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If you have a fatty liver it means that there is excess fat accumulation inside liver cells. It will result in abnormal liver function and will cause many health problems within a short span of time. It is also associated with other health problems like insulin resistance, abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes. It can also cause cirrhosis and liver failure.

To reverse a fatty liver, you need to do the following-

Eat less carbonated

Your diet is also responsible for your fatty liver and so you will need to take proper care of your diet. You need to avoid sugar and foods made of white flour. If you consume more carbohydrate rich foods, they can cause fatty liver and so it is very important for you to reduce the amount of carbohydrate you consume. More carbohydrate is bad because your liver can convert excess carbohydrate into fat. You need to avoid foods like bread, rice, pasta, breakfast cereals, potatoes and other food products made of flour.

Change in diet

You will need to add more vegetables, protein and healthy fats to your diet. Raw vegetables and fruits are very good as they are liver healing foods. The raw foods will help you by cleansing and repairing the liver filter. Then the filter will be able to trap and remove excess fat and toxins from the blood stream. You can eat cooked and raw salads so that you can get more vegetables. Fruit is healthy for most people but you should be careful if you also have high blood sugar or insulin resistance. Even then, two servings of fruits per day should be okay for you. Protein is important for you as it will help you to keep the blood sugar levels stable. It will also help you to lose weight from the abdomen and will reduce your hunger and cravings. Do not forget to include protein in each meal. You should get protein from eggs, poultry, seafood, nuts, meat, legumes, dairy products, whey protein powder and seeds. The healthy fats that should be there in your diet include olive oil, flaxseeds, oily fish, coconut oil and raw nuts and seeds.

Eliminate alcohol

Alcohol is bad for you if you are suffering from fatty liver. It is considered as the second biggest cause of fatty liver in people. It can result in inflammation and damage to liver cells and allow infiltration of fat into your liver. It is better to eliminate alcohol totally but if you cannot do that, at least you should limit alcohol consumption to one drink per day.

Take a liver tonic

A liver tonic is something that you can always include in your daily life. A good liver tonic will provide you with vitamins, antioxidants and sulphur rich amino acids. It is necessary for you because it will help you by promoting repair of damaged liver cells besides helping you to burn more fat and detoxification of the liver. Such a liver tonic can be available in powder, capsule or liquid form.

Drink vegetable juice

If you drink raw vegetable juice, it'll help you to improve the health of your liver. Such raw juices will provide you with high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can also add a bit of fruits into the juices. Vegetable juice is always better than fruit juice because fruit juice may contain high levels of carbohydrate and calories, which you don't want.


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Muscular strength means the amount of force muscle can produce with a single maximal effort. It is generally measured during muscular contraction. Your muscular strength will depend on many things but the most important elements are your muscle fivers and the ability of nerves to activate muscle fibres and they will decide how much muscular strength you have.

Muscular strength

Even though it may seem that muscular strength is nothing but how strong you are, that may not be true. It does not mean your weight, how much weight you can lift at the gym, how hard you can punch etc. American Council on Exercise (ACE) describes muscular strength as the maximal force a muscle or muscle group can exert during a contraction. It is measured with a one-rep maximum (1-RM) test.

Muscular strength will also depend on how strong you are and how much strength you have while doing anything. It will depend on muscular endurance and muscular power. Muscular endurance is the ability of your muscles to exert force against resistance during a specific period. Muscular powers is a combination of muscular force and the speed of movement.

Muscle definition and muscular strength

If you to build your muscular strength, you will need to exercise your muscles. Resistance training programs can help you to increase your muscle strength. It is also known as weightlifting or strength training. Even though such training programs can help you to improve your muscular strength, it is not mandatory to use those programs. It does not mean that you must use such a program to increase your muscular strength. Simple bodyweight exercises at home can also help you to build muscle and strength. It means you can increase your muscular strength with the help of bodyweight exercises if you know what to do and how to do it. Strength training helps you to improve your muscular strength by increasing the size of your muscle fibres and improving the ability of your nerves to communicate with the muscles. So as you progress which are resistance training, your muscles will get bigger and they will also be able to perform specific movements with more strength. That means you will have more muscular strength than before and will be able to perform movements which are difficult for you before.

If you go for strength training, after several weeks, you'll notice that your muscles are getting stronger and bigger. At the same time, you will also see greater muscle definition. It means your muscles will become defined and people will be able to see it easily than before. However, only strength training resistance training cannot help you to get muscle definition. It depends on your level of body fat. Even if you are having bigger muscles but at the same time you have higher body fat, your muscle definitions may not be visible to anyone and you will not be able to see sculpted muscle on your body. If you want to improve your muscle definition and muscular strength, along with strength training, you'll also need to combine a healthy diet and that will help you to achieve both muscle size and definition, which will increase your muscular strength.

The benefits

You need to build more muscular strength because it will offer you several benefits. It will help you to build lean muscle mass and will also improve your metabolism. It will help you to lose body fat and extra weight.


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Qigong can help you to become more happy and peaceful. It is a practice which is known for bringing happiness and peace to people who practice them.

Reduce stress

Stress has become a natural part of our life. Your reaction to stress can be the deciding factor in your physical and mental health. Most of the people who visit their doctors do so because of stress and health problems caused by stress. If you do not know how to return your mind and body to its nature trail relaxed state than stress can cause ill-health, anxiety and depression in you.

Qigong movements can help you to fix stress in your life. You'll be able to achieve the peace and tranquillity of the Shaolin monk even though you are in a city. With just a few steps of Qigong techniques, it'll be possible for you to eliminate stress and go back to the relaxed state. Five minutes of qigong practice can help you to restore peace and happiness in your life by eliminating stress.


When you practice qigong movement and breathing, it will help you to access energy. Qi is the universal energy which is part of everything. It is the vital energy that we need for our life. And it can manifest in different ways in humans. When it is flowing well we are in a state of balance or qigong state. In this state, energy can flow freely without any impediments. It is similar to mindfulness and you can spiritually feel the sensations of lightness, timelessness and formlessness.

Qi that gives you the power for your life. Your individual qi is different from anyone else, i.e. it's unique. It will be with you throughout your life. There are two kinds of qi, one is the inborn qi and the acquired qi. The inborn qi is what you inherited from your parents. You may born with a wealth of inborn qi you may also have inherited very weak qi. In that case, you will suffer from disease or other health problems. However, you have the power to make your life healthy, happy and peaceful by increasing your qi. You can build your qi daily, weekly and monthly through your lifestyle which includes sleep, stress my eating habits and with energy practices like qigong.

Qigong includes gentle movements. It's not about stretching your ligaments and muscles. These movements help you by harmonising your body. Some of the movements will improve your qi or energy and helps free flow of energy through your body. As a result of that you become healthy and balanced.

The ˜gong' part of qigong means effort and discipline. So, qigong requires practice. If you want the benefits from qigong, you will have two earned them yourself by exercising the movements of qigong. You will need to practice it regularly to get all the benefits. The more you practice, the better you become minutes, the more you'll have qi.

Qigong can help you to become a complete being by discovering your body, mind and spirit. It will help you to learn how to let go of the mind so that you can connect to the higher level which you have lost touch of. If your body is out of balance, it will cause different health problems for you. And only then many people find time to practice qigong to find their body, mind and spirit to awaken the inner healing powers which is daring everyone.


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When you reach 50, there will be some physical changes in both men and women. Women may go through symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, joint pain and sleep problems. Men on the other hand will suffer from different joint problems, sleep problems and other such health-related problems. If you are physically active before 50, that is very good for you. But if you did not exercise at all, it's not too late to start.

Physical activity will help you to reduce some of the symptoms of your age. It will also help you to reduce your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. It is also beneficial in controlling your weight and burning belly fat. Exercises also good for you because it can influence other physiological system in the body in a positive way.

Staying fit

Staying fit as you age should not be very difficult even though you may face some difficulties of ageing. But such difficulties increase if you lead and inactive lifestyle. It is possible in some people to have chronological age of 55 but biological age of 35. It may be possible even for you if you follow a consistent exercise program.

Before you start your exercise program, it is important to talk to your doctor. It becomes increasingly important if you have any of the risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol high blood pressure and other problems.

Your exercise program can include aerobic exercises, strength training and stretching.

Aerobic exercise-it will include walking, swimming, jogging and different dances which will exercise different parts of your body. Aerobic exercises are important because they will work the large muscles present in your body and as a result of that it will also improve your cardiovascular system. It will also help you to maintain your weight.

Strength training-strength training or lifting weights will improve your strength and posture. It will help you to maintain bone strength at the same time reducing lower back injury. If you want to tone your body, you will need strength training to do so. You can start with a weight that you can comfortably handle and then gradually you can add more weight as it becomes easier for you.

Stretching-there are different stretching exercises available which will help you to maintain flexibility and range of motion in joints. Stretching is good for you because it will reduce the risk of injury and muscle soreness. Yoga and Pilates are some of the good stretching exercises which will help you to build your code body strength and increased stability.

Make exercise a part of your daily life

You should make exercise a part of your daily life. It is very important for you because as you age, different parts of your body may not be able to function properly unless you keep them in shape. If you're too busy for a regular workout, you may find other ways to keep moving. Even walking throughout the day while doing your job may help you with some health benefits.


Diet is also a very important part of your fitness and you should be very careful with diet as you age. Your diet will play a very crucial role in your fitness. Watch what you are eating. You will need to eliminate some of the things that you are consuming while adding some new things which will help you to stay healthy and fit. Reducing or eliminating processed foods, and different junk foods will help you to stay healthy.


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There are different exercises which can help you in patella femoral pain syndrome by providing new immediate relief and long-term benefit. You need to perform these exercises regularly so that you can help your patella femoral by making it stronger. You also need to understand that you should not perform some of the exercises which are generally perform in the gym because they may worsen the situation. So, it becomes very important for you to know which exercises are good for you and which are not.

Increase the mobility of the patella

These exercises will increase the mobility of your patella. You have the pain because your patella does not slide up and down the groove in your knees as it should. These exercises will help you to solve this problem. The exercises will reduce the stress on the joint capsule and will relieve the pain. Find out such exercises which will increase the mobility of the patella and include them in your workout.

Exercises for increasing the strength of your thigh muscles

You'll also need some exercises which will help you to strengthen your thigh muscles. They will increase the strength of your quadriceps. One such exercise can be active straight leg raise. These exercises will train your quadriceps and you don't have to bend your knee or put a lot of pressure on your knee. When you increase the strength of your quadriceps, it will help you to improve your patellar tracking because if your quadriceps do not pull hard enough on your patella, your patella will not move. By exercising the quadriceps, you will increase the strength and that will improve patellar tracking by making a smoother for you.

As you continue your exercise and the strength of your thigh muscles increase, the exercises will become easier for you and you will feel less pain in your knee. If it becomes too easy for you, you can add some weight by using some ankle weights. That will help you by increasing strength of your thigh muscles even farther.

Stretching your thigh muscles

You will need to stretch your thigh muscles to get rid of patellofemoral pain syndrome. Your patella is embedded in the tendon of your quadriceps. If you're quadriceps are tight, they will push your patella against you knee and that can cause more friction when you patella moves. If you stretch the muscles, you'll be able to reduce the pressure and increase the patellar tracking.

It will be good to repeat the exercises several times during the day because that will reduce the time necessary for seeing the results.

Increase the strength of your hip muscles

You will also need some exercises which will help you to strengthen your hip muscles. If you have weak hip muscles, your hip will drop when you walk. It will push your knee inwards and that will change the direction of the forces on your patella. It will influence patellar tracking and thereby will also influence patellofemoral pain syndrome.

You need to perform these exercises so that strength of your hip increases gradually. It will also improve the movements of your knee by reducing the pressure on your knee cap.

All these exercises will work on different parts which are associated weights your patella and will help in strengthening the muscles and thereby improving the functions. If you regularly exercise, within a few weeks these exercises will help you to get rid of patella femoral problems.


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When you want to learn self-defense so that we can defend yourself, you need to know about the important components of self-defense. These components will help you to understand self-defense and learn it better.

Self-defense training

Ongoing self-defence training is very important to ensure that you not only learn self-defence that you can use but also keep yourself ready for using them. It will also help you to achieve optimal health and safety.

Self-defence training will help you to toughen up. Such a training will include combative drills as a form of exercise, functional exercises for improving combative performance and strategies which will help you to toughen up physically, mentally and emotionally.

Self defence intelligence

Your brain is your most powerful weapon. The intelligence means development of awareness, situational assessment, threat recognition and decision-making. The intelligence will help you in fighting your opponent and will also help you to streets survive. If there is an incident, the intelligence will help you to become aware of it and will help you to think what you need to do. It will help you to resolve threatening situations by detecting, recognising and taking decisions.

Without this intelligence, you will not be able to survive. Even though you know a lot many things but if you do not have the intelligence to understand what to use at a given situation, your knowledge will not be of any use. Your intelligence will help you to create the knowledge about violence and confrontation which will help you to take more accurate and realistic countermeasures.

Self-defence response strategies

Different self-defence situations will be different. No two self-defence situations can be similar and so your response also needs to be different. There are different variables and factors which will make the situation is different. So, if something works in one situation it may not work in another and it may actually backfire and make things worse.

That is why, you will need a range of response strategies. You'll also need the ability to use those strategies at the right time so that you are successful. You can learn about different self-defence response strategies and then apply them accordingly depending on the situation.


If you are learning to defend yourself, you'll also need to know about prevention. Such precautionary actions will help you to reduce the possibility of falling victim to a violent, predatory or a criminal situation. It is not possible for anyone to apply safety tactics when you think you need them. Bad things may happen to you when you do not expect. And so you need to have precautionary actions so that you are ready for any situation. You can evaluate your lifestyle and then decide the right balance between living your life and being safe.

There are many things which can be done to improve your security and personal safety. Some of those things may be simple but some others may be complex. You need to understand the fundamentals of prevention so that you can take the necessary steps to ensure your personal safety. Once you know them better it'll be easier for you to improvise and adopt which are more applicable to you.

Victim selection

Not all the people become the victim of a violent crimes. Many people are evaluated and passed over and some are selected to be victims. You need to understand that there is a victim selection process and there are criteria for desirable target. When you know that, it is possible for you to lower the probability of being selected as a potential victim.


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Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem in men under 40 and it can result in you being not satisfied even though he's finished. It won't definitely feel good.

There are some things that you can do to help him last longer.

Take it slow

If you want your guy to last longer in bed, you will have to take it slow. Have him start slow and go slow. One crossed every few seconds should be good enough and then gradually he can increase the movement. Whenever he reaches the point of no return, he should stop and wait for a few seconds in which he will control himself and then resume the task after some time.

Do it again and again

If you guy ejaculates before the main event, it will help him to stay longer in bed the next time. A round of vigorous foreplay before the actual event will help him to get ready for the main event. Foreplay will also help you to orgasm and it will also help you to come again during sex. Once he ejaculates, he will need some time to do so again after he's ready for the second round and it means you will have lots of time in your hand before he does it again. So, the second round will last longer. It can also be done a few hours before the actual act so that he can be ready at the right time.

Change positions

There are many positions that you can try. Some of the sex positions will give you more pleasure and some will help you to satisfy your guy. There are some positions which are not good for you if your partner has a problem of premature ejaculation. In that case, you can go for some other positions which will help him to be in control and delay ejaculation. Some of the positions can help him to last quite longer than he normally does. Find out more about those positions and try them so that they can help your guy to last longer in bed.

Use a condom

Using a condom can help your guy to delay ejaculation. It reduces the feelings and sensations and that can help you guy to last longer in bed. Many men do not like to wear it because they feel less sensation but that is why it can help him to last longer. If you want a longer sex session, you should convince your guy to wear a condom during the act. There are special condoms available which will further delay ejaculation because they contain some special ingredients inside them. Different brands carry such products, find out which one is good for your guy.


Some exercises can help him to last longer. One such exercise is pelvic floor exercises. Kegels are those exercises which will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and will increase the chances of orgasm. It can also help with premature ejaculation problem in case of men. Scientific studies have found that after 12 weeks of pelvic floor exercises many participants found improvement in their premature ejaculation problem. Both you and your guy can perform these exercises because it will help both of you. Exercising regularly will help you to see results but that made takes a few weeks before you actually feel the difference.


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If you want to go primal and eat primal diet but you are worried about the cost of eating foods recommended in this diet and because of that you are not trying it, probably you are losing a lot. You're not only risking your life but you are also setting yourself up for spending lots of money in medical bills. It is possible to follow primal diet on a budget and without spending a fortune you can follow primal diet with all the benefits for you and your family.

Beans are good for you

You should include more legumes in your diet because it is incredibly cheap protein source. People love and chickpea on the salads. You can get a lot of bean in just a few bucks. You can eat beans as a soup, stew or visitor will bake. Even kids enjoy beans who do not like vegetables.

Check out the farmer's market

When you go to farmers market you not only get fresh vegetables and other supplies but they are also less costly. Many towns and cities also have such farmer's market on specific days of the week. Go there and purchase fresh, local produce which are very economical and will save you lots of money over the month.

Look for the sales

The supermarket where to buy products or even the grocers offer sales and different points of time. You can find those specific days when they offer discounts and sales and buy your products on those days. It will definitely save you a few thousand bucks over the month. It is also possible to buy all your monthly supplies from such a supermarket or grocer who offer sales. It will not only save you lots of time but will also save you lots of money and you will still be able to buy the foods that you need to eat when you want to follow a primal diet.

Frozen foods

Frozen berries, vegetables and meats are generally cheaper than fresh foods and many times these frozen foods can be fresher than the fresh stuff. You will also find most of the frozen vegetables on sale in most of the supermarkets. You will be able to eat different varieties of fruits and vegetables and at a lower price. You will not get bored as you can always rotate the fruits and vegetables that you by.

Going organic

Eating organic food is definitely good for you and they are generally healthier but they are also costlier. If you can buy organic vegetables and fruits that's a very good idea but even if you buy a regular vegetable, it will not derail your efforts to go primal. In case of animal products like cheese and meat, it is always better to go organic. So, in case of animal products, you can buy them organic but in case of fruits and vegetables, you can always buy the local varieties even if they are not organic because many of the fruits and vegetables do not need lots of chemicals during production. For example, you don't have to worry about lettuce and tomato and you can buy them even if they are not organic. You will also find some foods which are locally available and they are not cultivated using heavy doses of chemicals and fertilisers.


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Different types of audio including music can help you to improve your concentration. It has been used for improving mental focus for a long time and it's scientifically proven for its effectiveness. Such type of audio can help you to improve your focus and concentration both.

Eliminating distractions

If you are not totally immersed in what you are doing, you can easily be distracted. There may be different types of distractions including hunger, fatigue, stress, your computer, your phone, emails, money problems, other sounds and any other things which may divert your attention from the task at hand to something else. Boredom and the worry in your head and disinterest can reduce your concentration and focus. So even if you spend lots of time, you may not be able to accomplish anything. That's why, it becomes more important for you to eliminate distractions so that we can focus and concentrate on the things that you want to complete.

If you can learn to concentrate and focus on your task, you can accomplish a lot many things regardless of different types of distractions. These distractions can be external but the most powerful distractions and not external. They come from your mind.

Meditation audio tracks

Meditation audio tracks can help you to eliminate distractions. They can also help you to improve your concentration and focus. Meditation is good for you but traditional meditation may not be able to help you as much as meditation audio tracks. Meditation may take more time and it can be difficult for many people. But if you use binaural beats technology, you will find that it's very easy to get into the meditative state where the activity in your brain will slow down and both internal and external distractions will go away.

Such audio tracks can help you to become relaxed and meditate easily. Then you'll be able to focus your attention on the task at hand and will be able to concentrate. It will ensure that you are able to focus your mind instead of going through a round of the sea of your thoughts. Such mental discipline is possible with meditation audio. Binaural beats technology can make it much easier for you. It'll take care of the ˜how' and so it'll be easier for you to reach a meditative state. The technology will help you achieve that state easily. All you have to do is improve your ability to focus and choose what to focus on. It'll be easier for you to improve your concentration with this technology.

After practising it for some time, it'll be easier for you to reach the meditative state and then focus completely on the task you have. With some practice, you'll be able to take it to your work or personal life. That will make you more productive by eliminating the distractions you always face in your personal and work life. It'll be easier for you to say no to different mental and emotional distractions.

Practice and improve

You will need to practice for some time because that will make it easier for you. You can also break down your schedule into short-term segments. That will help you to put intense focus on the task for the duration which will help you to get more done during the day. With meditation audio and this technology, it'll be easier for you to leave distractions and inability to concentrate behind and increase your mental capacity like focus and concentration.


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Your feet talk a lot about your health and they can show you if you need more care for your body and your feet. There are some common foot problems which can make it difficult for you to have the overall healthy life and body.

Athlete's Foot

This is a fungal infection which cause dry, scaly, red skin between the toes. The area may itch and burn. It is seen more during summer time because fungus thrives in warm and moist environments.

To prevent it you will need to wear light, monster wicking, synthetic socks. If you run, you should change out of your soggy socks and shoes and wear dry shoes. You should also air out your sweaty socks. It is better to sprinkle some antifungal powder on your feet before running.


Skin to skin and skin to clothing rubbing can result in chafing, that shows up as a red, raw rash. It can bleed, sting and make you cringe in paying especially when you take a shower. Water, moisture or salt on the body make it worse. It is generally seen in underarms, inner thighs, along the bra line and nipples.

To prevent it, you need to wear moisture wicking, tag less and seamless gear. If your sports bra is too snug, or if you are wearing a baggy shirt, they can cause chafing. You can apply Vaseline, sports lube, Band-Aid, nipguards before you start your running sessions. Once you take shower after such a session, you should apply moisturiser on your skin. Keep your skin moisturise to avoid chafing risk.


Blisters may appear as an injury after running or they may also show up because of some foot infection. These are fluid filled bubbles which happen because of friction, and excessive moisture. It happens when you wear a shoe that is too small, too big or tied too tight.

To prevent blisters, you need to buy properly fitted running shoes. It is possible that your feet can expand a half size over a day, you should shop for shoes in the late afternoon or evening. If you have not been running for some time, before you start running in the same old pair of shoes, you should see whether it fits you perfectly or not. As you age your feet flatten and lengthen and so you may have to go up a size. If you see toe blisters, you should wear toe socks. For immediate relief, you can put Vaseline, sports lube and bandages over blister prone spots. \

Runner's toes

This is another common foot problem. Many people who run including marathoners and ultra-runners, suffer from this problem. They often have discoloured toenails. The more miles you run, the more likely you are to bruise your nails. If you're wearing too small shoes or if you're running downhill often, it can cause your toes to slam into the front of your shoes and that can cause this problem. In some cases biomechanics can also be a factor of causing this problem. Some runners pull their toes up while running, which can cause toenail irritation. If you have unstable big toe joint, then also it can result in runner's toes in your case.

To prevent this common foot problem, you should wear properly fitted shoes. You should also trim your nails regularly because long nails can get injured more easily.


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