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skin health

Total physical health and wellness means maintenance and care for your entire body, including the skin. As your body's largest organ, it basically holds you together. It protects your systems from disease-causing germs. The skin and its layers shield your internal organs and tissues from outside temperatures and helps with moisture retention. Skin problems can have serious ramifications when it comes to your overall health. Unhealthy skin not only keeps you from looking your best, but it can also negatively impact your mood and mental health. When you're ready to make positive changes for your skin health, here are some things to know.

Caring for Your Skin

A complete skin care routine is necessary for its health. It is your responsibility to keep it clean and hydrated for health. A little research into the bestitems for skin careshows that there are many brands and products out there, formulated to meet all kinds of specific needs. In general, you need to wash your face on a daily basis with cool to lukewarm water and products that don't strip essential moisture and nutrients. Depending on your skin's condition, you may need to follow up with a toner or other products that address issues such as acne, excessive oil production, redness, roughness and pore refinement. After cleansing, use a moisturizer that helps seal in moisture to maintain softness and elasticity. Consult a dermatologist to help determine the best products for your regimen.

Getting in Shape

As with other parts of the body, your skin benefits from a healthy lifestyle that includes proper diet and exercise. A regular fitness routine boosts blood circulation which is important for the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to other parts of your body, especially your skin cells. In addition to good exercise, total skin health means getting key nutrients from a complete, balanced diet. Vitamins A, C and E as well as healthy fats and proteins which offer benefits at the molecular and structural levels. A more detailed understanding of how your body interacts with certain foods can offer skin benefits, especially when it comes to nutrient retention and reducing inflammation. A healthy diet also includes plenty of water which helps keep your skin plumped and hydrated.

Enhancing Skin Through Surgery

In your pursuit of total skin health, you may need to consult the expertise of a cosmetic surgeon. Whether you're wanting to reverse the signs of aging such as loose skin and broken blood vessels or treat chronic conditions such as melasma and acne scars, cosmetic surgery may be the way to go. Sometimes healthy skin is troubled by hyperpigmentation (dark spots), irritation or roughness. Treatments and procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser technology can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin. Some issues can't be helped through your own efforts and you need the assistance of a medical expert.

Getting Enough Rest

You'll find that it's difficult to maintain healthy skin with insufficient rest. Your body needs ample time to rest and recover from the exertion and stress of the day. A lack of sleep not only stresses your skin, but it also reduces the efficacy of proper care, diet and exercise. This added stress can have adverse effects on your body including generating excessive oil. This oil clogs your pores and cultivates the development of acne and breakouts. Beauty rest is a real thing, and not having enough of it inhibits your body's resistance to disease-causing microbes and other conditions that mar the appearance of the epidermis.

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

Who doesn't enjoy a day of fun in the sun by a pool or at the beach? While regular sun exposure is a great way to get Vitamin D, it also includes harmful ultraviolet light that not only prematurely ages skin, but also makes it susceptible to skin cancer. No matter your age or complexion, you need to wear sunscreen on skin that is exposed to sunlight. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the use of broad-spectrum protection products that defend against both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreen products should have a sun protection factor of 30 or greater and it should be water resistant. Sunscreen is only one part of the picture. Wear hats and clothing for superior protection.

Taking care of your skin isn't about vanity. On the contrary, it's your largest organ and is critical to keeping your internal parts protected. Skin that is stressed, desiccated or lacking nutrients not only looks bad, but feels bad also. Irritation and itchiness are common symptoms of poor skin health. Treat your body's outer layer the way you'd take care of a really nice vehicle with regular cleansing and conditioning. Keep in mind that overall health benefits the entire body, especially your skin. Do everything you can, but consult a medical professional for chronic conditions.  

cbd oil

More people are turning to hemp oil as a natural and holistic approach to their sense of wellness.  One of the most popular uses for CBD is anxiety relief, as you may have heard from loved ones who have made CBD oil or CBD vape oil part of their daily regimen to maintain a sense of inner calm.  But what is it about the hemp plant that makes it potentially useful for this purpose?

What is CBD Oil?

First, let's discuss what CBD oil actually is, so that you can understand why it may be so useful to you. CBD oil refers to a product that combines the compound-rich extract of the hemp plant with a carrier oil. It comes in a variety of milligram strengths, which each determine a unique potency level. CBD oil is not to be confused with CBD vape oil, which has a slightly different formula, and is intended to be poured into the atomizer of a vaporizer system. CBD oil and CBD vape oil, however, offer the same effects, despite being absorbed into the body through different means.

How Can CBD Oil Be Used?

CBD oil is most commonly used as a tincture, where it is held under the tongue for a period of time so that it can absorb quickly into the sublingual tissue.  CBD oil can also be added to food and beverages and applied topically to the skin for more localized issues.

Can CBD Oil Be Used for Anxiety?

One of the most popular uses for CBD oil is anxiety relief, as well as general stress relief.  CBD is known for having calming properties, and this is because cannabinoid receptors in the brain use CBD to regulate neurotransmitters in the brain that determine our state of mind.  One neurotransmitter that has an influence over our anxiety levels is cortisol, which is released in moments of stress.  CBD seems to have a regulatory effect on cortisol levels, which is why so many people take it for anxiety specifically.

Many findings have demonstrated the potential that CBD has to calm anxiety and stress, showing that CBD may be helpful to anyone suffering from an anxiety disorder.  Research suggests that CBD's calming effects are universal, regardless of the specific form of anxiety that the sufferer has.  It seems that CBD oil is the most effective against anxiety when it is taken daily, because this helps maintain a sense of balance among the hormones in the brain that dictate our mood and mental state at any given time.

What We Know of CBD Oil's Effects So Far

CBD oil is an incredibly useful natural product derived from hemp, which boasts a number of chemical compounds that may help a person feel calmer and more clear-minded.  If you're struggling with anxiety, it may be time to try using CBD oil or CBD vape oil.

oral health

Since you were a child, you were supposed to brush your teeth twice a day or even more. At the same time, you were required to floss your teeth whenever necessary. Typically, you would visit the dentist in Brisbane twice a year. However, all these may not have worked for everyone. But the bottom line is everyone must take care of their oral health. It is important.

More often, dental health is underserved. It is not given as much attention as it should.  Truly, lifestyles have changed, businesses have become so demanding, and other crucial life hustles have occupied most people’s minds thus have no time to think about their oral health. Some even visit the dentist when they experience severe complications which they would have more comfortable to tackle at the initial stages. But the truth is, oral care saves you from a lot of stress and loss of cash. Here are several reasons which reveal why you should take good care of your oral health.

  • Maintain Good breath

The undeniable truth is that bad breath is a put off to your colleagues or even friends. Thus, if you fail to brush your teeth as recommended, you may develop bad breath. Other people won’t be interested in either talking to you or even sharing any meal with you. It puts them off you, and you may even lose some great friends. See, you will also be comfortable while conversing with your friends. Thus, you should maintain good oral health to enjoy fruitful relationships. That way., you will also avert any social situations. If you do not know how to go about it, visit a dentist as soon as you can.

  • Avoid Tooth Complications

Tooth decay sets in when you do not clean your teeth as recommended. See, there is a bacterium that naturally occurs in your mouth. And the meals you take have sugars which, when broken down, produce a very harmful acid that can damage your teeth. If left for long, it may cause much damage to your teeth. But if taken care of as soon as it produced, no damage could befall the teeth.

It is recommended that you brush your teeth regularly. That way, no acid builds up that could lead to serious teeth complications. Floss your teeth to make sure no food remains in your mouth. That way, no acids would be formed since there are no food particles that can get acted on by the naturally occurring bacteria.

  • Saves you Money

Yes, you could save a few bucks when you take good care of your oral health. See, it is cheaper to visit a dental clinic Brisbanefor a regular check-up than when going for treatment of tooth decay. You see, the latter would require a lot of Money. Thus, you should consider taking good care of your oral health to avoid unanticipated expenses. Cosmetic surgery, gum surgery, and tooth replacements are highly-priced. Good oral practices are free and can be achieved right from your home. So, do yourself a favour by taking good care of your oral health.


Now you should schedule teeth to check-ups and take good care of your teeth. You have explored the various reasons why good oral care is important. Probably, you would not wish to be left out in enjoying the various benefits attached to it. Lastly, utilize your teeth for the correct purposes.


Pain is nature’s way of telling us that there’s something wrong in our body. There are many different forms of pain, but there are specific ones that need a chiropractor’s attention. Many people may decide to use homemade solutions, and as much as some of them may work, others require a chiropractor to get to the root cause and alleviate it. However, when do you decide that it is time to set up an appointment with one? Wishing away the pain does nothing but worsen the situation in the long run. Slight discomfort may result in a debilitating condition. Here are some signs that you ought to visit the chiropractor.

  • Frequent headaches

There are many causes of headaches, some of which include dehydration, oxygen deprivation, malnutrition, hunger, and many more. However, a misalignment in the spine can also lead to problems that you may not know about until it is too late. Seeing a chiropractor will help correct any misalignments and improve blood flow to the brain, thus killing your headaches.

  • Poor ergonomic habits

Performing repetitive tasks or sitting for long periods can cause a lot of harm to the body. Sitting puts undue strain on various parts of the body, and repetitive tasks often promote poor body posture or uneven muscle utilization. As much as you may be able to shake it off, seeing a chiropractor such as Huskey Chiropractic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will give you a ‘body tune-up.’ Just like taking your car for servicing at a mechanic, your body needs the same tender love and care and to address any issues that may arise.

  • Joint or muscle pain

Your first course of action should not pop some aspirin pills if you experience frequent muscle and joint pains. The pain could be stemming from issues to do with musculoskeletal alignment. A chiropractor is equipped with the skills to ensure that your body is functioning at an optimum level. They use spinal manipulations to relieve the pain in joints and muscles. The spinal adjustments will aid in increasing blood flow and nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles experiencing the pain.

  • Soles of your shoes wearing out differently

If you start noticing the soles of your shoes wearing out differently, it means that your body is misaligned. You need to make a quick appointment with your chiropractor to adjust it. Uneven wearing off is an indicator that you have a spine subluxation. A chiropractic spinal manipulation will help you realign so you can get ahead of any chronic issues that may arise.

  • Limited range of motion

If you start experiencing problems by doing simple tasks such as putting on shoes, pulling across your seat belt, or bending down to pick something up, you are overdue on a chiropractic appointment. The adjustments will realign your bones and joints to relieve pain and increase your body’s range of motion. Having a healthy range allows your body to function optimally.

All in all, chiropractors help you live a more health-conscious life and give you tips on how to best care for your body. You can also get exercise routines, nutritional guidance, and stress-relieving techniques.

wisdom tooth extraction

If your wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort, you may need an extraction procedure for relief. It is a standard dental procedure, where the costs may vary due to several factors. Mostly, the dentist will charge according to the number of teeth removed and the type of procedure used.

In some cases, complications of your situation can also influence the overall wisdom tooth cost. The factors that may affect the costs include:

  • Location of your dentist
  • Cost of diagnostic tests like x-rays or dental cone beam CT scan
  • Specialty required by the dentist
  • Dental insurance if any
  • Type of anesthesia used
  • Medications and other prescriptions

Here is a breakup of total expenses you can expect before opting for this surgery.

Cost Based on the Level of Impaction

Depending on the existing conditions of your wisdom teeth, your dentist will recommend the method of extraction. The costs vary accordingly.

Cost of Simple Extraction: As the least expensive method, it involves simple pulling or wiggling out of the affected tooth. The dentist will use specialized instruments to remove the tooth without cutting jawbone or gum in this method. It may cost around $200 for each tooth.

Cost of Surgical Extraction: If you have an erupted wisdom tooth that's breaking down and needs tissue removal, it may cost slightly more than a simple extraction. The cost may go around $250 per tooth in this case.

Cost of Soft Tissue Extraction: When the wisdom tooth is covered with gum tissue, the removal process gets slightly complicated. Here, you have to pay about $350 for each tooth.

Cost of Partial or Full Bony Extraction: Sometimes, the wisdom tooth may be partially or fully embedded in the jawbone. When the level of impaction is deep, the surgery will also cost more. It can range from $400 to $500 per tooth.

Cost of Removing All Fours

If your dentist or oral surgeon recommends removing all four wisdom teeth in one sitting, don't forget to ask about their package.

The total cost of removal plus sedation may be between $1000 and $2000, depending on the type of procedure. Here, consider any additional charges or fees, as well.

Cost Based on the Type of Anesthesia

For a severely impacted wisdom tooth, the procedure may get complicated, and you need general anesthesia. In a simple extraction, on the other hand, you need local anesthesia. The costs of the procedure will also vary according to this factor.

Local anesthesia numbs the area around the wisdom tooth. The cost of a tooth extraction with this method doesn’t exceed $400 per tooth. However, for complicated removal that involves a general anesthetic, you may have to pay a higher price.

Dental Insurance Coverage for Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The amount of coverage in your dental insurance may vary from one provider to another. Mostly, insurance plans cover only a portion of the total costs. But, you may still expect the company to reimburse up to 50% of the total costs. If your dental plan comes with an annual maximum, it may cover only $1000 to $1500 per year.

Without dental insurance, out-of-pocket expenses for tooth extraction may be slightly higher. While people with dental insurance have to pay $200 to $1000 for simple extraction of all four teeth, wisdom tooth cost may be from $800 to $2750 for those without insurance.

Before the procedure, ask your dentist or oral surgeon to check the coverage amount with your dental insurance provider.

When Should You Visit a Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Pain due to the wisdom tooth can be extreme and discomforting. You may have difficulty eating or sleeping due to this condition. Since wisdom teeth are the third set of molars popping up in the back corners of your mouth at an adult age, they may create some complications.

There may cause a misalignment in the incoming tooth, damage to other teeth, or gum problems. In all these cases, symptoms like toothache, jaw stiffness, or gum swelling are common.

If you experience such symptoms after surgery, go and check with your dentist immediately for a complete checkup. They will do a detailed examination of your mouth with x-rays to determine the right procedure and wisdom tooth cost. Accordingly, you can prepare your budget and check with your insurer about the coverage limits.

Since the removal of wisdom tooth is inevitable in most cases, you can do your research and choose the best dentist. Cost is a significant factor. Don’t hesitate to ask about the total expenses and any other concerns you have.

heel pain treatment

Heel pain is often unbearable and makes one have a challenging time to maneuver around and even carry out errands. If you are experiencing any heel pain, you need not postpone it until it escalates further. You need to get the proper diagnosis to determine if its plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendinitis, or any other condition. Thus, it’ll enable you to have the appropriate diagnosis as well as a treatment procedure.

How to detect heel pain

Once you begin to feel a tinge of pain under the heel or right behind it, you mustn’t brush it off. The pain often starts quite gradually, and in most cases, there isn’t any injury until later. It would be best if you started with simple home care, such as resting or placing ice in the affected area. You can also begin wearing proper fitting shoes and avoid wearing flat shoes all through. Thus, you can ease the pain as you seek further treatment.

The affected group

In most cases, people who run or jump often are most likely to experience these predicaments. Older adults are also susceptible to heel pain due to advancement in age. And obese individuals as even at a higher risk. However, that isn’t to mean that other people can’t sustain heel pain. If you don’t rest your heel well enough, you might continue to feel some heel pain.

Cause of heel pain

At times one might brush off a slight heel pain, and it goes untreated. However, if you don’t try a variety of exercises for heel pain treatment early, the untreated heel might debilitate you and thus affect your life. Here are joint heel pain that one might sustain. 

  • Achilles tendinitis

Here’s a condition that often runs from the ankle right to the heel bone. It often results due to overuse by a jogger or a runner. If left untreated, you can sustain terrible rupture or tear on the Achilles tendon. Thus, to rule out the condition, you must visit a medical practitioner. Therefore, you can get the proper treatment immediately and treat the disease. It’s also a chance to start appropriate training, which doesn’t lead to a terrible state of the heel.  

  • Flat foot/ fallen arches

These conditions might affect a single foot or both pairs. If you often experience pain on the foot’s arch, the leg, hip, or even your back, you need to seek medical help. Flat feet often lead to uneven body weight distribution, which worsens over time. The condition might be genetic. But at times, it can result due to muscular injury disorder, weak ankles, or arthritis. It’s not all dull and gloom as you can get the proper diagnostics and get the ideal custom orthotics and custom-fit arch-supporting insoles.

  • Heel spurs

Untreated, plantar fasciitis might often result in one having heel spurs. It can strain one’s body as there’s stretching of the fascia and tearing of the cover membrane. However, it’s quite manageable and treatable as the spur can get removed.

There are various conditions heel conditions can affect one's general body. Therefore before any of these conditions accelerates to affect the peripheral vascular system even to cause arthritis, you need to try out a variety of exercises for heel pain treatment. Thus, get the proper heel pain relief through professional help.

chest lift procedure

Among the list of common plastic surgery procedures is a breast lift procedure. Breast lifts can be just that or some customers opt for a breast lift and implant procedure. The breast lift is considered a restorative procedure.

When it comes to choosing to have a surgical procedure, it's important to be fully informed. Most plastic surgery procedures can last for many years to come but their longevity is not guaranteed. The breast lift procedure does fall into this category.

How long does a breast lift procedure last? The typical estimated time frame is 10-15 years but this number could vary based on a lot of different variables from person to person. We will dig into these specifics and what you can expect from the breast lift procedure.

What is a Breast Lift Procedure?

A breast lift is also referred to as mastopexy in the medical field. The purpose of this procedure is to raise the positioning of the breasts. It is typically used for restoring a perky breast shape. A breast lift can take a breast that has become droopy or saggy and make it naturally perky again.

This happens with the removal of excess skin in the breast area and then tightening the surrounding skin and tissue. This is done to reshape the breast and to provide it with rejuvenated shape and contour.

This is a surgical procedure so you can expect to have a recovery period from the process.

With the right surgeon, your breast lift shouldn't leave behind highly visible scars. The less invasive the procedure the better. There are different techniques that can be used for breast lifts and what your surgeon uses could vary. They might have a standard technique or they may select a technique based on your needs.

How Long a Breast Lift Lasts Explained

Across the board, you will hear that a breast lift will last about 10 years. It's common for implant surgeries to also have a similar timeline as implants should be replaced after certain amounts of time in most cases.

While a breast lift is not the same as a breast implant, you can expect similar timelines. 10-15 years is the expected lifespan of your breast lift procedure. It is quite possible that you will be happy with your breast lift for much longer than this as well.

Keep in mind that after a procedure such as this, your body will continue to age. A breast lift does not make your breasts exempt from the natural side effects of the aging process on the body. That lift will hold but it most likely will not be indefinite.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there will most likely be best practices that your surgeon will share with you. Following the surgeon's guidelines and recommendations can make a significant difference in how long your breast lift lasts as well.

Breast Lift Vs. Breast Implants

Many people think of breast implants and breast lifts as the same procedure. Let us clarify. You can do a breast lift and a breast implant in a simultaneous procedure. In fact, if you want or need both, it's recommended to do it this way to ease the recovery and simplify the overall process.

Many people have commonly received breast implants in order to make their breasts more perky and youthful. An implant is not necessary for this cause, unless size is an issue for you. Breast lift procedures will complete this task, with no implant involved. Remember that you can also do both.

The difference is that a breast implant adds to your breast while a lift removes excess skin and tightens the skin, lifting your breasts to where they should be and giving them a youthful appeal.

skin cancer

Cancer is a stepwise process of cells losing control over there rate of division. Cells within your body have multiple checkpoints where the rate of proliferation is kept in check. Genetic mutation is one thing that can lead to malfunction of these checkpoints which then allows the cell to continuously divide with no restriction. This uncontrolled cell growth is what cancer and tumors are. These uncontrollable cells will use up your body's resources like oxygen or nutrients which begins to under serve vital organs. Unfortunately, some individuals can be born with one of their genetic checkpoints already bypassed. Normally it is okay if one is bypassed as there are other checkpoints that act as a fail-safe however if you already have one gone the next mutation you get could result in cancer. Skin cancer is no different and there are some known genetic predispositions and known signs of skin cancer.

P16 mutation

The P16 mutation can cause an increased risk for many cancers including pancreatic cancer, skin cancer, and more. This gene can be acquired throughout your lifetime or can be passed down. The P16 mutation effects a cell cycle regulator rendering it useless. P16 has been shown to be a key factor as a potential cause of familial cases of melanoma. If you are tested and know you have the P16 mutation it is advised that you take extra precautions to reduce your risk of getting cancer. This includes wearing SPF sunscreen, seeking shade during mid-day, and wearing SPF protective clothing. In addition, if you have the P16 mutation it is advised to have routine skin exams performed by a dermatologist as the P16 mutation greatly increases your chances of getting malignant melanoma.


The MC1R gene is what is responsible for red hair and fair skin. While this gene doesn't cause cancer, it can put you at risk for damaging sun exposure which is cancer causative. Those with little to no pigmentation are. At higher risk because they have less melanin than others. Melanin is what causes pigmentation of the skin but is also what protects the skin cells DNA from ultraviolet radiation damage. For most people when you go outside your body will begin producing more melanin to ensure your skin cells are protected. Those with the MC1R gene will produce significantly less melanin which puts them at a slightly greater risk of sun damage. If one has the MC1R gene precautions like applying SPF sunscreen or wearing SPF clothing becomes more important in preventing sun damage and sin cancer.

Other Cancers

Family history of any form of cancer will greatly increase your likelihood of developing cancer within your lifetime. Familial cancers are continuously being studied but even today there are certain patterns of inherited cancers that are poorly understood. The most understood of inheritable predisposition of cancer are the BRCA mutations. These mutations are linked to a higher likelihood of developing breast cancer. One thing that is not discussed much is that the BRCA mutations also increase your risk of developing other forms of cancer which even includes skin cancers.

Skin cancer like any other cancer has a genetic component to it. While it is unfortunate that these predispositions to cancer exist, scientific innovation is continuing to get better. A simple DNA test is able to quickly and efficiently screen for common genetic predispositions to cancer and provide patients with this information. With this information patients and physicians can be more aware of these increased risk factors and ensure that they keep a close eye on their health. This also provides the perfect scenario for patients to do their best to prevent cancers by staying away from carcinogens to prevent the cancer from even being able to develop.

kratom for pain relief

Though Kratom has risen in popularity for treating various ailments, the FDA has raised the question of whether or not it is truly safe and effective. However, because of it being a natural herbal medication, many hold the belief that it is completely safe. These huge differences in opinion can be confusing, but this article is here to get the true answer to whether or not Kratom is safe and effective.

What is Kratom? 

Kratom is an herbal remedy that comes from the leaves of southeast asian evergreen trees. It is commonly found in tablet and capsule form, but it can also be brewed into teas and even chewed in whole leaf form. The high emitted from Kratom is similar to that of traditional opioids.

Who is it For? 

Kratom is most commonly used for treating diarrhea, muscle pain, and opioid withdrawals. It can also be used as a mild stimulant. Therefore, it is a common remedy for those going through an opioid drug detox in Austin. It has also been suggested to serve as an anti inflammatory, antihypertensive, and a local anesthetic.

What are Some Concerns? 

There are several concerns surrounding the use of Kratom. The first is that there is a lack of testing surrounding the effectiveness of Kratom for all of the things that it is claimed to treat. It has also been suggested to be addictive, so you could be putting yourself at risk for addiction, side effects, and more with few of the advertised benefits.

What are Some Potential Side Effects? 

There are many side effects to Kratom use. Here are some of the common Kratom side effects: 

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sweating
  • Constipation
  • Dry mouth
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Sedation
  • Itchiness
  • Increased urination

Although this may seem like a lot of side effects already, there are other side effects as well that could pose a more serious threat. The following are side effects that have been linked to Kratom use, but have not had as much testing as the previous side effects to be considered official. Keep in mind that these are always after frequent and long term use. 

  • Liver damage
  • Psychosis
  • Anorexia
  • Tremors
  • Tachycardia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Seizures

Can You go Through Kratom Withdrawal? 

The short answer to this is yes. Kratom has many withdrawal symptoms similar to traditional opioid withdrawal. Although it often doesn't require full blown drug rehab, it can still be a problematic experience.

Other Concerns 

Other than the addictive nature and possible serious side effects, there are some other things that have made the safety of Kratom questionable. The DEA have previously considered making the ownership and sale of Kratom illegal. This along with the FDA's concerns for its effectiveness and safety of use are serious red flags. In addition, the purchase of non FDA approved drugs poses a risk of having the Kratom be laced with other, possibly illegal, substances.

Is it Safe and Effective? 

Therefore, the questionable points stated above suggests that Kratom is not the safest or most effective drug on the market. It is strongly suggested that you speak with a healthcare professional before starting the use of any new drug, and if you do decide to take Kratom then it is encouraged that you proceed with caution. It is commonly suggested that other FDA approved medications are safer and often more effective, however.

hemp oil

CBD oil and hemp are both increasing in popularity. With its usage very different from other products coming from the cannabis plant, the oils aim to improve ones health. Users of the oil are consuming it for numerous reasons. With more countries accepting it as a legal product, countries are ramping ump their production. Hemp oil from cibdol is one of these examples. Cibdol is a Swiss brand that is producing the oil in Switzerland according to international standards and ISO certificates. With more accredited producers rising, users can enjoy a trusted product.

What is the difference?

While some might think that CBD and hemp oil are the same, this is not true. CBD oil is made from the leaves, flowers and stalks of the plant. This is different from hemp, which is made from the hemp seeds. This also translates to different levels of CBD being present in the two. Hemp oil typically has little to no CBD content. This makes the product suitable for other uses compared to CBD.

What can you gain from hemp oil?

The oil that comes from the hemp seeds has different benefits. Most users consume it due to the nutritional power of the oil. The oil is rich in health fats and other minerals, particularly fatty acids and omega 3 that are beneficial for your health. Hemp oil from cibdol.com helps to boost your health by offering different types of hemp oil. Apart from fats and minerals, it also contains calcium, magnesium, sulfur and potassium. But the list does not stop there. Add iron, zinc and copper and you have a full range of vitamins in a single droplet of oil.

Why use hemp oil?

Looking at hemp oil, it offers a wide group of healthy elements that can supplement your diet. Hemp oil from cibdol also contains omega 6 and 3 in a 3:1 ratio. This means that it can be seen as a medicine that supports the cardiovascular system. Stimulating this system helps you to prevent degenerative diseases. Besides that, the oil is able to stimulate your immune system and supports the healthiness of your skin, hair and nails.

Does hemp oil equal drugs?

CBD and hemp oil are often confused with drugs. Coming from the same cannabis plant, weed does contain different substances. The working substance in weed is THC, which also stimulates psychoactive effects. This substance is only present in very low  to no quantities in the CBD and hemp oil, not causing any of these psychoactive effects. Testing on soft drugs involves testing the levels of THC. When consuming CBD products with higher levels of THC, it could trigger a positive result on a test. When you purchase CBD and hemp oil from a reputable producer, you will not have to worry about these matters. The level of THC is so insignificant that they will never surpass the threshold of a drug test.

Interested in these subjects? Learn more about CBD oil at www.cibdol.com.