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The following tips and techniques will help women to burn more fat. The process of burning fat for women may be different from men and so they may need to use different tools and techniques.

Do not diet

If you are trying to lose more fat, and you believe someone who told you to diet, probably you are making a mistake. You don't have to stop eating or eat less. Rather you need to eat more nutrient rich food so that he can eliminate the empty calories and the foods offering them. If you start stopping eating, then it may slow down your metabolism and with slower metabolism, how can you expect to burn more fat?

If you continue to diet and eat less food, your body will start to break down your muscle tissues for the necessary energy. It will also increase the possibility of deposition of visceral fat. Instead of burning fat, you will start adding more fat to your body.


If you continuously remain inactive for a longer duration, it may result in shutdown of an enzyme which is responsible for fat and cholesterol metabolism. That's why you need to stand more than you sit. You need to ensure that the enzyme responsible for metabolism of fat and cholesterol is active so that you can burn more calories and fat. If you need to sit down for a longer duration, you can always break it into small periods and stand in between those periods. Specially, you can always stand when talking on the phone, which will also ensure that you are standing up for some time during the day.

Become an organic believer

The organochlorines present in different pesticides are stored in fat cells. If that happens with your body, your metabolism will drop drastically. It probably happens due to interference of the chemical toxins with the energy burning process in your body. So, when you are eating fruits and vegetables, meat and other products laced with different types of chemical and pesticides, losing fat and weight will be very difficult for you.

If you start eating organic, your body will not receive the harmful chemicals. You will not only stay healthy, and safe from different diseases, but it will also ensure that all the functions in your body are happening properly. Try to buy organic products especially for food items like salary, strawberries, apples, peaches, blueberries, spinach, collard greens, potatoes, kale etc. which you do not peel.

Eat more protein

You will need to add more protein to your diet when you want to burn more fat. Protein is necessary because your body needs to maintain lean muscle. Make sure you find out how much protein per pound of bodyweight is necessary for you. Adding more lean meat, nuts, low-fat yoghurt to your existing diet will help you to add more protein to your body. Protein is also necessary for you occurs it can increase the calorie burn after your meal by up to 35%, which means you will be able to burn more calories and thereby burn more fat from your body and stop fat from depositing in your body.

Drink cold water

Cold water can help you to burn more fat. German researchers found that if you drink 6 cups of cold water every day, it can increase your resting metabolism and help you to burn 50 more calories daily. It is like burning more calories without any effort. It happens because your body needs to use energy to heat the water to take it to body temperature. So, start drinking cold water today.

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The following are the natural remedies for toothache. These remedies can help you to get rid of the pain associated with such problem.

1. Clove oil

Clove oil can reduce the toothache because it contains a natural anaesthetic known as eugenol. When the nerves comes into contact with eugenol, they are numbed by this natural anaesthetic. Take a cotton ball and adds a drop or two of clove oil and apply it on the throbbing tooth. However, the relief will last only for a short duration. It may also create problems if it comes in contact with areas of your mouth that are very sensitive.

2. Saltwater

Saltwater can also help you to get relief from toothache. It works because it can cleanse the affected area and remove the debris, which will offer you temporarily relief. You can swish saltwater in your mouth for 30 seconds. If necessary, repeat the process. The saltwater will help you by eliminating some nasty bacteria and festering pus. However, it will offer you only short time relief.

3. Vanilla extract

In vanilla extract you will find alcohol and alcohol is effective against toothache. The alcohol will numb the affected area and will thereby offer relief to you. The scent of vanilla is also soothing and relaxing and it can reduce your toothache.

You can dab a little bit of vanilla extract on your finger and rub the tooth and the gum with the extract. You can take a cotton ball and apply little bit of vanilla extract and plays the cotton ball on the affected area. It may be necessary to repeat this process 2 to 3 times every day. It offers you temporarily relief and so you will need to reapply vanilla extract to extend the relief period. This is not the method suitable for children because it contains alcohol.

4. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea can help you to get relief from toothache. You can use a wet and used teabag to calm sensitive skin. It has a numbing capacity which will help you to get relief. You can directly apply a cooled teabag on the area. You can also keep the teabag in the fridge for a few minutes before application. You will need to keep the teabag on the affected area for about 20 minutes. It will reduce your pain but the relief will be for a short time.

5. Garlic

Garlic works as an antibiotic and so it can reduce and eliminate the growth of bacteria around the affected tooth. You can mash a garlic clove and add the little bit of salt and apply the paste to the throbbing tooth. You can also take a clove of garlic and then chew it. That will also help you. If necessary, you can repeat the process. Garlic is only effective against bacteria causing toothache, but it is not effective against other to disorders. Another problem with garlic is that your mouth will smell foul after using or chewing garlic.

6. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

Hydration parasite is useful because it can cleanse your affected tooth. Please more effective than saline or saltwater. Hydrogen peroxide can attack and destroy bacteria that is causing toothache. You need to makes 3% hydrogen peroxide and water mixture and use the mixture to swish in your mouth for about 30 seconds. If necessary, you may need to repeat it once or twice. This natural method offers temporarily relief from toothache. It is also useful because it can keep away gingivitis. However it is not very safe because if you ingest it, it can cause stomach or intestinal problems.

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Alkaline diet has many benefits. The normal diet that most of us has is acidic in nature. But you need alkaline diet to get the benefits. Can you transition from your existing acidic diet to an alkaline diet? You can make a transition from acidic to alkaline diet. Plus find out how you can do that.

Keep it simple

If you keep it simple, your transition journey from acidic to alkaline diet will be easier for you. First of all, you need to keep yourself super hydrated. Hydration is very important for you and you can keep yourself hydrated by simply drinking more water. Add more raw organic green vegetables to your diet. You will also need to add healthy fats, seeds, nuts and minerals. Green drinks are good for you when you are trying to start and follow an alkaline diet. Reduce the amount of sugar you intake every day. You will also need to reduce some other food items which include trans fats, daily, processed foods, meat, soda and coffee. Once you eliminate the unnecessary food items and incorporate the necessary ones into your diet, it will be easier for you to transition to an alkaline diet and you will be able to reclaim your health and energy within a short period of time.

Eliminate the 3Ps

You will need to eliminate 3 Ps. These are-packaged, processed and prepared foods. Most of these foods are acidic in nature and they will force you to continue on an acidic diet. It is also not possible for you to control the ingredients of such foods. They also contain ingredients which are not very healthy for you. People love them because they are easy to eat and doesn't require much effort before eating. If you want to transition from an acidic diet to an alkaline diet, you will need to stop consuming packaged, processed and prepared foods.

Don't deprive yourself

When you're trying to transition from an acidic to alkaline diet, you don't have to deprive yourself of many things. The provision will not work. You can start with moderating and slowly reducing the amount of negative or unwanted food items. At the same time you will need to add more healthy foods and habits so that gradually the good will be higher than the bad things. This process will help your body to gradually reach the point you want it to.

Take action

If you want to migrate to an alkaline diet, you will need an action plan so that you can take the necessary actions which will help you to add more alkaline foods to your diet. Without the action plan, it will be very difficult for you to achieve what you want.

Find out the pH

It is possible to track the pH level of your body with the help of your urine and saliva pH. You will need to do it on a daily basis. It will tell you whether you are acidic or alkaline at present and when you know that, it will be easier for you to make the necessary adjustments to make your body alkaline. If you do not know the pH of your body, how would you decide what you need to do to achieve the goal of an alkaline diet and body?

Start exercising

You will need to start exercising. When you sweat during exercising, it will excrete toxins from your body. When you exercise your blood will carry away toxins from your muscles and other parts of the body and those toxins can be eliminated from the body along with the sweat. That is why, you need to exercise regularly and sweat in such workouts.

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It is possible to prevent kidney stones if you know how to do it. The following tips will help you to find out how you can prevent kidney stones from formation in your body.

Know your sweat

Heavy exercise, saunas and hot yoga are good for your health but some of them may also lead to kidney stone formation. When you lose lots of water from your body through sweating it may result in less urine production. If you are not urinating enough, then stone causing minerals get more time to settle down and bond in the kidneys. That may result in kidney stones.

The solution for this problem is to drink more water. You need to keep yourself well hydrated so that even after lots of sweating, you are urinating enough. You should mostly ensure that you are hydrated well when you are engaged in exercise activities causing you to sweat.

You need calcium

Even though you may feel that calcium causes kidney stone in your body but make sure you know the truth. Calcium does not result in calcium oxalate stones. If you reducing your calcium consumption so as to prevent kidney stone formation, you are probably increasing the risk of kidney stone development in your body. You don't have to reduce consumption of calcium. You need to reduce sodium consumption to prevent the risk of kidney stone formation.

Know about oxalate

One type of kidney stone is calcium oxalate kidney stones but that does not mean that we need to completely cut down oxalate from your diet. Oxalate is naturally available in different foods such as fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and chocolate and tea. There are some foods that contain high levels of oxalate. Such foods include peanuts, spinach, rhubarb, chocolate, beets and sweet potatoes. If your body forms calcium oxalate stones, it may be a good idea to manage intake of such foods. But if you reduce oxalate from your diet by eliminating different foods, you are likely to suffer from different health problems. Generally kidney stones are formed when calcium and oxalate binds together. You can eat and drink calcium and oxalate rich foods together. When you do that, they will bind together in your stomach or intestine and before they reach your kidneys. In that way you can prevent kidney stone formation even when you are eating and drinking oxalate rich foods.

Dietary remedies

There are some dietary remedies available for kidney stones. Chronic kidney stones can be treated with potassium citrate. Limeade, lemonade and other fruits and juices that contain high levels of natural citrate can also prevent kidney stone formation. However, it should be careful about the sugar content of such foods and drinks. More sugar can increase the possibility of kidney stone formation. There are sugar free lemonades available and you can also make such lemonade right at home. If you don't like the taste without sugar, you can always add a sugar substitute. The citrate present in urine prevent calcium from binding with other constituents that may result in kidney stones. It may also help in prevention of increase in size of existing kidney stones.

Prevent uric acid stones

Uric acid stones are also kidney stones and you can prevent this type of kidney stones by reducing the possibility of uric acid and other constituents of the stones. Red meat, shellfish, organ meats contain high levels of purines, which is a natural chemical compound. If you consume such foods at a higher level they may increase purine level in your body at a level which is higher than what your kidneys can excrete. So reduce the amount of such foods in your diet and save yourself from kidney stone formation.

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you want an awesome booty, you will need to add some exercises to your workout regime. These are the workouts that will specifically target your butt area and will help you with an awesome booty.


First you lie on your back and bend your knees by planting the feet hid width apart. Now squeezing your glutes, you try to lift your hips high while your feet are still planted strongly. You will need to repeat it 30 times. This will walk on your butt muscles and will give you a better shape.

Squat pulse

To perform this exercise, you need to stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Let your toes point forward and keep your arms outstretched in front of you. Bend your knees and make your thighs parallel to the ground. While doing that your chest should be high and knees should be present behind your toes. Come up and then lower your body back again. Do as many reps you can.

Squat kick

You mix squat with kick. Keep your feet slightly wider than shoulders width apart and your hands are held together in front of you. Your toes should point forward. Bend and make your thighs parallel to the ground. Shift your weight to your right foot and then extend your left leg straight out to the side. While extending try to take it as high as possible. Balance yourself on your right leg. Get your left foot back to the starting position by bending your knees and getting your body parallel to the ground. That is one rep. Do the same on the opposite side.

Squat steps

This is similar to squat. The only difference is that while squatting, you take steps out to the left. Start with the squatting position where you make your thighs parallel to the ground. Take a large step out to the left from the same position and then bring your right foot to meet the left. Now, come back to your right with your right foot out to the right and then bringing your left foot to meet the right. That is one rep. You need 20 to 30 reps.

Lunge pulse

This is similar to lunge. First, take a large step forward with your left foot. Bend both the knees 90 and make sure your shoulders are above your hips. Now extend the arms straight in front of you. Come up little bit and again lower back down to the starting position. Change sides to perform the exercise on the opposite side. Perform as many reps as you can.


To perform this exercise, you need to get down on all fours. Keep the hands at shoulders width. Hips should be over your knees and the shoulders over your wrists. Keep your need and the foot flexed, you will need to raise your left leg to the side. Take it as high as possible and then return to the starting position. Perform as many reps as you can and then repeat the same on the opposite side.


You start this exercise on all fours. The shoulders should be over the wrists and the hips over the knees. Now you need to extend the right leg and raise it up towards the ceiling. Slowly lower the leg and tap on the floor. Lift your leg up again by squeezing your glutes and bring it down to tap the flow again but about a foot to the left of your right foot. That is one rep. Perform the same on the other leg.

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The following home remedies can help you to treat sprained ankle and get relief faster. Let's find out what other effective home remedies available.

PRICE therapy

PRICE is an acronym that will help you to prevent injury to affected area. It is effective against first and second degree ankle sprain.

Protect the area: if you are suffering from ankle sprain, you should not start massaging the area even though many people may advise you to do so. You should not do it because it can increase the severity of the injury. Instead, you need to protect the affected ankle. You can do so by wearing sneakers or crocs or any other footwear that comes with a soft sole and has good side paddings.

Rest: since the first 48 to 70 hours after the accident is highly critical, you need to understand the importance of rest during this period. If you want to enhance the healing, you should not put any pressure on the affected area. So, minimise walking and if possible to not even stand on that leg. You can use crutches or a wheelchair if you really need to move around a little bit. Use a walking stick if necessary.

Ice: Ice is useful because it can reduce inflammation. The cold will constrict the blood vessels and that will increase the blood pressure in that area and so as a result of that swelling will reduce. You can use an ice pack on the affected ankle. Keep it for 20 minutes and then repeated several times during the day. If you do not have an icepack at home, you can also use a frozen vegetable bag.

Compression: elastic compression wraps are available which will help you to protect the area from injuries. Such wraps are available in the first aid kit and also in the nearby pharmacies. It will distribute the weight in your ankles. You don't have to tie the wrap too tightly because too tight wraps can result in additional damage to the affected area.

Elevation: you need to elevate the affected ankle above your heart. Keep it in that position for three hours every day and that will help you to reduce the swelling and bruising after the sprain. Do it for at least three days.


Turmeric is a well-known herbal medicine that will help you by reducing your inflammation after an ankle sprain. It's a natural painkiller. You can add 1 teaspoon of turmeric in a warm milk glass and drink it as it will help you to heal the bruises. You can put turmeric on the affected parts and then bandage it to reduce the inflammation by providing the compression necessary. Use fresh turmeric for bandaging because it will be more effective.


Onion useful against sprained ankle because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful in the compression treatment. You can use a paste of onion along with the compression bandage to provide better relief to your sprained ankle. You can also chop an onion and apply the parts on the affected area. Use the compression bandage to hold the onion parts in place. If possible refrigerate the onion parts before you apply them. Refrigerate them for a few hours. Then add little bit of salt to it and then use the onion on the sprained ankle with the help of the compression bandage. The salt will draw the juice from the onion and that juice will help you to effectively treat your sprained ankle and to reduce the inflammation.

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We want whiter teeth because they add more attraction to our personality. The following tips will help you to get whiter teeth. These tips may not be very common but they will definitely help you to have whiter teeth.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables

Even though this seems very easy, it can be very effective. When you eat fruits and vegetables, it is good for your health but it is also good for your teeth. If you eat nuts, apples, cauliflower, raw carrots it will remove stains from your teeth. They will also remove plaque from your teeth which leads to cavities. Both stains and plaque can result in dirty teeth within a short time.

Change your toothbrush

Simply throwing out your old toothbrush and bringing in a new one can help you to get whiter teeth. You need to replace it toothbrush every three months. If the bristles of your toothbrush are bending and they look worn down, you can change your toothbrush even before three months. If your toothbrush has worn down bristles, then your toothbrush will not be able to clean your teeth properly and that will result in dirty teeth. Even when your toothbrush looks fine visually, it is always better to change it after every three months so that the cleaning of your teeth is done to the optimum level.

Rinse after eating oranges

Oranges are very good for your health but you need to remember one important point. After you eat oranges, you need to rinse your mouth with water. Oranges like other sectors fruits like limes and lemons, contain acid that may erode tooth enamel. If that happens, your teeth will stain easily and they will look dirty within a few months even after you clean them up with the help of your dentist. Once you eat an orange, immediately rinse your mouth with water so that the acid is no more present in your mouth.

Use apple cider vinegar

You need to use apple cider vinegar to rinse your mouth. It is a natural and organic method to keep your mouth clean and your teeth white. Makes two parts of water and one part of apple cider vinegar and then swish the solution in your mouth for about one minute so that it can be effective and can kill bacteria and remove other problems from your mouth cavity.

Brush your tongue

If you want to keep your teeth clean, you will need to brush your tongue along with your teeth. If you want to avoid staining of your teeth, this is a must. Your tongue can accumulate bacteria over time and that may discolour your teeth. You need to use a soft toothbrush and clean your tongue thoroughly starting at the back of the tongue. It will remove the bacteria and will also eliminate the future possibility of accumulation of bacteria. Tongue cleaners are also available which may be made of copper or plastic or any other material. Such tongue cleaners made of copper is best for you because they can kill bacteria when they come into contact.

Use gel trays

Instead of using strips to white in your teeth, you can use gel trays. Strips may not be able to distribute the whitening paste evenly to all of your teeth but on the other hand gels, because of its state, will be distributed evenly. Strips are also not very effective near the gum line because they cannot reach there. Gel trays can help you to reach every part of your teeth and make them equally whiter.

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The following tips will help you to optimise your in season hockey training.


Start lifting heavy

For a hockey player to remain fast, strong and well-muscled, he needs to perform a well-designed strength program. If you do not lift heavy and follow a strength program, you will be weak, slow and you will lose muscle mass. Start lifting heavy weights and continue it throughout the season. The basic weightlifting movements will be good enough for you. If you train hard and regular, you can see improvement in your muscular strength and that strength will help you in the games during the season.

Short and intense workouts

To get the maximum benefit from your workout with the weights, you need to minimise your time in the gym. It means that you will need some short and intense workouts whenever you are in the gym. You need to get all your workout completed within 45 to 60 minutes.

Design a program or find one that will help you to do short but intense workouts and help you gain more muscles. If you minutes rest between main sets can be added if necessary. The main workout should be intense. When you perform such a workout it will provide you with muscular strength necessary for better performance and the hockey field.

Look at your mobility

When you are playing hockey, there will be many problems on and off the field. Among all the problems is very crucial one is mobility issues. When you are playing hockey for a longer duration, your mobility may be restricted due to some issues with different parts of your body. The most common problem areas seen in hockey are heaped and shoulder mobility and ankle mobility. Because you spend lots of time bent over at the hip and slouched forward at the shoulders, limited hip and shoulder mobility may happen. Due to the restrictive nature of skates, ankle mobility may become an issue for you. To rectify this problem is, you need corrective or mobility exercises. These exercises can be performed along with your warmup exercises before every game, workout and even practice. If you minutes of mobility drill sequence that target the specific problem areas can help you to get rid of such mobility restrictions which directly hamper your game and results.


As important as the workouts are, recovery is equally important for you. If you are not focusing much on recovery, that may create a problem with your workout plan and your fitness. A good night's sleep is very important for you like other people for better energy levels and cognitive function. You cannot ignore the recovery period and so you cannot ignore rest and sleep. If you understand the importance of recovery and you focus equally on it, you will feel better and you will be able to perform to your full potential.

After a training session, you can always lie down for 30 to 60 minutes of sleep in the afternoon. Have a good post workout meal and then go to sleep for a short duration. If you are travelling for games, you can always use the time on the bus, on the train and in the flight to sleep and recover. A pair of good ear plug can help you to easily sleep and block away any distractions.

Massage can also help you to recover better and faster. You will need an expert to help you with the massages so that it not only relaxes you but it also rejuvenates you for the next game.

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The following tips will help you to understand how you can get great abs and get a six pack ab. When you know how to do it, it does not remain any more difficult. All you have to do is find out how to do it and then follow it.


Frequent meals and water

If you are trying to get great abs, you will need to have small but frequent meals. The meals should contain carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Small and frequent meals will boost your metabolism which will help you by burning excess body fat. Once you eat a meal, about after three hours your metabolism slows down. So, you need to eat a meal every three hours. When you burn more fat, your abs will show easily because more fact is generally found around the abdominal area.

Like your meals, you also need lots of water. Since about 75% of your body is water the cells in your body need water for better functioning. If your body gets the necessary water then only different transport systems present in your body will function properly. It is also essential for the functioning of the body because it works as a pH and temperature buffer. You need to drink at least 2 L of water every day. Besides helping you to burn more fat by making you feel full, and thereby reducing your calorie intake, it will also eliminate the toxins from your body.

It is easy to find out the hydration level of your body by looking at the colour of your urine. Bright yellow urine means you are dehydrated. The colour should be clear or very light yellow. When you are working out to burn more fat and get great abs, it is important to look at your urine and ensure that you are well hydrated during and after the workout.

Train your abs heavy

You will need intense training to make sure that you have great abs. Without that type of training, it will be very difficult for you to get six packs and great abs. You can keep your reps within 8 to 12 repetitions range. 5 to 6 sets of exercises is what you need. You will need two different exercises that focus on the abdominal part. You will need to build some size of the abdominal muscles and then only they will show up through the skin. Simply doing sit ups will not help you to get great abs because it doesn't have much resistance. You will need to add more resistance while working out in the different abdominal exercises.

Cardiovascular exercises

You need cardiovascular exercises to burn more fat and to get great abs because the energy that these exercises burn is mostly fat. When you perform cardiovascular exercises, your body is forced to pump more oxygen into your bloodstream. During this process, your body will burn fat as an energy source to complete the process. Such exercises are more effective during the morning workout. If you are trying to burn fat to show your great abs, you will need intense cardiovascular exercise. It doesn't mean that you only need to go to the gym to perform cardiovascular exercises. If you like, you can go out and walk or run. Bike riding will also help you to burn more fat. If you continue your intense cardiovascular exercise regimen, it will help you to get your desired six packs within a short time. If you do not want to go for intense exercises, simply performing some regular cardiovascular exercises will also help you but that may take some time.

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Building muscles is very difficult for skinny guys. Even though they try, they often find it difficult to build muscles as they want. The following strategies will help skinny guys to build more muscles.


Eat clean food but more

If you want to build more muscles, you will need to eat more food. This is a very simple strategy and it works all the time. However, you need to understand that it does not mean you can simply eat whatever you want. It is important to understand what will help you to build more muscles and it is more important to know that you need to eat clean. If you do not watch what you are eating, you are going to be fat instead of a muscled man. Egg whites, chicken, whey protein, vegetables, tuna, turkey, are some of the good sources of protein and so you need them more in your food. To build muscles, you need 1.5 g of protein per pound of bodyweight. You will also need 2.5 g of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight and you will also need healthy fats. Such healthy fats are available in fish oil and flax seeds.

Don't follow the routine of a pro

Professional bodybuilders are different and if you are not going for professional bodybuilding, you don't have to follow their routine. Their routine will be overkill for you and it may actually harm your instead of benefiting you. You don't have to follow a professional bodybuilder and his routine unless you want to become a professional bodybuilder. Since you are trying to get bigger and get more muscles on your thin body, you don't need the routine of a pro.

Compound lifts

If you are a skinny guy anyone to add more muscles to your body, you will need to focus on compound lifts. If you really want to be big, you will need to follow the classic lifts, which will include bans presses, deadlifts, squats, rows, dips and pullups. These are the basic lifts and they can help you to get bigger.

Drink more water

If you want to build more muscles, you will need to love water and drink more of it. About 70% of your muscles is water and so you need more water when you are trying to build more muscles. According to experts, a gallon of water every day is what you need to build more muscles. It will also help you by increasing your metabolism and removing toxins from your body and thereby will keep you healthy.

Don't rely only on supplements

Supplements may be good but if you are relying completely on supplements to get bigger, you are making a big mistake. There are supplements and so they supplement your food. So, you will need to eat properly and stop wasting your time and money on the supplements all the time. Your training and your diet are very important for you and then only you should go for some supplements. You can always take multivitamin, creatine, whey protein and glutamine. If you are a hard gainer, you will need the supplements but only after you have the right diet to get bigger.

Challenge yourself

Whenever you workout, you will need to challenge yourself. Even though you are not able to pick up some weights and use them while working out, you will need to try them each and every time you workout. You will need a goal which will motivate you to improve your workout, increase your weights and do more than the last time. Challenge yourself with better and bigger goals and you will achieve them.

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