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For people who suffer from various psychiatric and neurological conditions, brain stimulation has become an increasingly important treatment option in the recent decades.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation

Brain simulation techniques can be divided into two broad categories, invasive and noninvasive. Both of them work by targeting specific sites in the brain to adjust the overall brain activity. Among the most well-known invasive techniques is the deep brain stimulation (DBS) which requires a brain surgery and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This process is typically used for treated Parkinsons disease and this process requires an electrode to be inserted in the brain. Among the noninvasive techniques is the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) which can be administered from outside the head. This treatment is currently approved for treating depression.

Brain stimulation has resulted in dramatic benefits to patients with such disorders, which has motivated researchers to test if it can be useful in treated patients suffering from other diseases. The problem is that doctors have been unable to pinpoint which are the ideal sites to administer simulation in a given patient for a given condition.

A new study led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) suggest that brain networks which consists of the interconnected pathways that link brain circuits to one another can assist in selection of ideal spot for brain stimulation therapies.

Michael D. Fox, MD, PhD, First author of the study, an investigator in the Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation and in the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center at BIDMC remarked that although different types of brain stimulation are currently applied in different locations, it has been found that the targets used to treat the same disease are nodes in the same connected brain network. This can have a direct implication on how brain stimulations are administered to treat diseases.

For example, in order use brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s disease or tremor an electrode need to be inserted deep in the brain. Getting the same effect with noninvasive stimulation is difficult, as the spot is deep in the brain. However, by looking at the brain’s network connectivity, sites can be identified on the surface of the brain that is connected with the deep spot site. Hence, that deep spot can also be stimulated noninvasively.

For this study Foxs team conducted a large-scale literature search to find out all neurological and psychiatric diseases where brain stimulation via both invasive and non-invasive techniques had shown improvement. The search found 14 such conditions namely addiction, Alzheimer’s disease, anorexia, depression, dystonia, epilepsy, essential tremor, gait dysfunction, Huntington’s disease, minimally conscious state, obsessive compulsive disorder, pain, Parkinson disease and Tourette syndrome. In the next step, they listed the stimulation sites, both deep in the brain or on the surface of the brain that was found to have been effective for the treatment of each of the 14 diseases.

In order to test the hypothesis that the various stimulation sites in the brain are different spots within the same brain network, Foxs team used a data base of functional MRI images and a technique that enabled them to see correlations in spontaneous brain activity. These correlations helped the investigators in creating a map of connections from deep brain stimulation sites to the surface of the brain. When this map was compared to sites for noninvasive brain stimulation on the brain surface, the two matched.

The study suggest that understanding the brain networks can help in understanding why brain stimulation works and how these therapies can be improved by identifying the best place to stimulate the brain for a given patient suffering from a given disease. These findings also suggest that resting-state functional connectivity can be useful for translating therapy between treatment modalities, optimizing treatment and identifying new stimulation targets.



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Herbal teas are very popular because they are good for health. They are full of antioxidants and other properties which are good for overall health and for lowering the risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease and others. Drinking tea is also good for your metabolism as it boosts it. Certain types of teas can detoxify your system.

Some specific types of teas can help you to lose more weight and fight belly fat. Tea can help you to lose fat from the belly and also to get a flat tummy.

Losing weight

Tea can help you to lose weight because it is a very low calorie beverage. Most other beverages are full of calories and sugars. Besides providing you with lots of antioxidants,   herbal teas contain anti-obesity properties which may help you to lower your appetite, increase your metabolic rate and prevent the body from forming new fat cells. They have suspender properties because such herbal teas are made using different types of herbs.

Types of teas that can help you to lose weight

There are different types of teas available for different reasons with different benefits. When you want to lose weight and melt that stubborn belly fat, there are some specific teas which you need to drink. Let's find out more about such teas can help you to lose weight and fat.

Green tea

It is one of the most recommended teas for weight loss and fat loss. It contains high levels of powerful antioxidants known as cetchins and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These antioxidants are useful for you because they will boost your metabolism and when you have higher metabolism, your body will be able to burn more calories and thereby reduce the possibility of storing fat in the body. Higher metabolism is linked with reduction in belly fat and enhanced weight loss. Green tea is considered as one of the healthiest beverages around the world and that's why it is prescribed by many health professionals and doctors. Green tea is made from the apical leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis.

Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is made from calyces of the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. The tea has the same colour as the flower. It provides high amounts of antioxidants which offer many health benefits. When you drink this tea it can boost weight loss and also prevent obesity. It can lower your blood pressure, improve liver health and protect you from cancer and other health problems.

Oolong tea

It is also made from Camellia sinensis. It is a traditional Chinese tea which can increase weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and by improving fat burning. It is a light, floral tea that provides your body with lots of catechins. When your body gets so much of catechins, it will increase your body's ability to metabolise fat.

Chamomile tea

It is derived from the flowers of M chamomilla. It is full of different antioxidants and beneficial nutrients. This tea also has anti-obesity properties. It provides anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, sleep inducing an antianxiety properties. It can directly and indirectly help you to lose weight. Besides promoting weight loss and fat loss, it helps you to get better sleep, get relief from anxiety and depression, which can otherwise cause overeating and thereby result in weight gain and fat gain.


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What you eat plays a central role in . Besides deciding the right food to consume, you also need to know that there are herbs which can help you to lose weight and enhance the speed of weight loss. Let's find out what are these herbs which can help you to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight.


Fenugreek is a common household spice and it is good for you because it can help you to reduce weight and fat by controlling your appetite and reducing consumption of food. Different scientific studies have been done on the benefit of using fenugreek in different dishes that you make. When you consume fenugreek it increases the feeling of fullness and thereby reduces hunger and food intake. It can also help you to reduce your fat intake and thereby reduce the number of calories you consume throughout the day.


Ginger is another spice which is easily available in most of the places in the world. Besides offering different health benefits, Ginger will also help you to lose weight and maintain it. It is generally used as a traditional medicine because of its natural properties. It works in a wide variety of ailments besides helping you to lose weight. Scientific studies found that Ginger can reduce your body weight and belly fat. Ginger can increase your metabolism and fat burning on one hand and on the other hand it can decrease fat absorption and appetite.

Black pepper

Black pepper is a common household spice. It is mostly found in India and it has been used as a traditional spice for a long time. It is beneficial for you because it contains a powerful company and known as piperine which can help you to lose weight. Scientific studies found that even when you are on a high-fat diet, this component can help you to reduce bodyweight. They also found that even if you make no changes in food intake, then also piperine can help you to lose bodyweight. It is effective because it can inhibit fat cell formation. More scientific studies may be necessary before deciding how much effect it has on weight loss.


Cinnamon is another aromatic spice which is actually the bark of trees. It is high in antioxidants and it offers several health benefits. It can help you to lose weight as well. It is crucial in stabilising blood sugar which can reduce your appetite and hunger. There is a scientific compound available in cinnamon which can mimic the effects of insulin. As a result of that it can help in transporting sugar from the bloodstream to your cells where it is used as fuel. Cinnamon can also decrease some of the digestive enzymes which can slow down the breakdown of carbohydrate. When that happens, you will have a feeling of fullness and that will decrease your appetite and will help you to lose weight.

Caralluma Fimbriata

Caralluma Fimbriata is an herb which is often found in different diet pills. It can increase levels of serotonin which is a neurotransmitter and which can directly affect appetite. Scientific studies found that it has the capacity to decrease belly fat and bodyweight if it is taken continuously for 12 weeks or more. Another scientific study found that when people to 1 g of Caralluma Fimbriata for two months, they found significant reduction in weight and hunger levels.


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High cholesterol present in your body and build-up of plaque in the arteries can result in heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Oxidise cholesterol is one of the main reasons why plaque build-up happens in your arteries.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a wax like substance that naturedly occurs in your body. Your body needs it to function. You also get cholesterol from the foods that you consume every day. If a build-up of cholesterol in your blood stream happens it can create a substance which is called as plaque. Plaque build-up happens between layers of your artery walls. Because of this build up it can continuously become more difficult for the heart to keep the blood circulating. When the plaque breaks apart, it can result in blood clots. If such blood clots go to the brain stroke may happen. If any of the arteries leading to your heart is blocked, you may suffer from heart attack. When plaque build-up happens in the arteries, your arteries become less flexible and can result in hardening of the arteries which is also known as atherosclerosis.

Cholesterol is divided into two types-high density lipoprotein (HDL) which is also known as good cholesterol and low density lipoprotein (LDL) which is also known as bad cholesterol. LDL contains fats and proteins and it is the main culprit that contributes to plaque build-up in the arteries.

Oxidised cholesterol

The cholesterol that builds up on the artery wall is oxidised. Oxidation processes very damaging to the cholesterol cells. If because of any reason there is an overproduction of oxidised cholesterol, it can be dangerous for you. Your immune system present in the body may mistake oxidise cholesterol for bacteria and if that happens it will try to fight it off. In such a scenario, inflammation will happen inside the arterial wall and it can result in a terror sclerosis or heart disease.

Risk factors

Oxidised cholesterol has many risk factors associated with it. There are three main ways through which oxidised cholesterol can build up in the bloodstream.

  1. It can happen when you eat commercially fried foods like fried chicken and French fries
  2. when you eat access polyunsaturated fatty acids which are generally available in vegetable oils
  3. because of smoking cigarettes

You should always avoid unhealthiest fats like partially hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Vegetable oils of contain trans fats and that is why you need to avoid them so that do not add more oxidised cholesterol to your body and there is no plaque build-up.

You should also avoid processed foods because they add loss of oxidised cholesterol to your body. That is why, you need to avoid margarines, fast foods, fried foods, commercially baked goods. These foods are not good for you because they can cause inflammation in your body and that inflammation happens because of damage to your cell membrane and the oxidised LDL particles.


How can you prevent oxidised cholesterol and damages caused by it?

There are a few things that you can do to prevent the damage.

  1. You should always eat healthy fats. Monounsaturated fats are good for you as they are anti-inflammatory.
  2. You should eat saturated fats in moderation.
  3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Read the nutrition levels and avoid hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated foods.


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You have probably heard of ibogaine several times and how it can help reset your brain to a pre-addicted state. The main question however is, does ibogaine work? A lot of individuals have come forward and claimed to have used this product before, and it helped them overcome the addiction state. If you are an opiate or heroin addict, then you understand just how much of a struggle it is to deal with the withdrawal symptoms and do away with the use of drugs.

The best part is that the withdrawal symptoms disappear within an hour after taking ibogaine. This makes it the most effective stimulant for anyone trying to turn a new leaf. In fact, there is no other substance known to be this effective. It not only help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms but also cleanses all the drug traces from your body.

Good rx coupon for revatio, you ask? This is a psychoactive substance that stimulates hallucinogenic effects in your body. These are similar effects like what you get from the use of psilocybin or LSD. While the use of this substance may result in some short-term adverse effects such as hallucinations and anxiety; it has been associated with a high potential to help users overcome the destructive addiction issues.

How does it work?

Research is still underway as scientists try to come up with conclusive research on how this substance works and help in treatment. Also, some states are yet to legalize it as they are still skeptical about its safety and effectiveness. But the truth is ibogaine works and has helped lots of individuals overcome their dark stages. It is mostly meant to treat opioid addiction, and its functionality has been proved. It can be termed as a resetting drug which works by resetting your brain’s functions associated with drug use. This means that it binds with the users' brain opiate receptors and interacts with the dopamine and serotonin levels to disrupt opiate cravings, thus eliminating the withdrawal symptoms. It then returns the users' receptors to the pre-addicted state.

Once you take ibogaine, it is converted to noribogaine, and the substance then targets that parts of your brain that have been affected by the drug-cravings and addictive behaviors. It then rewires these parts, thus allowing your brain to go back to its Cialis black list state like it was before addiction. While in most individuals, the product works by preventing cravings and easing the withdrawal symptoms, the whole process is more like a detox.

What are the effects of using ibogaine

The implications to expect after using this product vary from one person to the next. They will also depend on the dosage. You should take it in the right dosage; otherwise, you will end up getting side effects as you try to overcome your drug usage habits.

The product might not be competent enough to treat the underlying causes of addiction, and that is something that you would better look into by yourself. Know what triggers your cravings to use drugs and manage them instead. You can then use ibogaine to deal with the intense cravings and needs to use the drug. Misusing this drug can cause extreme side effects, and it is, therefore, best that you use it for the right reasons. Some of the side effects associated with ibogaine misuse include;

  • Fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Heart strains and other cardiovascular-related problems

You should note that if overused, you may develop ibogaine addiction, which is a bad thing. The goal is to help you deal with other drug addictions and not become an addict.

Safety concerns

The substance is much safe when you take it in small amounts and even better if you use it under the care of an expert. It is also best that you dig deeper to understand this drug better before embarking on its use. This will save you from the side effects and ensure that you get the results that you are looking for.

Final verdict

Ibogaine has proven to be an effective product for anyone looking to detox and get drug traces from their body but only if used properly. Make a point of trying this product, ease your withdrawal symptoms, beat cravings, and flash out the drug traces from your body. It will undoubtedly reset you to the pre-addiction state.


It takes you and your man to make a child. Although you will carry the baby for the nine months and deliver, he has a critical role to play in conception. For fertilization to happen, he must release healthy and robust sperm to penetrate the egg. The sperm must be in the correct shape and move in the proper direction. Also, he must have adequate semen to push the sperm towards the egg.

According to OWH (Office on Women's Health), a hitch on any of these conception steps can prevent you from getting pregnant. But there are a few moves he can consider to improve his health and enhance your chances of conceiving.

The following are four crucial steps that can improve men’s fertility.

  • Ditch Cigarettes, Drugs, and Alcohol

According to ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), smoking is a contributing factor to low sperm quality. Male smokers are more likely to have decreased sperm movement and reduced sperm counts. Also, research shows that these men have unusually shaped sperm.

Additionally, the use of Cialis cost for daily use such as marijuana and anabolic steroids (used for bodybuilding) might spark infertility. Research suggests that these drugs negatively affect sperm production.

On the other hand, Novosil euphoria has a negative impact on sperm health. However, recent studies suggest it may not matter so much as experts once thought.

  • Physical and Mental Exercises

Specialists urge men to take part in regular exercise. It helps ease stress and makes them feel better about themselves. If they do not exercise regularly, they are more likely to become overweight. And this can affect the quantity and quality of their sperm.

The state of being mentally healthy or physically healthy calls for several systems to work together. One of the systems that should be combined with physical activities is the neurofeedback training. Also referred as EEG biofeedback, the training is like yoga for your mind'.  Much like physical exercises does for your body; neurofeedback helps to stimulate brain activities without any medication. Your man will feel improvements, especially during the sexual act.

  • Daily Multivitamin

Scientists recommend men to take a daily multivitamin because it has potential benefits but slightly harmful. A lot of multivitamin formulations have minerals like zinc and selenium. They also contain antioxidants such as vitamins E and C. Studies have confirmed that antioxidants might increase sperm movement and count. The research was done by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Logically, antioxidants might promote sperm quality because they can guard against free radicals. These radicals can easily damage the DNA found in sperm cells.

Damaging free radicals can be countered through eating vegetables and fruits, and limiting Trans Fats found in fried food and red meat.

Many male fertility supplements depend on an ingredient called D-Aspartic acid (an amino acid). It is commonly sold as a nutritional supplement and boosts testosterone levels.

  • Avoid Heat Exposure

Extended stays and regular visits to hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas might increase scrotal temperatures. The temperatures may decrease sperm quality and lessen sperm count. However, the heat does not impact the sperm permanently. Reduced sperm count might only be for a short period (a few months). Once your man stops visiting these heat zones, the sperm count and quality goes back to normal.

working man

One research about men who use laptops received broad coverage by the media. It showed that men who put laptops on their laps might be most likely to have reduced sperm motility and damaged sperm. However, these findings seemed to jump the gun.' It was not clear about the length of time these men spent with the computer, and whether the effects were as a result of using wireless connections.

Take Away Struggling with conception is a widespread problem. While you might be focusing on yourself as being unable to get pregnant, often, your man could be the cause. A third of cases of infertility are accounted on women, a third on men, and a third on both. In every twenty men, one has some fertility problems. So, if your man is wrestling with infertility, the most natural solution is to explore the above four suggestions. 

nursing degree

Online degrees are becoming more and more popular, and nursing postgrad degrees are among the most popular types of online degree there are. If you have decided to do an online MSN to FNP advanced nursing degree, such as How to take vigora 100 in hindi, you are probably already someone who knows quite a lot about health and wellness! However, even with the best knowledge, it can be easy for students to temporarily fall into bad habits or adopt an unhealthy lifestyle to meet the demands of their course. This can be especially true when you study online at home and have other commitments you have to juggle.

Here are some important things to help you keep on top of your studies while still maintaining a healthy mind and body as you work towards your online nursing qualifications!

Stendra image

It can be easy to feel like you can make more time magically appear for your studies just by sacrificing sleep, but this is never a good idea. If you allow yourself to become sleep deprived by staying up late working on your course, you will be less productive, less focused, and generally retain the information you’re trying to learn less Vigora 100 tablet amazon. One hour spent working on a paper when you are well rested will generally give you better results than three hours late at night when you are struggling to keep your eyes open, and that’s before we even get into the negative health effects of skipping sleep! Make a study schedule to stick to, and never allow yourself to get into the mindset that you can ‘borrow’ time when you should be sleeping. You’ll be less stressed, healthier, and more efficient when you are studying.

If You Must Snack, Snack Healthy

It is better to eat normally and have proper, nutritious meals rather than snacking mindlessly, but some people do feel like they need to have something to snack on to get them through a long study session. If you are someone who likes to munch on something while you work, choose healthy things like raw vegetables, seeds, or protein rich snacks like nuts or beef jerky. This will be a lot better for you than going for potato chips and chocolate. Make sure you are also aware of how much you are consuming, especially if you are trying to avoid weight gain.

Harga caverta

You can actually make exercise work for you if you do things like re-listen to lectures while you are working out, walking or running. You should also make doing some stretches and perhaps some strength training something you do during breaks to stop your posture from suffering when you are sitting down for long periods as you study.

These are three things that you should be thinking about when it comes to your habits while you’re studying so you can stay healthy while you attain your degree!