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dental emergency

Almost all parents can summon up a story about one of their children losing a tooth. Sometimes it is through the normal childhood process of losing a baby tooth and other times the story involves a high flying ball in a softball game or a fall from a bicycle. While these stories are common for children, they are not common for adults. 

A loose tooth in an adult requires an emergency dentist visit no matter how the loose tooth happened. If you are able to get treatment within 24 hours, it increases the likelihood that your dentist will be able to save your tooth. With adults, losing a tooth is a serious issue that will require treatment to replace the tooth so it won't be followed by changes in your bite and bone loss.   

An Adult Loose Tooth

Whether your loose tooth is a result of an oral health issue or an accident, it is important to let a professional take charge of your care at an emergency dentist visit. If you try to remove a loose adult tooth, you could create more damage because part of that tooth is below the gum line with its roots attached to the jaw. 

If your tooth is knocked out, it is important to put the tooth back in the hole keeping it moist until you can see a dentist or place it in milk. This will give the dentist the opportunity to possibly save the tooth. Otherwise it will dry out and will not be salvageable. 

You may first notice a loose tooth while routinely brushing your teeth, or a hygienist may notice movement during a scheduled cleaning. Often the cause of a loose tooth for adults is gum disease. The bacteria loosens your teeth by attacking the tissue, gums and bones. In the U.S. almost half of all adults 30 years and older have some form of gum disease and for seniors the statistics are much higher.

Many adults are not aware how important good oral hygiene is to their overall health and how much it will affect their oral health long term. When you do not brush and floss your teeth regularly and well, you will develop gum disease. Often adults think of their teeth as having nothing to do with other chronic illnesses, but according to the Centers for Disease Control, they are intertwined. In addition to poor oral hygiene, smoking and eating sugary foods and drinks may also lead to gum disease. 

Treatments For My Loose Tooth

When you go to the dentist for a loose tooth, the staff will take X-rays and the dentist will evaluate the cause and possible treatment plan for your tooth or teeth. The possible treatments considered will include: 


If your tooth is loose due to disease, the area will be cleaned in order to get rid of all of the infection around the tooth. If the infection is eradicated, sometimes the gums will plump up and tighten around the tooth. If not, a method called grafting may be performed. It is a surgical procedure designed to promote gum regrowth. 


When an adult tooth is loose due to an accident or injury, the dentist fit it with a splint to support the tooth and keep it in place while it heals. Typically an orthodontic stainless steel wire is bonded on to the loose tooth or teeth developing a type of splint which holds the teeth together and firmly in place. 

Tooth Removal

If the adult tooth cannot be saved, the dentist will opt to remove the loose tooth. This can only be safely done by a dentist. This action will be accompanied with a discussion of treatments which can be used to replace the lost tooth like a dental implant. 
The key takeaway for an adult with a loose tooth is see your dentist immediately. Give the experts the option of possibly saving your tooth. Trying to pull the tooth or deal with it yourself will only lead to more trauma and treatments at the dentist. If gum disease is the cause, you need to catch it as early as possible in order for your dentist to devise a treatment plan saving you years of pain and issues with the disease progressively worsening. As an adult, it is important for your long term oral and overall health to let a professional treat you when you have a loose tooth. 

MMJ recommendation

The healthcare industry has gradually begun to recognize the benefits of consuming marijuana. This wonderful herb derived from the cannabis sativa plant has become an integral part of several medical treatments. Patients suffering from various mental and physical ailments are given cannabis products regularly to assist their recovery process. However, it isn't easy to lay hands on these products. You require a valid medical marijuana recommendation which you can use to apply for a card to purchase these products legally. Let us learn how to secure an MMJ recommendation quickly and easily.

An Easy Way to Get MMJ Recommendation Online

Before going through the steps to get an MMJ recommendation, let us understand what it really is. It is issued by licensed medical marijuana doctors and is accepted at medical cannabis dispensaries in the United States. So, you can purchase medical cannabis by showing this at a state recognized marijuana dispensary. However, procuring the recommendation can be quite a task. In order to carry it out the process without much hassle, we suggest you to seek assistance from a professional healthcare company such as Veriheal.

Steps to Get a Recommendation Online

Here is a look at the few simple steps to get it online with Veriheal:

  • The first step in the process is to seek an appointment with a licensed MMJ doctor. It  can be difficult to get an appointment easily when you try it on your own. But via this healthcare technology platform, you can easily get through to these specialists and make an appointment for an evaluation.
  • The doctor shall conduct your medical assessment. They will also review your medical records. During the 15-20 minute session with the doctor, you can also clarify your doubts and apprehensions related to the use of medical marijuana.   
  • Based on the assessment conducted, your doctor shall send you the recommendation if you are approved. It will be valid for a period of one year (or two years in some states).

Get Your MMJ Card

With this recommendation, you shall be able to fill out an Oklahoma medical marijuana application to obtain your MMJ card. Other states also follow a similar procedure. The following documents need to be submitted along with the application:

  • Proof of residency
  • Latest photograph of the applicant
  • Physician recommendation form
  • Application fee

Once your application gets approved and you are registered with the Department of Health, you shall receive your card within two weeks. Once you receive the card you can begin purchasing marijuana from the local dispensaries. Until then you can use the recommendation to buy these products.

The professionals at Veriheal have thorough knowledge about the entire process and are there to guide you at every step as you apply for your MMJ card. They provide complete information about all the necessary documents and can also help with the submission process. Besides, you don't have to keep track of the card renewal when you seek services from these professionals. They shall contact you when the renewal date approaches and will also help you with the renewal process.

We hope this piece of writing helps you understand how to get an MMJ recommendation in just a few easy steps. Do share your experience of getting the recommendation and obtaining the medical marijuana card.

laser eye surgery

If you can see clearly then it can always impact your career positively and also in your personal relationships. There are millions of people, who unfortunately have vision problem and cannot enjoy their life fully.

With the discovery of laser eye surgery, also known as LASIK, many people now are in a position to see clearly. They need not wear and maintain glasses or any contact lenses.

If you need to get lasik surgery Dallas Texas, then prefer to visit Key Eye Centers of Texas where you will find eye doctors who will go above and beyond, in order to ensure their patients to have access to the latest kind in vision correction technology, top-notch surgical experts, and also friendly, care of the staff.

Following are few reasons why one should prefer LASIK surgery today.

  1. LASIK procedure may take only few minutes

    You will be quite surprised to know that this procedure takes just ten minutes for each eye and within 60 seconds your vision will get corrected.

  2. LASIK is never painful

    LASIK is a painless procedure. Few patients however may feel a little pressure around their eye area, but most patients will not feel any kind of pain.

  3. Relieves from contact lens issues

    When contact lenses turn problematic, then many people prefer to choose laser eye surgery to remain totally spectacle independent.

  4. Recovery is quite quick

    Within less than a week, you can get fully recovered after the procedure. Few people even can go to their work on very next day after the surgery.

  5. LASIK procedure can treat different eye problems

    This kind of treatment can resolve multiple types of eyesight issues like astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia etc.

  6. Rarely ends up with complication

    Usually with every surgery, there are certain risks and also side effects however, with LASIK there are only very few complications. Few side effects which may occur are always temporary, and patients can quickly recover from the procedure.

  7. Cost effective

    Often people think this surgery is expensive procedure and try to delay it, on the contrary, it will be very cost effective in the longer run.

  8. Offers better vision

    Those who are unhappy because of their vision problem and using glasses/contacts should choose laser eye surgery that will enable them to achieve much better eyesight.

  9. Improve appearance

    Many people simply do not like their face with glasses as their appearance undergo a change and will always prefer to go for such vision correction procedure.

However, everybody is not eligible for LASIK surgery. Following few conditions will disqualify you to go for LASIK surgery.

  1. Those who are less than 18 years of age

    Since at teenage, the vision may change dramatically hence LASIK is not recommended.

  2. Pregnant or nursing mothers

    Hormone fluctuations and also fluid retention may cause changes in woman’s vision during this stage, LASIK must be avoided.

  3. If you are under any prescription drugs

    Prescription drugs can always influence the result of LASIK procedure and hence it must be avoided.

  4. If your vision is unstable

    If your vision is not stable then certainly you are not the right candidate for such treatment.

  5. If you are not in normal health

    Few medical conditions may not allow to undergo this procedure.

  6. If you have dry eye issue

    Anyone having dry eyes will have increased risk of post-Lasik discomfort which may even worsen dry eye symptoms.

  7. If your Pupils will dilate above 7 mm in the Dark

    Before undergoing Lasik, doctors check the area of your eye, which should be only 6 mm diameter.

However, those who are normal, should not delay much, if you are contemplating LASIK surgery.

A Serious Issue

When your back hurts, you can’t sleep right. When you can’t sleep right, you don’t get the rest you need. Without proper rest, your body doesn’t function correctly. During the day, your body’s less efficient functionality tends to lead you into further incorrect action. This compounds the problem you already had, your back pain gets worse, and sleep gets harder.

If you’re not careful, back pain can move from something that comes and goes to a continuously chronic conglomeration of aches and soreness. But there’s good news: you’re not alone, people have dealt with what you have, and they’ve found ways to overcome such pain. Following we’ll go over seven nigh-magical tips to help reduce or eliminate back pain.

serious issue

1. Eat Better
One thing that will hurt your back collaterally is eating poorly. Say you eat half a medium pizza in front of the TV with a couple beers before bed. You should expect to wake up around two in the morning with a terrible case of heartburn. A few antacids can knock it out, but they might not. So you may end up sleeping in a vertical position with your head hanging down.

This contributes to strain on your neck and upper back. You can sleep for hours in a way that’s completely misaligned, and leads to pain later in the day. How do you overcome this? Try to limit your caloric intake after about 5 PMdepending on your normal sleep schedule.

2. Exercise Effectively
You need to work out. Running, jogging, cycling, swimmingthese things can be very helpful. You need to keep your muscles properly engaged, or like a rubber band losing its elastic qualities, your muscles cease to work as they should. When they quit supporting your spine, you’ll have back pain. A magical tip to overcome it is a half hour workout every day.

3. Change Up Your Mattress
The mattress you’re sleeping on could be the problem. If it sags, if it doesn’t give you the right levels of support, you’ll find your back pain issues compound. So maybe you should look into a foam mattress, maybe you want an “inner spring” mattress. Think about what makes sense, think about situations where you have slept well. What was the mattress like?

change mattreshttps://pixabay.com/photos/mattress-bed-soft-bedding-277906/

4. Consult Experts On The Subject
Beyond consulting a physician, doing some research is wise. Remember, millions have lived before you, and contended with just the issues you’re likely fighting. So you might use some free resources to help you make decisions. One such resource worth exploring is
The Sleep Doctor article about back pain issues contained in the underlined link.

5. Try Sleeping With A Pillow Between Your Legs
This is a weird little tip that seems to work quite well. Most people sleep on their sides. In fact, it’s estimated
over 70% of people sleep on their sides on average. What happens? Well, your legs have weight, and that weight pulls on your skeleton. You need support between your knees to avoid this. There are actually therapeutic pillows sold for this purpose.

However, you don’t have to go with some expensive option like that; you might try just grabbing one or two pillows, sticking them between your knees, and sleeping that way. Get into the habit for a week or two and it may resolve your issue, if what you’re dealing with is something relatively minor.

6. Stretch In The Morning And Before You Go To Bed
One of the biggest things that ultimately ends up causing chronic aches and pains in later age is not stretching regularly, or properly. You should stretch in the morning, and if you can, before you go to bed. Just do a search engine query to find the best stretches for your age range, and hold each stretch for a count of ten to twenty.

7. Consider Therapeutic Massage From A Chiropractor
There are alignment issues no amount of stretching or exercise can fix. Sometimes you need to just bite your lip and head to the chiropractor.
Their primary specialty is alignment of the spine, and you’d be surprised how many little things can be resolved with a simple alignment. Hopefully you can use tips listed here to avoid this, but if you can’t, see a chiropractor.

BackPain Theraphyhttps://pixabay.com/photos/spa-relax-candles-holiday-calm-1979704/

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep Despite Your Back

Chiropractors, medical practitioners, stretching, sleeping with a pillow between your legs, following expert advice available online, getting a new mattress, eating right, and exercising regularly all represent good steps to help you overcome back pain.

Some of these may work for you, some might not. If you can’t consult with a doctor, do some research and experiment. You may not be able to totally eliminate the pain you feel in your back at nightbut then again, you just might.

healthcare industry

If you are interested in healthcare on a professional level, you may be considering becoming a medical entrepreneur and starting your own business within the industry. However, to be successful, there are several steps that you need to take to ensure that your healthcare company can both make a profit and provide the best care possible to its patients.

  • Invest in the Latest Health Trends

As an entrepreneur, it is important not only to start a business and create products that you are knowledgeable about but also in demand with consumers. To find out the latest trends in healthcare and what your patients are looking for, it is important to conduct research into your market niches. You can do this by reading medical journals and newspapers. You then need to consider investing in the trends that you believe will be profitable in your area with the funding that you have available. For instance, the legalization of CBD has changed the landscape of medicine forever. If you are interested in the suggested benefits of these products, you should consider buying white label products to resell from Cope CBD.

  • Consider the Future of Healthcare

However, it is not good enough for entrepreneurs to simply start a business from what is in demand now. If you want your business to thrive for decades to come, you need to be forward-thinking and to focus your attention on the future of healthcare. For instance, telemedicine is going to start to dominate the medical industry in the coming years, with more people looking to administer and control their care through digital means. Then, you should take this into consideration when you are writing your business plan and adapting this as your company grows.

  • Find a Medical Investor

Although there are many funding options for small businesses, one of the best of these for health professionals is finding a medical investor who can help you to stabilize your finances within the first couple of years of your opening. You can find an angel investor who is right for your company by joining medical networks and communities online and by looking for investment schemes that are wholly focused on the medical industry.

  • Prioritize Care

As a medical entrepreneur, you have a responsibility to your patients to give them the best care possible. For instance, you should avoid skimping on the cost of your supplies and the quality of your products, make sure that all of your wares are rigorously tested, and create caring and compassionate policies for your team. This will help your business to maintain a good reputation and will attract customers to your company.

  • Use Health Technologies

One of the best ways to get into the industry and achieve success is to invest in health technology. This includes custom applications that can help your business to make quick inroads into the industry. You can use this software to gain insight into the competition, as well as to network and to market your products to consumers.

  • Use Transferrable Skills and Knowledge

Surprisingly, running a healthcare business is just like running any other. This means that you will have a wealth of transferrable skills and knowledge as an entrepreneur that can be applied to your new business venture. This can then help you succeed within the industry by allowing you to rely on the same principles that you have always considered to be the groundwork of any thriving company.

medical school

With the ongoing restrictions and changes to our everyday life caused by COVID-19, studying has never been as difficult, especially for medical students who have lost easy access to their colleagues and professors. If you're feeling like you're lacking the motivation to study and are starting to lag behind, these useful learning ricks will help you keep ahead of your busy schedule.

  1. Find your best learning technique

If you have been spending hours upon hours on revising and it just doesn't seem to stick, you need to change the way you learn. Instead of letting the pandemic take away from your studies, make the best of the situation, and utilize the opportunities online learning gives you. By being able to make your own schedule, you can optimize the way you learn to spend less time reading through your notes. What's more, you will also have better knowledge retention, giving you ready access to all the information you need during an exam.

At first, try to change small things about your daily schedule. If you find that you are more energetic in the morning, try to make studying one of the first things you do when you wake up. On the other hand, if you are a night owl and work better when it's late, put aside some time for studying every day before bed. If you feel more focused while listening to relaxing music, do so. If you can't seem to eliminate all of the distractions that bother you at home, take your laptop to your favorite coffee shop and study there.

  1. Utilize learning applications

One of the best ways to make the most out of your studying time is to use some outside help. Instead of going through the books and getting lost in all of your notes all the time, try to put aside some time for trying out learning apps. Using a mobile application for learning can be a great addition to your studying routine, giving you the portability of being able to take all of your studying material with you everywhere. By making use of digital software instead of physical learning help, you can also save some trees from being cut by limiting your paper usage.

When preparing for a difficult exam, what you really need is a Medical Question Bank – an application that allows you to easily prepare your own personalized quizzes. QUPI gives you on-demand access to over 10,000 user-generated practice questions, categorized into respective topics. You can easily choose the subjects that you are revising for and create the perfect practice quiz. On QUPI, you will find some of the most common questions found at the USMLE, the MRCP exam, and many other major medical exams around the world.

  1. Actively participate in your online classes

During your online classes, don't be shy to answer your teacher's questions and discuss with your classmates. If your online learning platform features group forums, make it a habit to contribute and ask questions. With the limited ability to meet with your colleagues and study together, online forums and chat rooms are great for keeping in touch, but also improve your studying efficiency. They also allow you to communicate with your classmates whenever you want, outside of university hours. Make sure to check the discussion forum as often as possible – you can easily manage a quick response from your phone wherever you are!

If you find yourself behind on something, always remember to ask your teacher or your classmates to help you. When you find yourself unsure about a certain topic or assignment, don't wait until the last day before your deadline to ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask your professor about any additional details.

  1. Organize your space

To optimize your studying, make sure to create a dedicated learning space and keep it organized. This will allow you to establish a studying routine, making it much easier in the long run. If you're studying at home, clean your desk and keep tidy surroundings – it will make you feel much better. Online classes give you the opportunity of having every material at hand, both books and software. Also, make sure you have steady access to an internet connection from your workspace and headphones at the ready.

  1. Establish a schedule

At the beginning of the semester, make sure to create a list of all the major assignments that you know of. You can write them down on a calendar to help you remember all of the dates. Create a weekly schedule for yourself, in which you designate time every day for studying and working on your assignments. Remember to factor in watching online lectures, reading source materials, and participating in online discussions.

Don't treat the online part of your course differently than you would a traditional one. Try to discipline yourself to sit down every day and focus. Even though you can be more flexible with your schedule, in the end, you still have to finish all of your assignments on time. Try to get the most value out of your classes and turn off any programs and browser tabs that may distract you during your classes.

hair transplant

In a world where you can be anything you want, it's important to play your cards right. So, what is it like to transition from male to female or female to male? Believe it or not, hair transplant and restoration services will be an integral part of the process. When converting from male to female, hair loss will be one of the most bothersome issues to deal with. Conversely, individuals transitioning from male to female will be bothered by undesirable hairlines. 

So, where do you find the right solution, then? It's all in your practitioner's hands. Still, there's so much confusion about the whole process, with many questioning whether the process even gives desirable results, let alone qualifying you to identify with the new gender. 

With all your pain points in mind, we have dedicated this guide to transgender hair transplants. Of course, we won't be focusing entirely on the process of converting from one gender to another. We spoke with Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration for more details on the process.  Let's get into the key details, then. 

MTF and FTM Hair Transplant Procedures Explained!

Gender confirmation surgery comes fast to individuals who finally understand their identity. And one of the most critical steps in completing the transition will be a hair transplant. Whether you are transitioning from male to female or female to male, a professional hair transplant doctor should identify the procedures that will give a desirable outcome on the first try. With the help of a specialist transgender hair restoration surgeon, you should be able to tailor your services according to your masculine or feminine traits. 

Transgender Hair Transplant: What Matters?

Transgender hair transplant is important because it will qualify you to identify with the new group. However, you will have tons of issues to deal with. Perhaps the biggest concern when transitioning from male to female (MTF) is male pattern baldness. As much as estrogen hormone will be important in slowing down hair thinning caused by male pattern baldness, it really can't stop it. Transitioning from female to male where hair thinning is a persistent concern is even more stressful. That's why you need a competent team with modern tools to successfully change the orientation of individual hair follicles during a transgender hair transplant.

Transgender Hair Transplants MTF vs FTM: What to Know

Generally, transgender hair restoration procedures are done the same way a normal facial hair transplant or hair restoration procedure would be done. However, most of these procedures require the utmost care and precision because you will be dealing with clients who are transitioning from one gender to another. For individuals who are converting from male to female, transgender hair lowering, a procedure that involves transforming the male hairline into a flatter, female hairline, is highly recommended. 

Usually, most of the patients converting from male to female will also want eyebrow transplants to feminize their facial features. For patients transitioning from female to male, the available hair restoration procedures are always aimed at achieving a masculine appearance. Hence, facial hair transplants can be used to create mustaches, beards, and sideburns. What's more, a vast majority of patients in this group may also opt for minor procedures to align their chest, pubic area, and abdomen with the desired masculine attributes. Be it FTM or MTF transgender hair restoration needs, hormonal therapy is highly recommended to promote normal hair growth among other requirements. 

How Much Can You Spend on Transgender Hair Transplant?

As you may already guess, hair restoration needs will vary from one client to another depending on several factors. This also means that the cost of transgender hair restoration services will vary between clients. It is highly advisable to schedule a free consultation with a reliable hair restoration team to understand the key aspects of a successful hair restoration service including the available procedures, the estimated recovery period, and cost. 

The Bottom Line

For many individuals of the transgender community, getting top quality hair transplant services to raise their self-esteem can be life-changing. As you transition to a new lifestyle, hair restoration will be a big part of achieving a desirable outcome that truly confirms your new identity. Professionalism, confidentiality, and dedication are all the traits that you will need from a transgender hair transplant surgeon. That's why you should always prioritize working with competent practitioners from a safe and welcoming environment. The next time you are thinking about a transgender hair transplant, just remember that every service should be aimed at helping you achieve your cosmetic goals.


Marijuana, weed, pot, 420, puff, kush, hash, ganja, there are many names for the cannabis plant. This hemp plant has been in controversies for many decades and still many countries have banned it where tobacco and alcohol are legal to use. Many studies have shown that marijuana can be used to treat many health problems as its component called CBD has properties that can deal with chronic pain, cancer stem cells, anxiety, and the list goes on. With more studies and awareness about this hemp plant has led many governments to legalize cannabis use in their country. Many states in the US have legalized it for medicinal use while some states have gone for recreational and medicinal uses.

Canada becomes one of the first nations to fully legalized cannabis use in its territory according to the law established by the government. This is why the online weed market is booming. There are a number of online sites like Weedsmart, GetKush, BudgetBuds, and many more. But choosing a reliable site for you is quite difficult yet. The online weed market is still a new thing and Weedsmart is one of the most popular online dispensaries in the country. Here, we are going to compare BudgetBuds with Weedsmart so you can make your decision very clear while buying your next cannabis product online.


Both online dispensaries are already popular and they have many things similar.

Large Selection of Products Both sites, BudgetBuds and WeedSmart, have a large collection of cannabis products. They both have CBD products, edibles, vape, cannabis strains, and wax, concentrates, and many other things. So, the user will have a large choice when buying from these stores.

Large Community of Customers These online sites are popular among Canadians. Weedsmart has more than 50k customers while Budget Buds doesn't have that large community but still, it is trusted by many users.

High-Quality Standards & Testing The products on both sites are checked by the trusted labs. Such labs make sure whether the products available at the sites are up to the quality or not. So, users can buy products without worrying about quality.

Affordable Pricing If a seller has to sustain in the market then products should be at affordable rates. BudgetBuds and WeedSmart offer all of their cannabis products at affordable rates compared to other similar sites.

Frequent Deals & Promotions Deals and promotions offered by online shops boost the sales and this can also be noticed at these online dispensaries. Users will see weekend deals and many other promotions.

Free Express Shipping Both sites offer free shipping but the minimum purchase amount is different. Weedsmart offers free shipping at the purchase of $99 while BudgetBuds does the same at $250.


Mix & Match

Offering a wide selection of cannabis products is a good thing but the customer should also be able to try them all at an affordable rate. That is why this mix and match option is offered by some trusted online dispensaries.

WeedSmart offers this option. Customers can choose over 25 different strains on the purchase of 1 oz of premium mix and match. This is beneficial for users who want to try different products. Unfortunately, BudgetBuds doesn't have such an option yet so, buying multiple strains here would add more cost to the bill.

Free Gifts

At WeedSmart, customers would be getting an assured free gift on every purchase. Last time we checked, it was offering free fruits and vegetables. BudgetBuds is trying to provide some freebies to the customers with their offers but there is nothing like free gifts for the buyers.

Shipping Cost is A Big Thing

Both sites offer free shipping option but the shipping cost amount really make a big difference. Weedsmart delivers for free on the purchase of $99 but BudgetBuds require $250. So, there is a gap of $15o here and that is very high for a new customer who wants to try some new strains from a new online dispensary.


In our opinion, both sites have many similarities but the difference section shows Weedsmart has more advantages over BudgetBuds. We may assume that BudgetBuds may try to offer similar options in the future but right now Weedmart seems a better option for new as well as old cannabis buyers in Canada.


The Everest Foundation has partnered with actor Danny Trejo to distribute food and Bibles to homeless American veterans in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Roughly 1,000 meals were prepared for distribution at the San Vicente VA campus on September 25. Witnesses report that veterans were pleased to receive the food in recognition of the sacrifices they made for their country.

This community outreach project is called “Bibles and Tacos,” representing an ongoing partnership between the Everest Foundation and Trejo’s successful restaurant concept, Trejo’s Tacos.

Trejo said in a statement that the event was intended to feed veterans “both physically and mentally,” acknowledging that some battle scars cannot be seen. He also noted that it was “right” to do his part to support veterans in their time of need.

Both parties hope to expand the program nationally in the future, though there are currently no specific plans in place. The event on September 25 was a one-time deal.

The Everest Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to funding medical research at University-based residency programs in a variety of specializations, including family medicine, psychiatry, pathology, and general surgery.

The organization also strives to help medical residents understand the unique needs of veterans so they can provide superior care. For example, the Everest Foundation is an active participant in the Exoskeleton Program at the New York Bronx VA, a program that explores cutting-edge medical treatments to help veterans with significant spinal cord injuries learn how to walk again.

Furthermore, Everest scholars are encouraged to spend 3-5 years post-residency providing support to underserved communities such as veterans, those experiencing homelessness, and other disadvantaged groups.

The Everest Foundation was founded following the 2008 death of Dr. Edwin Everest, a world-renowned physician, and educator with a passion for providing medical residents with the educational opportunities they need to become successful doctors.

Dr. Everest was also a devout Christian who believed that aspiring doctors required spiritual as well as scientific training. This is why Bibles were provided as part of the Bibles and Tacos program.

Dr. Everest’s wife, Mrs. Bimla Everest, and his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Agata Everest, played instrumental roles in the organization’s founding to continue his legacy.

The current Chairman of the Everest Foundation is Dr. Michael Everest, Edwin’s son. This Dr. Everest is known as a top-notch physician and philanthropist in his own right.

When asked about his dad’s goals, Dr. Everest responded that his mission was to touch other lives in as meaningful a manner as possible. Dr. Michael Everest strives to continue this mission in all aspects of his life, including his charitable work with the Everest Foundation.

The organization has grown exponentially with the younger Dr. Everest at the helm, funding research into everything from stem cell therapies to nanotechnologies. The nonprofit is particularly interested in combating cancer and cardiac disease, though it plays an active role in many other fields as well.

The organization has also partnered with some of the best-regarded educational institutions, including Stanford University, Texas Tech University, the University of Texas, Northwestern University, and the University of California-Irvine. Danny Trejo is a well-regarded Hollywood actor best known for his portrayal of the Machete character in Robert Rodriguez’s series of the same name. He branched out into the culinary world by launching Trejo’s Tacos with his partners in 2016 and added additional concepts called Trejo’s Cantina and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts to his multi-million dollar restaurant empire in 2017.

Iolite is a gem that comes from Cordierite. In particular, it is a more transparent variation of this mineral, and its color usually ranges from light to deep blue, with a hint of purple. Despite being a beautiful gemstone often used as a decoration in jewelry and accessories, Iolite also possesses several healing properties that are unknown to many.

Physical benefits

Physical benefits of iolite

The main physical benefit of Iolite is that it can improve your eyesight. This so-called “vision stone” operates on the third eye, facilitating intuitive sight, increasing your ability to take in light and notice details that you otherwise would easily miss. Moreover, Iolite is said to help in protecting you from the electromagnetic waves coming from electronic devices. A precious feature in times in which we are constantly busy with our smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Iolite is also said to improve a person’s constitution, helping the body get rid of fat deposits, diminishing alcohol’s effects, and accelerating your liver’s process of detoxification. In the past, Iolite has been used to treat migraines and illnesses, killing bacteria and supporting the respiratory system with surprising results.

Mental benefits

mental benefits of iolite

Despite being highly beneficial for your body, most of Iolite’s benefits relate to the mind. First of all, this gemstone promotes sensations of calm, peace, and tranquility. It is mostly for this reason that Iolite can help people connect with their inner-self and face difficult situations with ease. In particular, this beautiful gemstone is very effective in resolving disputes and releasing disharmony within personal relationships.

That said, Iolite is also beneficial for your individual development. Its properties are helpful in enhancing self-esteem, encouraging you to take action without having to depend on other people’s validation. A crucial benefit in an era in which social media are becoming more prominent day by day, raising questions about the consequences this phenomenon is having on adolescents’ development.

The last, great benefit of Iolite is its capability to strengthen focus. It can help you concentrate better, organize your thoughts more efficiently, and communicate better. Anyone operating in the communications field can benefit from Iolite. Writers can use it to find the right words for their books while teachers could make their interaction with students smoother. More in general, Iolite can enhance any professional’s workflow, allowing you to express yourself in a clear and distinct manner. And as highlighted by CEOs and managers, communication is probably the most underrated business skill nowadays.