it is often easy to spot the signs that someone is in danger. A detachment from things people previously enjoyed is a telltale sign for conditions like depression, but it can also be a signal that the pangs of addition are starting to set in. While some may indulge in these pangs, others will become even more closed off from their reality if left unchecked. Another sign could be the prevalence that everything is fine, especially if the addict proclaims it in overblown proportions. Look out for overdoing the emotions with bouts of intense happiness and doing things in an abundance that hinges on danger.

Consulting With Doctors, Nurses, And Treatment Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and treatment professionals all play a key role in treatment along with the special people in an addict’s life. When setting upon a treatment plan, it is crucial for everyone involved to be on the same page. If family and friends are not aware of these plans, it can be difficult for the addict to see any type of growth or development, features in relapse prevention. Having people close to the addict to understand the various goals, as well as time tables, gives these professionals additional help in the outside world. It also gives those involved an idea of what to expect and information about who to call when something goes wrong. For that reason, open dialogue between all parties is vital to making relapse prevention happen in the best possible way.

wrist and hand pain

Avoidable Manual Pain Problems

Your wrists and hands might hurt because of how you position your hands while typing. However, they could also hurt because of arthritis or another long-term medical problem. Experienced Jersey City hand and wrist pain specialists could diagnose the problem and help you get back the full use of your hands. If you’re developing any sort of chronic medical issue, it’s important to get answers as quickly as possible.

Finding the Cause

Orthopedic physicians will use different techniques in order to understand what’s contributing to your wrist and hand pain. They might try to evaluate your level of grip strength. Many wrist and hand pain problems directly or indirectly relate to the area’s median nerve, so some tests will focus on the median nerve.

Different types of imaging technology can help orthopedic experts accurately determine exactly what’s causing a wrist or hand problem. Some experts examine the joints and bones using ultrasonic medical devices. It’s possible to get very clear readings using this process.

There are medical tests that specifically relate to nerve conduction velocity, which are used to determine whether or not any substantial nerve damage has occurred. Doctors might decide to run this test if they’ve determined that there is an issue with the median nerve. This might not be the only test that they’ll need.

If physicians suspect that a patient has gout, they might remove a fluid sample from the joints. They’ll use this test to determine whether or not the patient has started to develop uric acid crystals in the joints, which is the cause of gout.

If you’re worried that your joint pain is because of something like gout, it’s important to remember that joint pain itself is significantly more common than gout. Most people experience wrist pain at least sometimes, and it’s a symptom that can have a completely treatable root cause. You might be able to avoid some of the long-term side effects associated with a wide range of different medical conditions by getting your wrist pain or hand pain correctly diagnosed.

Wrist Pain Complications

The patients who aren’t able to get their manual joint pain addressed in time might suffer from permanent nerve damage. You might just have a much harder time using your hands in general. Patients will typically see orthopedic physicians after they’ve gotten to the point where their hands feel weak and numb, and they’re struggling with basic tasks. It’s always important to get the problem diagnosed at that point, or those symptoms will eventually be that much harder to treat.

You won’t necessarily have to change everything about how you use your hands on a regular basis in order to alleviate these symptoms. Orthopedic specialists understand that plenty of people have jobs that require them to perform certain repetitive hand motions consistently, and they can work around a patient’s requirements.

Manual Pain and Work

If you have a desk job and spend lots of time typing, you can get supports for your hands and wrists as they’re in the process of healing. Some orthopedic physicians will also recommend that you get a specialized wrist and hand brace. Steroid injections have helped other patients recover from prolonged periods of manual pain. Wrist and hand pain sufferers have numerous treatment options, but working through the pain on a daily basis isn’t the right choice.

optometrist for kids

It is crucial that children receive proper care for their eyes. Since their eyes are still developing and growing, detection, as well as prevention, can save them a lifetime of optical worries. It also helps them in school and after-school activities as proper vision ensures better grades as well as better overall participation. Before their next Frankfort general optometry appointment, learn what every parent or guardian should do to get their kids ready for the exam.

Ask Them About Their Vision

If you want to know about a child’s vision, ask them. For many children, it can be as simple as questions concerning objects in front of them or something they are watching on TV. Be sure to ask school-aged children about anything that may have happened, if there was a lack of seeing the chalkboard clearly. While asking questions, make sure to address any issues like excessive headaches that could be a sign of vision problems or a growing need for optometric care. This can also be a time where others in their lives can offer information on the topic; try to talk to their teachers or coaches about any possible vision-related problems they have noticed in the past few months.

Get Together A Full Medical History And Any Medications

It is a good chance that your child will not be sure of their medical conditions and medications they take on a regular basis; that’s why you are here to help. Take a moment to write down any conditions they may have been diagnosed with or are currently under treatment for. Make sure to jot down on medications the child is taking along with the dosage and instructions. If possible, store this information on your smartphone or tablet, it may come in handy for more than just the optometrist. These details could also be included in your emergency information, something every parent should have at the ready.

Gather All Glasses, Contacts, and Eye Care Products

The optometrist needs to see everything your child uses on a regular basis, even if they are the child’s regular provider for optical care. Unless the child wears glasses at all times, the glasses should be clean and stored in a glass case or other suitable container. Contacts should be placed in their respective case unless the doctor requests they be worn to the appointment. If you are unsure about this, ask the receptionist or nurse at the time of setting the appointment. Bring along any prescribed or over the counter eye care products that your child uses on a regular basis.

Go Over What To Expect During The Appointment

If this is a child’s first appointment with the optometrist, go over what they can expect before, during, and after the exam. Unless there is a special procedure or details planned, most exams will remain the same from year to year. In any case, talk to the child about what they can expect from the day. Let them know about the machines involved as well as any tests that might occur, especially if the eyes are dilated for testing. It is also a good time to answer any questions they might have while also relieving any fears about the upcoming event and subsequent appointments afterward.