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Vertigo is a sensation of movement usually spinning and it can cause dizziness, sickness, nausea and loss of balance. People who suffer from this problem will tell you that this is not any fun. The common symptoms can last for movements or for months.

There are different categories of vertigo. Similarly, there are different causes of vertigo. Some of the most common causes include inner ear viruses, Ménière's disease, and some of the conditions which require surgery may be the causes of such vertigo problem.

There are some vertigo categories which can be cured by the right exercises.

How does exercise affect vertigo

working out regularly will definitely help you to stay fit and healthy but you need to be careful about it because some workouts can cause positional vertigo. benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is a mechanical problem in the inner ear and it is generally most common among adults above 60. However, this problem may be seen in people of different ages. If you regularly perform activities that involve serious head movement, you may suffer from this problem. The inner ear crystals are not attached to anything and that is why shaking your head can cause the crystals to move around and as a result of that you may suffer from vertigo. If you move your head vigorously in the vertical plane or put your head relatively upside down, you may suffer from this problem. People like drill sergeants are more likely to have this problem because they do lots of sit-ups and also slam their head on the ground. People who regularly perform yoga and Pilates may also suffer from this type of vertigo problem because they put their heads somewhat upside down. Sometimes, swimming can also result in BPPV as you turn your head in the water constantly.

Exercises for treating the problem

there are some exercises which can help you to treat vertigo problem. Positional vertigo is treatable with exercise. Epley maneuver is one of the techniques which is used for treatment of BPPV. It contains a series of movements that also involves head rotations. These exercises try to get the ear crystals back to where they should be. Such exercises are always safe and effective and you can create your positional vertigo problem without use of any medicines. There are other types of exercise and workouts available which can help you to treat positional vertigo. Most of such workouts include movements that involves tucking and rotating your head. They help to get the crystals out of the canal.

If you experience vertigo during a workout

if for some reason you experience vertigo during a workout, what do you do? You may experience dizziness or nausea or other symptoms of vertigo while working out. If that happens, you should do a maneuver immediately. You should never put your head back down again. Simply keep going. If you are really not feeling well, you can take a break from your workout. If you are feeling very ill, you should not push yourself because that can result in an injury or it can increase the risk of injury. If you haven't dealt with positional vertigo before, it is better to listen to your body and then your medical professional to find out what you can do about it.


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In case of fat loss, you will hear that a slow and steady approach to fat loss is always better than other types of approaches. However, slow and steady fat loss ways and methods can be dangerous for you. Let's find out why it is so.

It can destroy your metabolism

If you are trying to lose fat slowly, it can murder your metabolism. Scientific study down in Newcastle University found that when people followed an extreme diet just for a few days they could lose 10 pounds of body weight within 6 days but took another group of people six weeks to lose the same amount of weight because they followed a easier calorie diet. And people in this group also had the highest drop in resting metabolism. If you're losing fat fast, it does not lower your resting metabolism or even if there is a drop, the drop will be the smallest and insignificant. If you're trying to lose but slowly, it can destroy your metabolism. It is always better to try to lose fat faster because it does not negatively impact your metabolism.

So, next time you go for a slow and steady fat and weight loss program, be careful about it because it can have long-term impact on your health. If your metabolism is somehow affected negatively, it will not only cause problems for you in the short-term, but it will also have repercussions in the long-term. Any problem with your metabolism will result in different health issues for you.

You cannot lose your fat

If you're trying to lose fat and weight slowly, you can completely mess the chances of losing your fat. If you're trying a slow and steady fat and weight loss approach, it can increase your fat mass means you can gain fat instead of losing it. It will also decrease your lean mass because you will lose lean mass from your body. It will also decrease your total energy expenditure and you will become less active. It will also decrease your resting energy expenditure because the metabolism will slow down.

So, if you're trying to lose fat and weight with a mild calorie deficit, it can bring disaster.

It can imbalance your hormones

If you're losing fat slowly, it can be dangerous for you as it can imbalance your hormones. It is important to lose fat slowly to avoid any negative impact on your hormones. You will generally hear that when you try to lose fat too fast, then it imbalance is your hormones but that is not true.

If you are a long term dieter, then you are likely to have 70% lower testosterone levels and 28% lower VO2Max levels.

Regaining fat

If you are losing fat slowly, you are more likely to gain it all back. It may seem surprising because we have always heard that crash dieting leads to yo-yo weight gain. However, scientific studies have found otherwise. Such studies found that dieters who lost the most weight during a short time where the most successful at keeping the weight off six months later. On the other hand, when you go for slow fat loss methods, it will not only take lots of time to lose the right amount of fat, but will also increase the possibility of getting that fat back.


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Even though you are eating a healthy diet, you are not losing the excess weight you have. It may mean that you are doing something is wrong and if you know about them, it'll be easier for you to rectify which will ensure that you lose weight while following your healthy diet.

Frequent changes

If you frequently change your diet, that can be one of the reasons why your healthy diet is not helping you to lose weight. If you keep changing your diet every few days and go for different fad diets, it can be counter-productive and instead of losing weight, it may add more weight to your body in the long run. It is always better to stick to a particular diet for at least three months if you really want to see some results. However, before opting for a particular diet, you should be careful to ensure that it does not exclude too many food groups. If it does, it may not be the best diet option to you. If you opt for a healthy diet, stick to the diet for a few months before going back to your earlier and then you'll be able to see some changes.

Also one diet may interact negatively with the previous diet and the changes it has made in your body. Some of the ingredients in one diet may not be suitable for you immediately after some other ingredients from another diet.

Your portion size is wrong

Another reason why you are not losing weight with your healthy diet may be a problem with your portion size. You can get a digital scale and measure the portions of food you are consuming. It may happen that you're eating multiple servings of healthy foods without realizing it and that is causing addition of more weight to your body.

You consume diet drinks

Since you're trying to lose weight, whenever you consume drinks you go for the diet options. However, diet soda can actually make you gain weight. Why is that? Because they contain artificial sweeteners which can raise your insulin levels and lower blood sugar. As a result of that you will be hungrier and will consume more food, thereby increasing the possibility of overeating.

You have a wrong exercise routine

If the exercise routine you are following is not right for you, it can also cause problems in losing weight. If you go for a heavy workout, it is more likely that you will eat more foods afterwards. It is also possible that you will overestimate the amount of calories you burned and to substitute that you may consume more food. That is why it is important to plan your pre-workout and post workout meals in advance so that you can avoid the temptation. It will also help you to ensure that you are not eating more food or increasing your portion size.

Cheat days

Cheat days are generally recommended in between diet and diets. However, these days are not good for you for your long-term weight loss efforts. It can ruin your diet and weight loss progress. If you binge eat one day in a week, it may not be possible for you to control and contain that within that day. It may also destroy the progress you have made within the week.


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Turmeric is a well-known spice which is utilized in cuisine is all over the world. It provides the distinctive yellow colour and flavour to the dishes. It has also been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine as well. It contains a special compound known as curcumin, which is naturally occurring antioxidant that offers so many different health benefits.

Let's find out how turmeric can help you with your health.


Scientific research has found that turmeric can inhibit the activity and synthesis of cyclooxygenase and 5-lipooxygenase (5-LOX). These two are the enzymes related to inflammation. Other scientific studies found that curcumin can profoundly help in reducing joint inflammation.

Improvement in digestive health

Turmeric or curcumin can help you by improving your digestive health. It has many positive effects on maintaining your digestive health and that is why you need to this spice in your regular diet. Anyone suffering from inflammatory bowel disease can use turmeric to get relief from the problem.

Reduced cancer risk

Curcumin can also help you by reducing or lowering your risk of different types of cancers. It can module genetic activity and expression and thereby can lower the risk of cancer. It has the capacity to inhibit the synthesis of the protein which has a big role to play in the formation of tumours. It can also inhibit transformation of cells from normal to tumour. Curcumin has the ability to destroy mutated cancer cells and thereby can prevent its spread in the body. It can also induce anti-angiogenesis, which is the prevention of producing additional blood necessary for cancer cell growth. With all these benefits in inhibiting cancer formation and spread, curcumin can help you against this dreaded problem.

Mental health

Curcumin is very essential for maintaining healthy functioning of different mental aspects. It can help you with your emotional and psychological well-being. Scientific studies done on the benefits of curcumin in case of mental health found that it can improve symptoms of depressive disorder. The same way it also has positive impact on different mental health issues and can prevent possible problems in future.

Skin health

If you apply a curcumin-based cream on your skin it will help you to keep it healthy and prevent the development of skin diseases. Scientific studies done on vitiligo found that curcumin cream can help in significantly pigmentation in people suffering from this skin problem. Another scientific study done on the patients suffering from psoriasis found that curcumin supplements when used for 12 weeks resulted in 83 to 80% improvements of symptoms in the test subjects.

Brain health

Scientific research on the subject found that curcumin can offer potential neuroprotective benefits. Such a study found that it can be effective against Parkinson's disease, which is a neurodegenerative disease where the brain gradually produces lower levels of dopamine and it can negatively affect movement over time. Other scientific experiments found that curcumin targets multiple degenerative pathways, mitochondrial dysfunction and protein aggregation which can help you to restore striatal dopamine levels.

Eye health

Different scientific studies done on the benefits of curcumin for eye health found that people affected with chronic interior uveitis inflammation of the uvea or the middle layer of the eye, may experience an improvement in symptoms without any side effects when curcumin is applied.


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Boosting your metabolism is not only essential for ensuring you are healthy but it can also help you to lose weight. Even though many people try to lose weight with different methods, many of them not succeed because they do not understand the relationship of metabolism with weight loss. If you have a sluggish metabolism, you will not be able to lose weight even though you follow a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be very frustrating when you are trying so hard and putting in so much of effort to lose weight. A metabolism can make weight loss a cakewalk or make your work harder without any results.

Herbs can play a big role in your metabolism. Herbs are also popular because they can easily be incorporated in different types of dishes irrespective of its type. Most of them are easily available or at least replaceable with something else.

There are many herbs which can help you to post your metabolism. If you want to speed up metabolism, you can start regular exercise. Along with that you can also add if you of the herbs in your diet to increase the metabolic rate. Let’s find out which of these herbs that can help you to burn calories at a higher rate.


cinnamon is a popular herb that is used in different types of dishes and foods. It can increase your metabolism by allowing it to better utilize carbohydrates and prevent your body from storing fat. You can play get the benefit of cinnamon by drinking a few cups of cinnamon tea every day. It becomes more essential when you take a high carb meal.


turmeric is another well-known herb that has miraculous health benefiting properties. It not only has antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammation properties, but it is also used for healing. It contains a component known as curcumin which is very effective in burning fat and boosting your metabolism.


Ashwagandha is a well-known ancient Ayurvedic herb which is important for your overall health. It can boost your stamina and can tackle insomnia. When you have higher stamina, your metabolism will also go up. The hard can help you by balancing hormones and can heal thyroid issues. That will also help you to lose weight. Besides that it will also boost your metabolism. It can take Ashwagandha tablets or use it in a powder form. Mix the powder with milk and consume it twice a day to get the benefits it has to offer.

Black pepper

Black pepper is something which you should include in your regular diet because it is one of the easiest ways to boost your metabolism. It is possible to add black pepper powder to most of your dishes including your morning eggs and your tea. A pinch of black pepper in your meals will strengthen your metabolism. It can also be used with haldi and milk. Combining it with haldi and milk will increase the benefits manifold for you.

Try to incorporate all of these herbs in your diet in one form or other and you will get benefits from all of them. It is easy to incorporate them in different types of sessions that you have throughout the day, it just needs your imagination and a little bit of research.


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Hormone balancing or balancing the different levels of hormones in your body is very much beneficial to you. For both men and women, essential hormones will keep on fluctuating during the lifespan. This happens because of different factors. For example, as you grow old, the levels of different hormones in your body will change. There are some other factors which can also result in hormonal imbalance and such factors include chronic stress, exposure to toxins, poor diet, nutrient deficiencies, inability to sleep well and genetic variations.

Hormone balancing in women

Hormone balancing is more crucial in women as it can to their overall health and well-being. Women who experience premenstrual syndrome or PMS will find more benefit as hormone balancing will decrease such symptoms. Estrogen and progesterone are very crucial for women. When estrogen increases and progesterone decreases, women experience menstrual cramps, mood swings, breast tenderness and other such symptoms. All such problems happen because of hormonal imbalance which happen in the woman's cycle. With hormone balancing, the common levels will reach normal levels and then such symptoms will disappear completely. Hormone balancing in women will also help them to sleep soundly and will increase their libido.

Hormone balancing in men

Hormone balancing is also as a lead role to play in case of men. With ageing testosterone levels decrease in men and it may happen because of different medical conditions. If you can add some testosterone to your body, it will provide you with many benefits. This is a very important hormone which is important for men's sexual development and reproductive function. Testosterone is also important because it helps in building muscle and ensuring proper bone density. Hormone balancing will provide all the important benefits that proper level of testosterone has to offer.

The important benefits of hormone balancing

If the hormones in your body are balanced, you will achieve several benefits and these benefits are available to both men and women. Let's find out what are the benefits that you can achieve if your hormones are balanced.

More energy

If your hormones are balanced, you will feel more energized. When the hormonal levels are back to the appropriate levels, you will feel as if you have regained your energy. You will find energy throughout the day and even after a very busy day you will not feel tired.

Better sleep

If there are problems with the hormones in your body, it will create problems with your sleep and may also cause insomnia. If you're not able to sleep properly at night, you should also check your hormone levels. Some people may also experience night sweats. You may wake up and feel simultaneously cold and hot and without any restful sleep. Once your hormones are in balance, your sleeve will return to the normal state and you'll be able to sleep. Your body's temperature will be consistent throughout the night.

Improvement in mood swings

Imbalance in hormone levels in the body can result in serious mood swings. Such imbalances can make you feel miserable within a few seconds from feeling elation. This can be a big problem for you because you won't have a normal life if your moods swing within seconds. It will not only impact you physically and mentally but it will also impact your personal and professional life. When the hormones are balanced, you will feel normal and happy. You will not be irritated so easily.


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Bench press is one of the popular exercises which are done by millions of people. It is so popular because it offers different benefits among which the most important one is building muscle. It is a classic exercise and it is one of the best lifts that you can perform for your upper body.

There are many benefits that you will receive when you start bench pressing. Let's find out more about the benefits that you can expect when you perform bench press for some time with the right form and technique.

Increased upper body push strength

Bench press can improve the amount of weight you can push and press. The more weight you can bench press, the more weight you will be able to shoulder press. The more you practice and the more weight you try to bench press, the more strength you will have.

It will not only increase your push and press strength, but it will also increase your upper body strength for different types of movements. It is directly related to your upper body lift capacity. Bench press is also used to test an athlete's upper body strength. It will help you to increase your push strength because it hits the chest, shoulders and triceps hard.

Bigger muscles

When you bench press regularly, it will help you to build the pec major. It is a muscle which is associated with getting bigger. When you bench press it works on this muscle more and as a result of that you look bigger. It is the glamour muscle of the chest and it gives pecs the larger and stronger appearance. Who does not want rock hard pectorals?

Bench press will also help you to build stronger pec minor. This is the muscle that lies under the pec major and is trained indirectly through horizontal pressing movements.

Chest muscles

The bench press is unparalleled in its ability to target the chest muscles. It is done with heavy loads and the results are awesome. You can target the pecs with heavy loads and because of that you can expect to gain a lot of muscle within a short time.

Muscle mass on the upper body

Bench press will help you to increase muscle growth and add more real mass to your frame. It is a fantastic exercise for creating more muscle on the upper body. If you combine it with a high-quality weightlifting routine and bodybuilding diet, it can build serious mass in the upper body.

You can brag

If you follow the proper training and technique, you'll be able to bench press which is truly surprising. Many people inflate their bench press numbers and many others perform the exercise with terrible form. That is why, it is very important to learn it properly and do it with the right form because only then you can expect to get the maximum benefit from bench press. Once you do that, after some time you will be able to bench press really heavy and brag about it.


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Both acupressure and frequency therapy have their benefits and they can help you to get rid of many health-related issues. When these two are combined, they can help you to get relief from suffering from chronic pain, ongoing diseases, addictions, fertility and menstrual issues, anxiety and depression and others.

The benefits of acupressure

Relieving pain

Acupressure can help you to get relief from pain. It can reduce pain caused by different factors. Scientific studies have also found that acupressure is very effective at reducing pain. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, lower back pain, labour pains, dysmenorrhoea and other traumatic pains, you will get relief by using acupressure.

Reduction of PMS symptoms

Premenstrual symptoms is a dreaded thing to deal with every month. Acupressure can help you to reduce PMS symptoms. There are some highly effective acupressure points that can help in reducing PMS. At the same time acupressure can also reduce anxiety and depression in those women.

Calming nausea

Acupressure at the right point can help you against nausea and vomiting. It is even recommended for cancer patients to relieve nausea and vomiting therapy. Acupressure is an effective minimal risk and low cost adjunctive therapy for prevention and treatment of post-operative nausea and vomiting.

Inducing labour

Many pregnant women do not want to be induced with the help of unnatural means and so they turn to alternative methods for reducing labour. Scientific studies have found that acupressure may increase the readiness of the cervix for labor. Acupressure can improve blood flow to the uterus, affect hormonal responses and encourage uterine contractions.


Acupressure is also effective against insomnia and other sleep issues. Scientific trials have found that it can alleviate insomnia. The studies found that people who undertook self acupressure for a few weeks had a lower insomnia severity index. It can improve your insomnia problem and thereby help you to live a normal life.

Benefits of frequency therapy

Frequency or sound therapy believe that our bodies contain energy frequencies. Using sonic frequencies such energy frequencies of the body can be reattuned if they go off key. When that is done, it can help your body to fight diseases and also to get better if you are suffering from any disease.

Sound has been used as a tool for promotion of the physical and emotional health. It has been used in ancient cultures and civilizations.

Sound is used to help in facilitating shifts in our brainwave state. Entrainment is generally used for such shifts in our brainwave. It synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency. Our brains can attune to such a frequency. Rhythm and frequency are used to and train our brainwaves. Then the normal beta state or normal waking consciousness can be downshifted far relaxed consciousness and even to theta or meditative state and Delta or sleep. The same concept is utilized in meditation where the breath is regulated.

A sound therapy treatment is both a passive and participatory experience. You lie down and slow your breathing and that is the passive aspect of the therapy. This is necessary because you need to prepare yourself to receive the sound. You participate in the process by becoming more open and aware of each sound that you hear. Different tools and techniques can be used for the frequency therapy but it helps you to get relief from the existing problems and also helps you to avoid health problems in future.


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Probably you have heard the term premature ejaculation or PE in some contexts other. Ejaculation means the outcome of sexual arousal and it happens simultaneously with orgasm. It may happen within 4 to 10 minutes after arousal and erection. This process of ejaculation a generally controlled by central nervous system and it is primarily a neurobiological phenomenon. With the help of a large number of neurotransmitters in the brain and spinal cord regulates the ejaculation process. The neurotransmitters important for this process include serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and others. According to scientific studies, serotonin and specifically 5-HT receptors are responsible for activating this process.

Premature ejaculation

In case of premature ejaculation or PE, something else happens in this process. The normal male sexual response is described as a sequence of phases which include four stages such as sexual desire, arousal, ejaculation or orgasm and resolution. The problem with the sexual function happens in one or more of the three first stages of this sexual response cycle. Such sexual dysfunction may include dysfunctions of sexual desire (e.g. hypoactive sexual desire), arousal (e.g. erectile dysfunction) and orgasm/ejaculation (e.g. premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation or inability to ejaculate).

PE happens because of the rapid evolution of the first two stages of the sexual response cycle. It is a neurobiological problem which is generally linked to low serotonin levels in the central nervous system which is responsible for regulation of ejaculation.

Features of PE

PE or premature ejaculation is the most common type of sexual dysfunction in men below 60 years. People who suffer from this problem are forced to complete the sexual acts within 1 to 2 minutes after penetration as ejaculation occurs too fast and there is no control over the process. In this case, the phase of sexual arousal is too short where the person can achieve erection at a faster rate but ejaculation and orgasm happens rapidly. As a result of the other men cannot enjoy sexual intercourse.

The following are some of the common features of premature ejaculation-

Ejaculation always or almost always occurs before or within one minute after penetration of the penis into the vagina.

No control over ejaculation- after vaginal penetration, the person is not able to delay ejaculation.

Negative personal consequences and feelings– people who suffer from this problem also suffer from anxiety and disappointment and as a result of that they may try to avoid sexual and emotional intimacy.

One minute is crucial here because according to large epidemiological studies, 90% of men with PE reported to reach ejaculation within one minute from penetration. Short intercourse duration is a parameter that shows whether the person is capable of controlling ejaculation. However it does not measure the sexual satisfaction and disappointment because of this problem.

Types of Premature Ejaculation

There are two types of PE seen and the first one is the most common PE problem seen in case of men.

Primary PE- this is also called as chronic or lifelong PE. In this case the person has been experiencing PE from his very first sexual experience. In such cases ejaculation happens before vaginal penetration or within less than 1 to 2 minutes after penetration.

Secondary PE- it is also known as acquired PE. It can happen suddenly or gradually. Before this the person concerned may have been able to enjoy the sexual intercourse.


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Regular stretching will help you with many benefits. It is one of the important factors of fitness but can offer a host of benefits for you if you do it with proper form and regularly. Let's find out the benefits offered by regular stretching.

Increases your flexibility

If you perform regular stretching, it can help you to increase your flexibility. Your flexibility is very crucial for your overall health. If you increase your flexibility, you'll be able to perform everyday activities easily. Better flexibility will also ensure that you can delay the reduced mobility which can come with ageing. If you have more flexibility, it will help you to perform better in different sports. More flexibility will also mean that you do not suffer from injuries in your daily life or when you play a sport or when you go to the gym. More flexibility is especially important for people who are involved in martial arts. If you want to stay strong and young, increasing your flexibility can help you to achieve both these objectives.

More range of motion

Regular stretching can help you to increase your range of motion. If you can move a joint through its full range of motion, it will give you more freedom of movement. If you stretch regularly for a few months, you will automatically see improvement in your range of motion. Both static and dynamic stretching is effective in increasing range of motion. When you stretch a muscle to its limit, it will provide you with more immediate gains and so it is more effective for you.

More and better physical activities

If you perform dynamic stretching regularly before any type of physical activities, it will help you to prepare your muscles for the activity and as a result of that your performance in that physical activity will be higher and better. If you want to improve your performance in an athletic event or exercise, you will need to stretch better regularly and also just before the event. Regular stretching will help you to perform better in different types of physical activities including different athletic events. Without stretching you are likely to get injuries when you exercise and when you take part in different events.

Better posture

Stretching with the right form will help you to improve your posture. You have posture problems because of muscle imbalance and muscle imbalances are common. Stretching can help you because it can rectify such muscle imbalances. You need to combine strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups if you want to reduce musculoskeletal pain. It will also encourage proper alignment. Both these can help you to improve your posture by rectifying any type of problem that is causing the posture problem.

Better blood flow

Proper stretching will help you to improve your blood flow. When you regularly stretch your body, it will improve circulation of blood throughout the body. Improved circulation will increase blood flow to your muscles and as a result of that it can help you to reduce your recovery time and muscle soreness.

Heal and prevent back pain

Regular stretching with proper form can help you to heal and prevent back pain. Tight muscles can result in decreasing your range of motion. Tight muscles can cause straining of the muscles in your back. Stretching cannot only help in healing such an existing back injury, but it can also prevent any possible future back pain.


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