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Breakthrough Hemodialysis Procedure – Hemodialysis Without Any Dialysis Equipment

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Breakthrough Hemodialysis

Saint John hospital medical team from Romania invention, was awarded the gold medal in 2010 at the Geneva Exhibition of Inventions , by which the patient own body is used for dialysis, namely the peritoneum. The invention recieved a national patent and soon will begin clinical trials .

“We are very happy. We have already received national patent our invention, this month, and we begun clinical trials in the Saint John hospital. Furthermore, along with nine other scientists, we will submit our documentation to obtain international patent for this invention ” said professor Alexander Ciocalteu.

A year ago, Professor Alexander Ciocalteu form Saint John hospital in Bucharest together with two young collaborators, Dr David Alexander and Dr Ionel Checherita Cristina, have invented a revolutionary new peritoneal filtration method for hemodialysis

This method uses peritoneum as a dialysis membrane, there is no longer a need for a sophisticated device. More specifically, hemodialysis it is done by the human body alone. Although treatment rates would fall ten times, few sponsors were willing to financially support his invention according to Professor Ciocalteu.

In fact, the intervention of the medical team consists in “squeezing” blood vessels from the peritoneum. Doctors use laparoscopic surgery to produce hypertension peritoneum blood vessels that eliminates physiological urine through the urinary bladder. Two microdevices are placed laparoscopically, one to produce urine and other to remove fluid from the bladder. The Romanian doctor  was rewarded with a gold medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2010.

“I never thought that an invention than can cut down hemodialysis prices up to ten times, will face such a delay to begin clinical trials. Perhaps the invention disturbs a worldwide 65 million dollar buisiness just by lowering the hemodyalisis procedure prices. A gold medaled invetion in Geneva, and a revolutionary procedure in which large companies producing artificial kidney dialysis materials show no interest. It is the fate of many Romanian researchers exceptional findings” said Professor Ciocalteu.

According to him, Romanian engineer Florin Nutu from General Turbo Company, offered a sponsorship of aproximately 20.000 euros to start the experimental trials.

A mutidisciplinary medical team was established for this purpose, Professor Alexander has recruited a gastroenterologist – Associate Doctor Ion Dina, two surgeons – Rubin Litescu and Mircea Munteanu, an urologist –  Victor Cauni, and a specialist from the Surgery Department of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty – professor Alin Bartoi .

Studies so far announce an important breakthorugh in medical field, as it turned out that peritoneal filtration is a viable hemodialysis method that allows not only lowering the treatment costs but also a clear improvement of quality of life of dialysis patients according to Professor Ciocalteu

In Romania alone there are nearly 10,000 patients undergoing dialysis for chronic renal failure and the cost of therapy of these patients, exceeds one hundred million euros each  year.